HTGAWM Finale Review: The Night Lila Died

Rudy Walters HTGAWM

Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) and Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza) argue about the possibility of Rebecca Sutter (Katie Findlay) being the true murderer. Wes returns home to Rebecca and lies about his whereabouts. Wes contemplates asking Rebecca the truth about the murder. Laurel begs Wes to go home and act normal, which he does, as he lies to Rebecca. Then, we flashback 5 months earlier to August the 29th. Rudy Walters (Jack Mikesell) overhears Rebecca and Lila arguing. Lila insists she is getting back together with Griffin. Lila Stangard (Megan West) blames all of her problems on Rebecca. Lila snaps out of it and insists she was juster trying to make Rebecca feel better, before she insults her upbringing. Rebecca screams at Rudy, after catching him spying on them.

HTGAWM Annalise

Connor attempts to make love to Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), who refuses and insists they need need to get tested first. Oliver suggests going to the clinic together. Nate makes his appearance in court, where he is denied bail. He remains tightlipped, as he is led out. Annalise (Viola Davis) insists he is a fool for not firing his lawyer and suggests getting involved on her own. Next, Annalise attempts to help get Father Andrew Crawford (Tom Everett Scott) parole. A church worker, Agnes, enters and the priest considers changing his plea. Anna follows through with his wishes, by blaming herself for pressuring Crawford into taking the plea.

Connor and Oliver

Next, Rebecca hangs out with Griffin, while some of their friends take some PCP. Rebecca insists Griffin give her a tour. Midway through, she uses his phone to text Lila and tell her to come over. Lila and Griffin have casual sex. Laurel catches Wes scouring through Lila’s interview, when Michaela (Aja Naomi King) interrupts them. She tells them they’re going on a field trip, due to Andrew’s change of plea. The students tour the church, while the Janitor, Joe (Dan Martin), walks them through his discovery of Father Bernard’s (Lou Richards) body. Joe insists Andrew was his first suspect, since he heard them arguing earlier in the week.

Father Andrew HTGAWM

Meanwhile, Michaela discovers a student, Brian Kamens, hung himself in his grandma’s garage. Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) suggests it had something to do with Brian being molested, by the priest. The student admits Brian and Andrew spent a lot of time in the dark room together. When confronts with the accusations, Father Andrew denies the allegations. Eventually, he admits Brian confessed to him that Bernard was abusing him, which he why he killed Bernard. Andrew walks Annalise and Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) through the night of the murder.

HTGAWM Lila Rebecca

Connor suggests using the Thorn Birds plea, but Anna disagrees, while Asher dances around about the molestation. Wes continues to investigate Rebecca’s interrogation. Lila catches the pair having sex. Rebecca setup the entire ordeal obviously. Rebecca calls Wes and convinces him she is going to be working at the bar all night. She enters the campus police headquarters. Annalise attempts to get Andrew to plead guilty to manslaughter, but he refuses. Annalise tells Andrew no God would forgive her for all the bad things she’s done.

HTGAWM Father Bernard

Asher flirts with Bonnie, when Frank and Annalise enter. Annalise asks Frank (Charlie Weber), if his jail connection is still good. She insists nothing has happened to Nate (Billy Brown) yet. Nate is attacked. Next, Connor heads to the clinic. He has a difficult time estimating the number of partners he has had. Oliver heads in for his test, while Connor returns to school. Bonnie tells Anna about Nate being attacked. Bonnie realizes this was Frank and Annalise’s plan. Of course, it backfired and Nate is placed in solitary. The pair turn to Millstone for help. Frank tells Asher to speak to the judge and drop the Millstone name. Frank snaps pictures of the conversation, although Bonnie seems against it.

Next, Annalise confronts Anges Wills (Lilli Birdsell) and pleads with her to help Andrew. Eventually, she agrees and testifies in court. Connor grows concerned over his STD results. Oliver calls and breaks the news that he is negative. Connor’s paranoia continues to worsen. Wes continues to follow Rebecca’s movements. A flashback shows Rebecca sneaking into the sorority house. While Agnes begins admitting to her affair, with Andrew, he stands up and pleads guilty to the crime, before he is led away in cuffs. Connor finds out he is negative for STDs. The pair catch Wes and Laurel freaking out about Rebecca.

When confronted, Wes tells everyone about his assumptions against Rebecca. Frank announces that Nate has been released on bail, since his judge was replaced. Annalise confronts him and convinces him to call the number, before admitting she got rid of the judge, by using Asher. Annalise eventually convinces Nate to call the phone number. When Rebecca returns home, she is confronted by all of the students.

Rodger Loftus

Rebecca is grilled. Michaela threatens Rebecca, if she doesn’t tell the truth. Wes backs her up and demands an answer. Rebecca says she found the campus cop, Rodger Loftus, who was fired a few days after Sam disappeared. Some sorority girls claimed Rodger was stalking them, which Rebecca blames on Annalise and Frank. She reveals Rodger moved to Delaware, in order to get a job. She pleads, with them, not to make her call Rodger.

Asher confronts Bonnie about his conversation with the judge. Frank enters and confronts the pair about their relationship. He threatens telling Annalise. Next, the students call Annalise over. When she arrives, she finds Rebecca tied up, with tape around her mouth.


The episode provided a solid opening to the finale of How to Get Away with Murder, with plenty twists and turns. At this point, it is somewhat difficult to know what exactly happened and what will happen to each of the students, Annalise and Nate. Although the show has tons of things going on at once, it manages to make them comprehensive, without too much confusion. The only thing that felt out of the place was the entire priest side story, which felt somewhat like filled. The episode deserves an 8 out of 10.

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