How to Get Away With Murder: Hello Raskolnikov Review

The show begins with Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) speaking to detectives about Sam’s disappearance. She tells them about her DNA demand, which probably spooked him and made him flee. She reveals she went to a friends house, returns and found him gone. She tells them the friend was Nate Lahey (Billy Brown). At the same time, the show flashes back and shows how she arrived at home, found Sam’s body and instructed Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) how to get away with his murder.

Meanwhile, Connor (Jack Falahee), Laurel (Karla Souza), Wes and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) argue, before Annalise returns home and requests Wes to come to her office. Once there, Anna tells Wes not to tell anyone about her involvement. She insists she is helping herself, before he returns Sam’s ring. She also says the DNA will prove Sam to be the murderer of Lila Stangard. Next, D.A. Wendy Parks (Alysia Reiner) enters and suggests Anna is just scared of taking Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay) case to trial. She insists she will bring Rebecca down, before leaving.

Wes is interviewed by the detectives. He keeps his cool and maintains his innocent, before telling the detectives about his relationship with Rebecca. Annalise meets with Rebecca and tells her she should apologize for not reporting Sam’s affair to the police earlier. Anna confirms she is going to help her get her charges dropped. That night, Rebecca confronts Wes about his cool demeanor and questions about Anna’s knowledge, but Wes maintains his secret. Back at Anna’s house, Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) seems paranoid, as he describes coming back and trying to get the trophy last night. He insists they might suspect foul play, but Connor just jokes he should get a lawyer.

Anna enters and suggests they need to work quickly to prove Sam is the murder of Lila, since Rebecca’s trial starts in 3 days. Connor visits Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) and requests his help, while Laurel seeks help from Frank (Charlie Weber). Oliver and Connor spar back and forth about the muscular man in Oliver’s room, before Oliver discovers records for the van’s route of travel. Since the credit card details don’t show anything, Wes suggests tracking his phone. Asher and Bonnie head to get the laptop. After a failed smooth talking from Asher, they’re informed Parks is holding the laptop and won’t release it.

While the team works to undercover more, Connor suggests one of them is going to go crazy and give them up, before suspecting Annalise of betraying them. Rebecca mentions Lila requested the name of an abortion clinic, which could provide them with motive. Next, Annalise heads to the court with the name of the clinic, The Weisenstock Women’s Clinic. Judge Carol Morrow (Tamlyn Tomita) sides with Parks and denies the request. Anna meets with Nate, who questions her about the timing coincidence. Annalise is able to calm his suspicions, before the pair kiss.

Next, Laurel is interviewed by detectives, who suggest she is hiding something. She tells them Sam would look at her in a sexual way. Next, she asks Frank, if he thinks Sam really ran away. The pair question each other, whether or not they believe Annalise’s story. Connor tell Michaela they should confess to the police immediately, but she continues working to find a reason for the Judge to give them access to Lila’s medical records. Connor tries hard to influence Michaela, until Wes enters.

Michaela discovers the clinic had surveillance cameras in the waiting room, which might give them lead way. Anna present sthe information to the Judge, which influences the judge to allow the footage to be reviewed. Frank confronts Anna with the DNA results, which proves Sam is the father. Of course, Anna’s excitement startles Frank. Frank offers his support and cooperation. Anna agrees, if Frank doesn’t inform Bonnie. Next, Asher is interviewed. He insists nobody was at the house, when he arrives, but Connor’s SUV was in the driveway. Bonnie is interviewed and questions about her relationship with Asher. She tells them about Sam coming onto her and suggests he is the type of person, who would skip town.

Bonnie belittles Asher about exposing their affair, before Lauren insists she has found something. They discover footage os Sam and Lila in the abortion clinic together. They take down the receptionist, who testifies about the event and Sam’s anger. Anna also submits the DNA evidence, but the judge refuses to drop the charges, but agrees to have the laptop analyzed. Next, Michaela is interviewed. They question her about Connor’s vehicle and she agrees they parked it there, but walked to the bonfire. She meets with Connor and insists the detectives know. Laurel catches the pair talking, before she runs into Frank, who called her a hypocrite. Connor and Michaela attempt to recruit Laurel as a rat.

Mr. Ingram (Trevor J. Davis) testifies about the GPS information and reveals Sam’s travels on the 29th. He reveals Sam stopped at 3204 Spruce Road, which is the address for the Kappa Kappa Theta Sorority house. Anna again tries to get the evidence thrown out. This time it works and Rebecca walks out. Anna hides in a bathroom stall and hears several women talking about her being heartless for selling out her husband. Michaela and Connor continue to try and convince Laurel to go to the police and she agrees.

When they head to the police station, they’re confronted by Wes and Annalise, since Laurel told Wes about Connor’s place. She also learned about Frank and Anna’s knowledge of the event. Using Wes’s advice, Annalise confronts the team and tells them the truth. Anna insists she can help them get away with this. Afterwards, the group return to school like nothing ever happened and Anna gives them a new assignment.

Michaela gets fitted for her wedding dress, while Wes and Rebecca celebrate. Laurel confronts an old flame and insists they try to work it out. Connor is interviewed by detectives and expresses his concern for Annalise. Connor calls Anna and tells her they have a problem. Sam’s Sister, Hannah Keating, is seen speaking with detectives. She insists her brother is no murderer.


How to Get Away with Murder definitely returned on a high note. Although the series broke away from the old formula, it succeeded in bringing the suspense and drama. There were many different things going on throughout the episode, yet everything was easy to follow and comprehend. The performances were good, as usual, but it is the writing that really hits the nail on the head. However, I fear Sam’s sister wouldn’t be much of a rival, unless something about her character is missing from the equation. The episode deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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