How to Get Away with Murder Review: He Has a Wife

The episode opens with Lila’s corpse getting sewed back together. Then, we flashback to June 2014 and Lila Stanguard (Megan West) getting high with one of her friends (Mallory Low). She questions her ability to have sex. And mentions she has met a new man, Mr Darcie, who is possibly Sam Keating (Tom Verica), who has a wife, hence the episode title.

Next, a scene goes down in Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) bedroom, after Bonnie (Liza Weil) reveals that Lila was six weeks pregnant. Sam declares the baby isn’t his and that he didn’t know about the pregnancy.

Back at school, Annalise begins discussing the case of Gretchen Thomas (Stacy Edwards), who acts out, after getting high on medication. Gretchen is seen on screen dragging her nanny’s body. The team visit Gretchen, who refuses to take the stand now. Her husband (David Burke) and son, Cody (Max Gray Wilbur) argue over the decision. Bonnie tells the team to get family members and friends prepared to take the stand in Gretchen’s favor.

Asher becomes overly obnoxious and basically refuses to help. Annalise reveals the pregnancy to Wes (Alred Enoch). Since the baby isn’t Griffin’s, the results could potentially help Rebecca’s case. Ann doesn’t want Rebecca to know and gives Wes orders not to tell her. Of course, this is the first thing he does. Rebecca and Wes consider going to the cops about Sam potentially being the baby’s father.

Seems like Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) has been stalking Rebecca. He sneaks up on her. Rebecca reveals the information about the pregnancy to Nate. Rebecca now has the task of collecting Sam’s DNA. If she can pull it off and the DNA matches, Rebecca’s case will vanish!

Flashback to July 2014. Lila reveals she finally had sex. She insists the man made her feel comfortable and safe. She receives a sext on her phone, with a picture of a man’s chest. Meanwhile, Rebecca attempts to retrieve Sam’s hair. Sam wises up and kicks her out.

The team begin interviewing all of the witnesses. Sounds like Gretchen was spiraling out of control. A retro joke about Court TV (RIP CourtTV). Cody takes the stand and blames the pills for the murder.  ADA Hector Rodriguez (Jeffrey De Serrano) cross examines the witness. With a little bashing, Cody reveals that he loved the nanny, like everyone else. He also admits to going to her room every night, because he loved her.

Annalise belittles Connor and Bonnie. She specifically bashes Connor for “screwing evidence out of everyone”. So we’re not the only ones who noticed? Frank calls Laurel (Karla Souza) and propositions her for sex. Welp, here we go again. Fast forward anyone?

Asher comforts Bonnie and invites her to his place for a pre-party party, before the bonfire. Bonnie attempts to tell Sam something about Lila, but is interrupted by Annalise. Ah! The curiosity! Sam tells Annalise about Rebecca’s sudden visitor earlier and questions her knowledge of the pregnancy. Sam decides to cop the blame for destroying the pair’s relationship.

Another flashback. This time to August 2014. Lila reveals Darice wants to end the relationship. Lila explains to Rebecca all she wants to do is expose the man to his wife. Rebecca insists that this is nothing, but she shouldn’t. Rebecca contacts Nate and decides to go a different route. Perhaps she’ll have better luck getting Sam’s phone?

Connor visits Cody and lies about a previous crush on a woman. Cody calls him out for being gay and lying. He continues insisting he loved Cody. Turns out, the woman gave Cody VD. Next, Mr. Thomas takes the stand and mentions that his wife drunk on the night of the murder. They also explore Cody’s painful urination. Turns out, both were having an affair with Elke (Jacqueline Guzman Cereceres) and both got the VD!

Mr. Thomas goes off in cuffs for killing Elke and getting his wife, Gretchen, to clean up the scene. Annalise says what Gretchen’s husband did was unforgivable. Isn’t Sam in the same boat?

Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) confronts Anna and suggests she give the trophy over to her. Anna obviously doesn’t care about the trophy. Mary Walker (Lynn Whitfield) gives Michaela a visit and discusses the prenup and her marriage to Aden. Michaela insists she doesn’t want to take Aden’s money and plans to stay with him the rest of her life. Mary demands she sign the prenup, or she’ll cancel the wedding.

Frank and Laurel have another partial sex scene, before they’re stopped by Frank’s girlfriend, Sasha (Katie Cleary). Thank you Sasha for saving us.

Meanwhile, Bonnie visits Sam and reveals she met Lila the might she was killed. We flashback to August 29th 2014. Lila bangs on Anna’s door and Bonnie answers. Lila seems to be trying to warn Annalise about Sam’s cheating. Bonnie convinces her to leave. In the present, Bonnie insists Sam knew about the pregnancy. Sam questions what good would come out of telling Annalise the truth now. He still denies hurting Lila. Sam and Bonnie kiss. This show is turning into a big love triangle.

Bonnie reveals the truth to Annalise. She tells her that Sam knew she was pregnant, but didn’t think she could hurt Lila. Bonnie exposes Sam’s kiss and insists he isn’t a good man. Annalise is visibly upset and angry. She fires Bonnie and forces her to leave.

Nate gives Rebecca a USB drive to plug into Sam’s computer to steal all of his information. Before she can enter the building, she runs into Wes. The pair argue about her decision. Wes believes Annalise is behind everything. Connor arrives and stops the argument. Asher dances with himself, as Michaela shows up and questions where everyone is. She requests a drink and Asher makes excuses for being alone. Michaela steals the trophy and escapes.

Wes is searching for Rebecca. He discovers that she took the USB drive. Annalise gets off the phone with the DA’s office and tells Sam that she demanded the DA get DNA samples from all of the men in Lila’s life including her teachers. Uh Oh! Sam is potentially screwed.


Wow, what an episode. While the whole murder case features Gretchen Thomas was kind of unnecessary, it was definitely interesting. Thankfully, it was short lived, which left us with plenty of time to explore the students, Annalise, Sam and Bonnie.

Things continue to get worse for…well pretty much everybody. All of the relationships in the show are in turmoil and each of the characters are facing personal setbacks. The episode brought forth the worst of the worst, when it comes to Sam’s actions and his advancements towards Bonnie.

The ending of the episode was great. Now, I simply cannot wait to check out the winter finale next week! For that, this episode deserves a 9 out of 10!

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