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Howards End Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, Margaret (Hayley Atwell) speaks to Helen (Philippa Coulthard) about their current dilemma. Margaret is forced to meet with Henry (Matthew Macfadyen) alone. Henry shows Margaret his new car. She speaks with the driver, Crane (Gavin Brocker), who admits it is a nice vehicle. Then, they travel to the house in question. Margaret is given a tour of the property. Then, Henry admits that he has invited Margaret over under false pretenses. He awkwardly asks Margaret to become his wife. Margaret decides to return home and tell her family about it. Helen isn’t happy with the news. Margaret admits she believes that she will love Henry with time. Helen still holds a grudge against Henry for the breakdown of her relationship with Paul. Moments later, the family meets with Henry. Aunt Juley (Tracey Ullman) greets him right away.

margaret and henry howards endTibby (Alex Lawther) tells Henry about a Roman ruin that was recently excavated. Then, Henry and Margaret go for a stroll. They decide to talk business. Henry insists he has always hit it off with Helen. Nevertheless, Margaret wants him to chat with her. Meanwhile, Tibby and the others chat about Henry and the companies he owns share in. Henry tells Margaret about Evie’s upcoming marriage to Dolly’s uncle, Percy. He explains that Charles (Joe Bannister) will someday inherit Howards End. Then, the conversation turns to money. Margaret insists he should be generous with his children. Then, she explains she gets 600 a year. Henry doesn’t open up about his wages. Before Henry leaves, he asks Margaret what is going to happen to the house in Ducie Street. Margaret insists it depends on when they’re going to get married. Then, the couple gets hassled by a few locals. When they return, Henry makes his move and kisses Margaret.

hayley atwell howards endMargaret repays the favor. Charles chats with Dolly about his dad’s relationship. He promises to be on his best behavior for the time being. Leonard Bast (Joseph Quinn) sells his books to get money for supplies. Jacky (Rosalind Eleazar) harasses Leonard and encourages him to write a letter to the Schlegel family. Helen gets the letter and learns that Leonard left his job and found another. Now, his wages have decreased. Later, Helen tells Margaret about Leonard’s decision. Henry gets involved in the conversation. He denies giving them advice and refuses to accept blame for Leonard’s situation. Henry invites Margaret to Howards End. She explains that she cannot go, since Aunt Juley is visiting. Henry agrees to speak with Juley. Before too long, Margaret arrives at Henry’s office. She chats with Charlie briefly.

henry and margaret howards endThen, Margaret and Henry drive to Howards End. Margaret enters alone. Margaret looks around briefly, before a woman comes down the stairs. She refers to Margaret as Mrs. Wilcox. Later, Henry tells everyone about Margaret’s encounter with Old Miss Avery. He finds it humorous. Outside, Henry admits he doesn’t want to live too close to Dolly. That rules out Howards End. He suggests that they move into Evie’s place, after she is married. Leonard finds Jacky writing letters when he returns home. She pressures him, until he agrees to write another letter. This time, he tells Helen that the bank has reduced the staff and he is now out of a job. Helen reads the letter and takes action. Leonard returns home and finds her in his home. Meanwhile, Margaret arrives for Evie’s wedding. Evie (Bessie Carter) listens to Charles complain about his father’s decision to marry Margaret.

leonard bast howards endEvie is married to Percy (Miles Jupp). Meanwhile, Helen, Jacky and Leonard travel on a train. Leonard insists he doesn’t want to go through with it. Nevertheless, Helen and Jacky refuse to let him turn around. Margaret and Henry go for a walk. Margaret admits she loves the home. Then, Helen arrives with the others. Margaret speaks with them. She agrees to talk with Henry on her own terms. Helen is told to take the couple to the local hotel. Eventually, Henry runs into Jacky. They recognize one another right away. Henry insists that she cannot stay. Henry turns on Margaret. She follows him inside and learns that Jacky was his mistress roughly ten years ago. At the hotel, Leonard learns about the relationship as well. Then, he speaks with Helen alone. Leonard admits that his relationship with Jacky is not a happy one. Then, he explains he just wants to get a job and settle.

joseph quinn howards endHe also tells her about Henry and Jacky. Leonard admits that one must have money to be happy. Helen insists that Henry’s wealth isn’t real. Leonard closes the window and it appears that the two may get romantic. Margaret writes a letter to Tibby as the episode ends.


Howards End Review

I have really enjoyed all episodes of Howards End. This episode brought Margaret and Henry together, before tearing them apart very rapidly. It seems that Henry has a few skeletons in his closet. It is also clear that Leonard and Helen have feelings for one another. So, where does Jacky fit into the picture? Is she just a troublemaker? What happens now?

I cannot wait for the next episode. The 3rd scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Howards End today!

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