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Howards End Finale Recap

As the episode begins, Margaret Schlegel (Hayley Atwell) writes a letter and then tears it to shreds. Then, she writes to Leonard Bast (Joseph Quinn) and tells him that Henry has no vacancy. Margaret addresses the letter to Helen (Philippa Coulthard) and tells her that the Basts are no good. In the morning, Margaret tells Henry (Matthew Macfadyen) that she will forgive him for his past deeds. Henry insists he is not worthy of Margaret. Then, Margaret learns that Helen did not visit nor did she send a message. Henry begins to tell Margaret about his relationship with Jacky (Rosalind Eleazar). He stops and suggests that Margaret will never forgive him now. She admits that she already has. Tibby (Alex Lawther) gets a surprise when Helen returns home.

hayley atwell howards end finaleHelen tells Tibby that she plans to travel to Munich or Bonn. Helen tells Tibby that she wants him to give a substantial amount of money to Leonard Bast once she leaves. Tibby is reluctant, but he ultimately agrees to help. Next, Helen goes her own way. He corresponds with Tibby through letters. Tibby explains that Bast doesn’t want to take the money. Eventually, Tibby goes to Leonard’s apartment and finds that he has moved out. Margaret and Henry are wed. Helen does not attend the wedding. Helen sends a postcard. Margaret and Henry chat about inviting Aunt Juley Mund (Tracey Ullman) to their place. Moments later, the family’s belongings are removed from Margaret’s old house. The belongings are moved to Howards end for the time being.

howards end finale weddingMargaret writes a letter to Helen asking her to write a real letter in return. Then, she gets a visit from Dolly (Yolanda Kettle). Dolly tells Margaret that Miss Avery (Sandra Voe) has been unpacking Margaret’s belongings at Howards End. Margaret is surprised by the news and insists she did not order it. Margaret heads to Howards End and speaks with Avery in person. Avery seems convinced that Margaret will be moving into Howards End, before she knows it. Moments later, Margaret returns to Tibby, after learning that Aunt Juley is ill. Tibby and Margaret try to convince Helen to return, but she does not. After a letter from Helen, Tibby suggests that she might be mad. Tibby tells Margaret to tell Helen that Juley is very ill and she will come.

tibby howards end recapWhen Helen doesn’t come, Tibby suggests getting Henry involved. Henry comes with a plan to lure Helen to Howards End. Margaret agrees to put the plan into action. Leonard Bast spots Margaret and Tibby in town. He tries to speak with them, but they pass by too quickly. Next, Margaret learns that Helen has arrived. Margaret, Henry and a doctor head towards Howards End. Margaret spots Helen and immediately realizes that she is pregnant. She rushes into and keeps Henry and the doctor out. Bast tries to get in touch with the family, but is sent away. Margaret returns inside and finds Helen exhausted on the chair. After a chat with Helen, Margaret decides to speak with Henry. She asks Henry if they can spend the night at Howards End.

henry and margaret howards endMargaret tells Henry that Helen will return to Munich, until the child is born. Margaret tries to convince Henry that Helen’s relationship with Bast is similar to his relationship with Jacky. Henry doesn’t want to hear it. He forbids the women from staying at Howards End for the night. Charles (Joe Bannister) tries to get more information from Tibby. He fails to do so. Helen tells Margaret that she never wants to see Bast again. Charles returns and speaks with Henry. Henry tells Charles all about the problem. He explains that he will do everything he can for Helen, but he cannot let it continue. In the morning, Bast leaves town and heads for Howards End. When he arrives, he is attacked by Charles. Leonard is pushed into a bookshelf. It tumbles down on top of him.

leonard bast howards end recapMargaret speaks with Henry outside. He suggests that he is finished. Despite Leonard suffering from heart disease, Charles will most likely go down for manslaughter. We jump forward in time. Margaret and Helen enjoy the sun outside of Howards End. We see that Helen’s child has been born. They head inside. Henry tells Paul (Jonah Hauer-King) that he will give him the house when he returns from Africa. Dolly admits that Charles no longer wants the house for the boys. Henry explains that Margaret has requested all money be divided among the children. Henry admits his wife wants to give the house to her nephew in the field. Dolly reminds the family about Mrs. Wilcox’s wish that Margaret get the house. Henry tells Margaret about his previous wife’s wish for Howards End. The couple stroll through the field together.


Howards End Review

All in all, I have enjoyed each episode of Howards End. However, I wasn’t too thrilled with the finale. I felt that it was a little too rushed. The previous episodes were slow, yet the finale was sped up significantly. It simply felt a little off pace when compared to the previous episodes. Juley was completely ignored. Leonard Bast’s demise was ineffective, because it was so rushed. Plus, Charles’ future wasn’t clearly explained. I supposed he went down for manslaughter. Who knows?

The writers could have put together a far more satisfying finale. Sadly, the ending didn’t match the quality of the previous episodes. It scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Howards End now.

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