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House Husbands Season 5 Episode 3

At the beginning of the 3rd episode, Mark (Rhys Muldoon) and the guys arrive home after a night of partying. We see that Mark is carrying his father’s ashes. They quickly discover that someone is inside of Justin’s house. They sneak inside covertly and attack the stranger. The stranger turns out to be Justin’s brother, Rafiq (Rahart Adams). In the morning, Gemma (Julia Morris) prepares for her first day as a doctor, while Lewis (Gary Sweet) tries to combat his hangover. Lewis manages to find Rafiq Bouramy on the internet. Just like Justin (Firass Dirani), Rafiq is a footballer. Justin gets a rude awakening from his kids. The kids quickly become excited with the prospect of meeting Justin’s brother.

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Meanwhile, Rachel (Jane Allsop) learns her son, Atticus, with Nick (Hugh Sheridan). When Mark wakes up, he invites his family on a road trip. Abi (Natalie Saleeba) quickly turns the offer down, since she has to work. And, his mother simply isn’t interested. Outside of the school, Lewis asks Justin about his brother. Nick and Atticus arrive. We see that Atticus is wearing inappropriate shorts. Nick admits the boy wouldn’t wear anything else. After they’re run off by Miss Looby (Louise Siversen), Justin returns home and offers to train with his brother. Rafiq admits he didn’t visit to train. Rafiq admits he has come to ask his brother a favor. He reveals he got into a fight and a journalist recorded the whole incident. He confirms the journalist intends to use the video against him, unless they give him an interview.

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Gemma and Rudy (Rohan Mirchandaney) wait for Abi, who is running 30 minutes late. Abi eventually arrives. The group quickly takes on their first patient, Libby (Hollie Andrew). Abi consults with the interns and asks their opinions. Gemma delivers the best answer and is praised in front of the others. At home, Liz (Nancye Hayes) informs Mark she wants to take Bernie’s ashes to the other side of the country. Mark tries to change her mind, but Liz refuses to listen. Rafiq finally lets Justin watch the video. Justin agrees to help. Together, they meet up with the journalist. The man reveals he wants an interview with both brothers. Rafiq gets angry with the journalist and Justin is forced to call him down. After things calm down, Rafiq agrees to meet Justin’s kids.

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Rafiq speaks with Lewis, before meeting the kids. Rafiq is asked why he hasn’t visited before. Lewis invites the brothers over for dinner. They agree. Liz tells Mark she is ready to dispose of the ashes. Mark again tries to stop his mother, while Poppy (Lily Jones) listens to the conversation. Lewis watches a video of Rafiq being interviewed. He hears chaos outside and finds Rachel’s backyard a mess. After a little search, Lewis finds Nick tied up. As it turns out, Atticus outsmarted him and left him tied up. At work, the interns begin to grow tired of Gemma and Abi’s love affair. Rudy offers to help with Libby, but Abi refuses. Instead, she gives Gemma permission to drain fluid from Libby’s spine. Gemma does so successfully moments later. Meanwhile, Mark discovers that his father’s ashes have gone missing.

gemma doctor house husbands

Rafiq and Justin arrive for dinner at Gemma’s place. Lewis quickly coerces Rafiq into spending the night. Mark tells Abi about the ashes. Abi speaks with Liz. She returns to Mark and admits she doesn’t believe Liz stole the ashes. Mark meets up with the other guys and they go hunting for Bernie’s ashes. They force Justin and Rafiq to sneak into the nearby golf course. Nonetheless, the ashes are not found and the brothers are chased off by a security guard. Next, Lewis and Mark quickly try to remake the ashes. They’re nearly caught by Liz. Liz reveals she is planning to leave in the morning. However, Lewis manages to convince her to stay just a little bit longer. He buys them enough time to finish making the ashes. Nick tries to force Atticus to go to bed. When Rachel returns home, she finds the house a mess and Atticus still up. Nonetheless, Atticus is smiling and that satisfies Rachel.

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In the morning, Justin and Rafiq are interviewed together. When asked about their father, Rafiq gets angry and abruptly enters the interview. Justin stays behind and tries to improve his brother’s image. Justin returns to his brother and admits he thinks things were alright. As soon as Rafiq gets what he wants, he announces his departure. Back at the hospital, Libby complains about her back. She blames Gemma for making her worse. Abi sticks up for her friend and tells her that she would be far worse, if Gemma hadn’t helped her. Gemma tells her friend she needs to stop protecting her. Abi is instructed to treat Gemma worse, so the other interns won’t hate her as much. Justin is shown the interview. It doesn’t picture himself or his brother in a good light. Rafiq returns and punches Justin in the face.

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Justin tries to explain things to his brother, but he refuses to listen. Rafiq storms off, before Liz learns about the ashes. Poppy finally speaks up and admits she took the ashes, because she didn’t want Bernie to leave. Also, Mark learns that Bernie wasn’t actually his father. After things calm down, Mark speaks with his mother. He learns his father’s real name, William Mitchell. Mark and the boys head to the golf course. There, they give Bernie a send off by spending the fake ashes.


House Husbands Review

This season of House Husbands has continually added new characters with each subsequent episode. It seems like the writers are trying to fill the void left behind by Kane and his family. While the storyline with Justin and his brother was good, it was also awkward. I do not recall Justin’s brother ever being mentioned before. Nonetheless, Rafiq definitely resembled a younger Justin.

The episode was good. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with past recaps of House Husbands now.

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