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House Husbands Series 5 Episode 9 Recap

At the beginning of the 9th episode, Miss Looby (Louise Siversen) convinces Lewis (Gary Sweet) to sign up for the upcoming spelling bee. Seconds later, Nick (Hugh Sheridan) is introduced to a new literacy teacher, Izzy (Delta Goodrem). Izzy begins working with Tilda (Madison Torres-Davy). She quickly discovers that something could be wrong. Lewis and Mark (Rhys Muldoon) begins preparing for Lewis’ upcoming campaign. Nick reveals he hasn’t sleep at all, since Rachel (Jane Allsop) has developed an insatiable urge for sex. Mark is weirded out by the revelation. After Nick steps away, Rachel asks Mark for a little assistance. He tries to say no, but agrees to assist her later. When Justin (Firass Dirani) returns home, he finds Rafiq (Rahart Adams) preparing food for the family.

house husbands series 5 episode 9

Rafiq is excited about his upcoming fitness test. He believes he could get drafted with a footy team. Mark helps Rachel assemble her shelf. She makes a few awkward comments and sends Mark running for the hills. The next day, Justin thanks Lewis for looking after his brother. Izzy arrives and is introduced to the guys. She requests to speak with Lewis in private. They head back to the classroom and Lewis finds out that he is dyslexic. He quickly realizes that the condition will destroy his chances at winning the spelling bee. After returning home, Lewis expresses his concern to Gemma (Julia Morris). He begins practicing all night. Nevertheless, he remains worried that the spelling bee will ruin his chances of winning the council vote.

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Next, the boys go exercising. Rafiq becomes exhausted and hits the ground. He eventually gets up and playfully wrestles around with Justin. With the play fighting ends, Rafiq passes out. He is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Abi (Natalie Saleeba) finds Rachel scouring through Mark’s tools. Rachel admits she wanted to hang some paintings and Mark gave her permission to borrow the tools. Lewis and Mark enter into a partnership to win the election, after getting parking tickets. At the hospital, Abi finds out that Rafiq gets lightheaded frequently. Meanwhile, Mark and Lewis put together a campaign video in the hospital. They’re eventually stopped by Nuse Toni (Danise Scott). During this conversation, Mark lets it slip that Abi’s baby is in the hospital.

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Rafiq learns he has a heart arrhythmia and it is likely an ongoing condition. He is told he could take medication to keep his heart stable. In private, Justin learns that the condition could be hereditary. Justin and the boys quickly undergo testing. Back at the school, Nick and Izzy get into another squabble. Mark arrives in a promotion van for Lewis. Mark also reveals that the media is on the way. Lewis gives a quick speech and lays out his campaign policies. Afterwards, Lewis speaks with Looby in private and tries to pull out of the spelling bee. Looby refuses to let him do so. Izzy catches Lewis trying to steal the answers to the contest. She offers to help him prepare. Justin finds out he is fine, but his brother will not be able to play footy again. He agrees to tell his brother, but doesn’t have the heart to do it.

crabb for council house husbands

At home, Rachel tries to convince Nick to sleep with her. Instead, he pretends he is sleeping on the couch and ignores her. At the school, Izzy helps Lewis prepare for the spelling bee. She tells him to break the words into groups of letter. Afterwards, Mark teaches Lewis how to use Twitter to campaign. Rachel pays a visit to Gemma and tells her about her current sexual problem. Later that night, Nick admits to Rachel he doesn’t have the stamina for her. She apologizes and agrees to cut down to twice a day. At the hospital, Rafiq calls Peta (Sam Healy) and confirms that the tryout is still on. He escapes the hospital. Justin finds out that the boys are totally fine. Next, the spelling bee gets started. It quickly comes down to Izzy and Lewis. With a little help from Izzy, the spelling bee ends in a draw.

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Lewis gives a quick campaign speech. Then, they guys are forced to rush to the field to save Rafiq. Justin finally tells his brother about the seriousness of his heart condition. Rafiq breaks down and is embraced by Justin. Abi and Mark have fun at home, while Lewis puts up campaign posters. Then, the guys get together and celebrate Nick’s birthday. As Nick steps outside, he learns that someone stole Izzy’s bike. She admits she knows who it is and the guy has been bothering her for awhile now. After learning that it is Nick’s birthday, Izzy gives him a big kiss.


House Husbands Review

The 9th episode was definitely better than the previous. I am not a big fan of Izzy or the haphazard and rushed relationship between her and Nick. Nevertheless, the Izzy character worked well alongside Lewis. I personally wasn’t too fond of the Rafiq character in the past episodes. However, he finally became a little likeable here. It feels like we’re gearing up for something big. Things are going too good for most of our characters and House Husbands always throws an emotional curveball in there near the end of each season.

This episode was definitely an improvement. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of House Husbands now.

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