How To Get Away with Murder Review Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole

The episode starts with a ridiculous segment of Asher Milestone (Matt McGorry) dancing like a Jersey Shore cast member. The show flashes to the murder scene and Asher banging on the door attempting to retrieve his trophy. The team is able to get rid of Asher, before the show flashes back to 5 weeks earlier and a lesson on habeas corpus. The Wes (Alfred Enoch) and Annalise (Viola Davis) drama continues from last week.

The habeas corpus lesson is put on hold to discuss a murder case. The crew has a new case, as a death row inmate is given one more chance to appeal his case. Turns out, Asher’s father was the judge in the previous case and was responsible for sentencing David Allen to death. Sam and Annalise are at one another’s throat.

Annalise unexpectedly shows up at Wes’ apartment and catches him right after he comes out of the shower. As she fills him in on the new case, the two begin to discuss their future. It appears that Wes is going to attempt to blackmail Annalise, in order to protect Rebecca (Katie Findlay). He demands that Rebecca be found and returned or police will be notified about everything.

Frank and Laurel begin discussing their kiss, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The crew begins belittling Wes, as they provide him with details about the case. While Annalise seems to be playing along with Wes’ demands, she only wants to know Rebecca’s whereabouts. The crew begins investigating all the key players of the previous case against David. They’re checking out previous witnesses and the prosecutor. So far, the crew seems to be getting nowhere.

Asher tries to pull a “My Cousin Vinny”, by blasting the witness for wearing prescription glasses, to no avail. She’s only been wearing them for a few years. New information reveals that Asher’s father was perhaps a schemer, who let David take the wrap for murder, despite problems with the case. Obviously, Asher is quite upset with the situation, as we head into a commercial break.

Back to the night of the murder, the crews begins heading for a gas station. Asher is beginning to grow resentful of his father, as he begins searching his dad’s directory of dairies. He discovers something, before the show cuts back to Annalise and David discussing the case, through visitation glass. Connor and Michaela are unable to find anything against Judge Milestone. The team’s only hope, Watkins overdosed ten months ago. It seems as though all hope is lost.

Annalise begins browsing through her case files, before becoming upset. Now, she is asking for help from Frank. Asher is beginning to take his chances with his father, as the two sit around watching football. Asher discovers that his father’s journals are thorough and extensive, aside from the day of David’s judgement. Asher begins accusing his father of misconduct. Daddy isn’t having any of it, as he calls Asher a twit and kicks him out of his house, right before a break.

Unless Asher can discover some quality information, he might wind up flunking out of school and making a living as a prison guard. If he isn’t careful, he’ll get hooked on meth and get his leg cut off in a revenge attack from a disgruntled dealer.

As the show returns, Asher is waiting for Annalise in her office. It seems that Asher has some very valuable information, which is willing to trade for protection for his father and the trophy. A state senator got someone to falsely testify against David! Now, the search is on for the false witness. As the team is all passed out for the night, Frank and Laurel have a moment. She knows that Frank is going out to search for Rebecca. Bonnie is upset with the situation and tells Laurel to quit leading Frank on. She threatens to expose Laurel to Annalise.

Back with David, Annalise discover a little back history on the senator. Connor, Asher and Michaela begin questioning Wes, about his relationship with Rebecca. The conversation quickly turns to Asher, who runs and trips over a box of documents, which turns out to be a good thing. He discovers that the eyewitness, the old lady with glasses, is living in a building owned by the senator.

As the show returns, we’re greeted into the courtroom. Annalise seems nerves, as David is led in. All Rise!! The witness takes the stand and it is revealed that she was facing eviction, before the trial. After testifying in the case, her rent troubles were thrown away, without paying a dime. The senator is brought across the street and put on the stand. As he takes the stand, he’s cocky and confident. The senator begins denying all of the allegations against him.

Annalise begins going off on a rant and viciously attacking the senator. As the court returns, the judge begins belittling Annalise, but in a twist, he does the same to the prosecution. He demands an investigation to be opened into the false witness and vacates the sentence against David Allen. Obviously, this wouldn’t happen so quickly in real life, but we’ll let this slide.

It appears that Annalise and Frank have covered up for Sam and have penned the murder on another suspect. Although Rebecca is now safe to come home, Wes doesn’t seem too pleased with the arrangement.

As the show returns, Laurel admits to Frank that she isn’t into him and threatens to tell Annalise, if he doesn’t stop his pursuit of her. Rebecca reads the news story that makes her innocent of the murder, but she isn’t okay with the situation. Wes has come to terms with the situation and attempts to make Rebecca okay with it as well. The news reporter is putting the blame on O’reilly. Now, Annalise begins confessing her need for Sam, as she breaks down once again, somewhat over dramatically. All seems to be forgiven, as Wes and Rebecca finally arrive back and begin discussing the next steps of the case.

Nate Leahy is filled in on the details of Annalise’s scheme to have Frank setup Griffin O’Reilly. Back to Asher. Asher is complaining about the team stealing his trophy, as it is discovered that he is sleeping with Bonnie. Annalise calls and believes that Sam is with Bonnie. Of course, something terrible has happened and Sam is already dead.


Quite frankly, this is the strongest episode of How to Get Away with Murder we’ve seen it. Part of it has to do with the compelling character of Asher Milestone. The other part is the fact that we wasn’t force-fed shocking and unnecessary sex scenes. While there was a bedroom scene, it was already over before we arrived. Although the judge throwing out David’s sentence and instantly setting him free was somewhat unrealistic, I still felt a sense of satisfaction for David, Annalise and the crew. The weak, unstable Annalise,who  is solely dependent on Sam, was a little over the top and overplayed, but not enough to hurt the episode.

Overall, a lot was revealed and this was the best yet. Mockie gives this episode an 8.5 out of 10.

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