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House Husbands TV Show Season 4 Premiere Recap

Have you been keeping up with Australia’s House Husbands? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a wonderful, although somewhat silly, experience. The series focuses on four house husbands, who are responsible for caring for the children. Unfortunately, these husbands are more like children themselves and wind up in all kinds of turmoil throughout. The fourth season was just released. Below, you will find a recap of the premiere.


House Husbands Season 4 Cast

It should be known that the cast of the fourth season has changed a tad bit. The majority of the actors and actresses remain in their familiar spots, but a few are missing.  Below, you will discover the returning characters.

  • Firass Dirani – Justin
  • Gyton Grantley – Kane
  • Rhys Muldoon – Mark
  • Gary Sweet – Lewis
  • Julia Morris – Gemma
  • Natalie Saleeba – Abi

It appears that Anna McGahan and Georgia Flood are no shows. A few other characters attempt to fill their shoes.

  • Darren McMullen – Alex Moreno
  • Jane Allsop – Rachel
  • Justine Clarke – Eve
  • Akos Armont – Dr. Saxon
  • Nicholas Coghlan – Rodney
  • Indiana Evans – Tash

Some of these, including Alex, Rodney and Rachel, should be familiar to those, who’ve been following along from the beginning.


House Husbands Recap

House Husbands TV Show

The fourth season’s premiere has jumped ahead about a year. Gemma (Julia Morris) and Lewis (Gary Sweet) have moved out of their old house and into an apartment, with a nice view. Kane (Gyton Grantley) has continued selling his pies, but he quickly runs into competition at the school. He discovers that Lewis has allows Eve (Justine Clarke) to sell her meatballs and other goodies from the school. And by the way, Alex (Darren McMullen) and Kane are still happily together, for now anyway.

Gyton Grantley House Husbands TV Series

After encouragement from his friends, Justin (Firass Dirani) heads to the park, makes a rescue and asks Tash (Indiana Evans) on a date. Angie (Allegra Volange) bites Tash’s son and blocks Justin’s attempt to score. Abi (Natalie Saleeba) quickly runs into trouble at work, as she believes the new doctor, Saxon (Akos Armont) is attempting to steal her position. She calls and complains to Mark (Rhys Muldoon), who is supposed to ask his boss for time off. Of course, he didn’t. Mark is interrupted and ridicules by his boss, Rachel (Jane Allsop).

House Husbands Justin and Tash

Kane and Alex speak about their days and both reveal they’ve met a woman at school. Kane had a terrible encounter, while Alex’s encounter was pleasant. The group meets up at the school’s gymnasium. Justin discovers that his former agent, Rodney (Nicholas Coghlan), who was also sleeping with his wife, is dating Tash. Rodney speaks to Angie and tells her about rushing her mother to the hospital, when she was pregnant. As usual, Mark makes a stupid comment, which implies Justin may not be the father of Angie.

House Husbands Abi

Gemma offers to help Justin to a test, before Lewis is ejected from the kid’s game. Justin is forced to take over as coach and his kids end up crushing Rodney’s, by a single point. Mark informs Abi that their plumbing problem is worse than expected. Justin returns home and contemplates his situation. The other husbands try to convince him to leave it alone. That night, Gemma and Lewis agree they’ll need to get rid of many of their items, if they’re going to stay in the small apartment.

Jane Allsop

In the morning, Mark discovers Poppy’s (Lily Jones) guinea pig. He discusses the plumbing problem with Abi, who complains about the cost. They agree their trip to Europe is looking highly unlikely. The other husbands get together and attempt to get Justin into setting up an outdoor babysitting business. Justin heads to the hospital and speaks privately with Gemma about a paternity test. Back at the school, Eve and Kane argue a little more. At work, Mark speaks with Rachel and unveils his plans of going to Paris. She enlists his help placing a bid on a house.

House Husbands TV Show

Abi gets herself in trouble at work with management. She stumbles around and inappropriately touches Dr. Saxon, which gets her written up. Gemma receives the paternity test results, while Justin works with a group of kids. Gemma passes the results to Justin, before Lewis attempts to pry into Justin’s business. When Kane returns home, he discovers Eve in his house. Alex and Eve formed an arrangement for Alex to give Eve his baby makers. An argument ensues and Kane insists he and Alex should be making a child together.

House Husbands Rodney

After the argument end and Eve flees, Justin discovers that Angie isn’t his child. Lewis and Mark head to the auction, while Justin stays behind and drinks himself into a stupor. At the auction, Lewis places a big bid and wins the house. Kane tries and fails to talk some sense into Justin, before Alex tries to smooth things over with Kane. Meanwhile, Mark angrily argues with Lewis and insists he has betrayed him. While Alex and Kane argue, Justin goes missing.

House Husbands Eve

Justin tracks down Rodney and Tash at a Chinese restaurant. The pair argue, before Mark and crew arrive. Again, Mark opens his big mouth and alludes to the fact that Rodney could be Angie’s father. In the morning, Angie receives a necklace from Rodney. Alex smooths things over with Kane and the pair agree to meet with Eve. Tash runs into Justin on the way to school. Justin tells her to stay away form him. Mark nearly kills Poppy’s guinea pig. Abi takes it to the doctor, discovers it is fine, but has cancer.

House Husbands TV Show

Despite reservations from Mark, Abi pays for the pig to undergo chemotherapy. At the park, Rodney confronts Justin and attempts to extort money out of him. Meanwhile, Abi is questioned about her touchiness with Dr Saxon. Although the situation ends well for Abi, her supervisor seems to hate her and insists Dr Saxon could be a good replacement for her. Mark is belittled by his boss, who insists he won’t get a vacation for at least a year. The guys head to Justin’s and discover that he intends to pay the extortion money. They attempt to talk him out of it.

Indiana Evans

Justin delivers a package to Rodney’s house. It only continues the necklace Rodney sent to Angie. Rodney tells Tash that it belongs to his daughter. Kane and Alex meet with Eve, who admits she stole the swimmers. She admits she has already used them too. She offers no reconciliation to Alex or Kane. After she departs, the pair agree to tell nobody about this situation. Lewis takes Gemma to their new house and the pair discover that it is right next door to Rachel. Rachel reveals she has been waiting for 15 years for the home’s owner to pass away. She runs off with the couple’s trash bin.

Gyton Grantley

At Mark and Abi’s house, Mark has dressed up like an Italian and is entertaining everyone. Justin arrives with the kids and they agree to play cricket.


House Husbands Season 4 Pilot Review

Despite some of the old characters disappearing, House Husbands remains an adorable little gem. The episode was silly, funny and a little bit sad. It also established a handful of story lines for the upcoming episodes. If you’ve been a fan of House Husbands, you’ll feel comfortable and right at home with the season 4 premiere. Jane Allsop and Justine Clarke will undoubtedly prove to be worthwhile additions. A 7 out of 10 is deserved!

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