How To Get Away with Murder: She’s a Murderer Review

The show opens with the revelation of the discovery of Sam’s body, while the kids argue over Annalise’s involvement. Frank (Charlie Weber) informs the students they’re being watched. Meanwhile, Hannah and Annalise  (Viola Davis) receive a visit from the police, who inform them about Sam’s remains. Hannah begins to accuse Anna of the murder, while urging cops to arrest her.

Despite the discovery, Anna returns to the university and gives a lesson on the 5th Amendment. Frank finds a distraught Bonnie (Liza Weil), who seems to blame herself for the murder. With Frank’s advice, Bonnie hides her emotions, when Anna enters. She informs Annalise of a scheduled meeting with Leo Lombardo (Peter Onorati). Anna meets with Leo and attempts to convince him to keep her as his nephews’s attorney. She questions whether or not Paul Lombardo (Karl Makinen) wishes to keep her, as his attorney.

Meanwhile, Hannah speaks with Detective Claire Bryce (April Parker Jones) and attempts to convince her that Annalise is the murderer. She reveals Anna came from a violent home. Hannah enters the command center and discovers the pictures of Sam’s charred corpse. Afterwards, the students begin working on the Lombardo case. Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) and Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) meet with Agent Anthony Fain (Matthew Downs) and question him how the police selected the specific shipping container, where the drugs were found. Meanwhile, Wes tries to find information on the man who used to rent his apartment, Rudy.

Asher (Matt McGorry) scours over surveillance footage and discovers the Feds rushed the shipping container, before it was weighed, which leaves him to believe the mob family has a rat. Anna alerts Leo and Paul about the rat, before Leo tries to invite Anna out to dinner. Wes discovers that Rebecca called the police on Rudy and had him carted off to jail. When confronted, Rebecca insists Rudy snapped and was banging on the walls, which resulted in his arrest. She suggests Wes go to the police and turn her in, while claiming self-defense.

Bonnie informs everyone that the detectives are close to getting a warrant to search their house. Annalise tasks Bonnie, with fighting the warrant. Hannah testifies and discusses a past death threat, which Anna made to Sam approximately three years ago. While on the stand, Hannah belittles Bonnie and helps to secure the search warrant. The police search the home, while Anna, Bonnie and Frank roam around inside freely, which is definitely weird. The police search for bloodstains near the exact spot, where Sam fell, but they don’t find anything.

Hannah Keating HTGAWM

Bonnie tells Frank that Sam’s body showed signs of blunt force trauma and carpet fibers were discovered. After catching him complaining, Annalise brings Connor to her office and speaks to him privately about his concerns. Anna insists Connor and her are worriers, which makes them successful, but tired. She convinces him he’ll go to jail, without her. Afterwards, Laurel (Karla Souza) has been able to find information for the Lombardo case.

Nate tells Anna that police are testing soil and foliage samples in hopes of finding out, where his body was burned. Anna questions Agent Fain regarding the police’s method for selecting the container, before bringing up the Lombardo’s former employee, Pedro Hortua (Hector Luis Bustamante), who quit days after the bust. Annalise reveals they were able to take down Pedro, before he takes the stand. He reveals he was promised a green card for himself and his wife for cooperating with Prosecutor Hobbs (Michael McGrady). Paul gets off, but Hobbs still threatens Annalise, with a looming murder charge.

Bonnie confronts Annalise about the report regarding Sam’s remains, before telling her she will not get away with it, if she continues avoiding the police. Bonnie suggests turning in the students to avoid harming her own career. Anna drinks, while recalling her promises to her students, before calling someone and requesting their presence.

HTGAWM Annalise Keating and Hannah

In the morning, Anna meets with police and is interviewed. She admits to having a fight with Sam, before going to Nate’s place. She also insists nobody was home, when he returned. Meanwhile, the students continue to grow paranoid, with Anna being brought in for questioning. Anna is questioned about her ring, which had a fingerprint on it. We see Frank lifting a print and placing it on the ring. The police arrive and arrest Nate for Sam’s murder.

Hannah confronts Annalise and insists the murder was still her fault. The students watch the report regarding Nate’s arrest and believe Anna is protecting them. Annalise returns home and sobs, before calling her mother.


The episode was filled with some startling revelations and interesting twists, but there were a few odd ball scenes. For instance, the scene, where the police searched the home was weird, since everyone seemed to be able to freely roam about. It slightly hurt the credibility of the scene, but could be overlooked. On the other hand, the whole case against Lombardo felt like a time waster. There was really no point for it. Otherwise, the episode was good and the ending was definitely a clever shocker, although somewhat unbelievable. A 7.5 out of 10 should suffice.

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