How To Get Hulu Plus Free – A Legitimate Method

There are numerous streaming services out there, including Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Sling TV. Although each of these are equally good, they all come with a monthly fee of some kind. Hulu does offer some free videos, but you’ll need to upgrade to Hulu Plus, if you wish to stream certain shows and stream them to your television and other devices. Although the monthly fee is fairly low, some consumers don’t want to pay it anyway.

Thankfully, there is one legitimate way to obtain a Hulu Plus free month code. By repeating the steps periodically, it is possible to continue obtaining another Hulu Plus free month. The process is time consuming, but once you begin, you won’t realize it anyway. Below, I’ll tell you exactly how I obtained a month of Hulu for free. The process may or may not be new to you, but I hope it helps some out there anyway.

hulu plus free month code

Hulu Plus

How To Get Hulu Plus For Free

First and foremost, you should know that it is possible to sign up for Hulu and get a free week right away. This will require you to connect your credit card, debit card or PayPal account, but you can cancel, before being charged. Of course, a week isn’t enough to enjoy all there is available on the site.

Instead, you should sign up for Bing Rewards. Bing is a search engine obviously. Yes, everyone loves Google, but Bing isn’t much different, plus you’ll get to see a beautiful picture every day. Once you’ve become a member of Bing Rewards, you will be able to start bringing in credits. Below, you will discover the various ways to earn Bing Reward Credits.

  • Daily challenges or events
  • Earn 1 point per each 2 Bing searches on your PC/Mac. Up to 15 credits a day
  • Earn 1 point per 2 Bing search on your Mobile devices. Up to 10 credits per day.
  • Invite friends and obtain 150 credits, when they obtain Silver Status


Once you’ve started participating in Bing Rewards, you’ll become hooked. It is possible to obtain approximately 25 points or more a day. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you will be able to request different rewards, such as a Hulu Plus free month code or an Amazon $5 code. Below, you will discover some of the other rewards currently offered.

  • Hulu 1-Month Code for 680 credit
  • $5 Amazon Card for 475 credit
  • $5 Chipotle Gift Card for 475 credits
  • Many more


Now, you’re probably thinking that 680 credits is hard to accumulate. It is in a way, but once you start, you really won’t notice it. By using the Bing search engine and by earning credit on a daily basis, you will likely be able to obtain enough credits to purchase a free Hulu month each month. For months with 30 days, you could obtain 750 credits for searches alone. So, in theory, it is possible to obtain Hulu free for life, if you continue using Bing and they continue with their rewards program, which I hope they do!


Some Cautions

There is one thing to know, before moving forward. Bing requires you to verify your phone number, before you’re allowed to request rewards. This shouldn’t be a problem for most individuals though. However, if you’re unable to verify your account, you should just email Microsoft’s help team. I did and they verified my account, without a phone number. Their customer service responded rapidly and was very helpful, so you can rest assured that there are options out there.

On the flip side, some individuals might not want to breakaway from Google or some other search engine. As someone, who has, Bing delivers the same results virtually. Also, their daily pictures are cool and their news system is an improvement in my eyes.



At the end of the day, if you want to obtain a free month of Hulu, you can, but you’ll need to work for it. If you use the Internet regularly anyway, you won’t find this to be much of an inconvenience. This method actually works, unlike those silly Hulu hacks and such. Be sure to check it out and sign up for Bing Rewards, if you’re interested!

  1. Tony Mokbel says:

    Bing is great! Hulu is okay, but you cannot beat it, when it is free! this method actually works and i use it. time consuming? yes, but legit nonetheless.

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