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House Husbands Season 5 Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, Mark (Rhys Muldoon) goes for a bike ride. He is nearly run off of the road by a vehicle. After he comes to his sense, Mark finds his parents, Bernie (Roy Billing) and Liz (Nancye Hayes), standing over him. Mark is reminded that he invited his parents over for Bernie’s 70th birthday. He doesn’t seem pleased with the revelation. Abi (Natalie Saleeba) learns about the news and isn’t happy either. Nonetheless, she invites the couple into their home. Gemma (Julia Morris) informs Lewis (Gary Sweet) she was selected to work at Saint Michael’s. She admits that was her last choice. Justin (Firass Dirani) receives terrible news. He learns that he forgot to pay his last insurance payment and will be required to pay for his home’s repair out of pocket.

mark bike house husbands s5 e2

Nick (Hugh Sheridan) stops by and offers his assistance. Lewis accepts the offer, but tells Justin that he doesn’t believe Nick will show. Then, Nick visits Rachel (Jane Allsop) and learns that she is ill. He agrees to take Rachel’s child to school. Liz agrees to walk Poppy (Lily Jones) to school. At the school, Liz speaks with Gemma and insults Abi. Gemma bites her tongue. Lewis speaks with Nick. Nick is forced to explain why he left the kids unsupervised. At Nick’s request, Gemma pays a visit to Rachel. Gemma tries to convince Rachel that Nick might be a keeper. Rachel admits she was trying to run him off. Meanwhile, Abi and Mark continue to bicker about his mother’s behavior.

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The guys get together and begin helping Justin. Lewis insults Mark for hiding from his mother. Justin tells Nick about his previous plans to expand his business. They discuss a few ideas. Abi quickly gets herself in trouble with Toni (Denise Scott). Mark receives a call from Abi and learns about her terrible day. Mark hides the fact that he has decided to stay away from his mother. Gemma has far more luck with Toni. The women seem to get along somewhat well. Then, Gemma learns about Mark and Abi’s dilemma. Abi admits Liz absolutely despises her. Back at home, Mark gets a pep talk from Liz, who insists Abi has held him back from success. Justin’s exercise class begins, but one of the boys is running late. Lewis tries to convince him to swap the boy out with another one.

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Nick overhears the conversation. When Lewis steps away, Nick steps in and learns about the financial arrangement between Justin and Lewis. He offers to help Justin buy out Lewis, so he can call all the shots. Justin agrees to think it over. When Abi returns home, she learns that Mark has been sent out for almond milk. At the store, Mark runs into Nick. He invites him over, but he refuses the offer. Mark also finds it weird that Nick is purchasing baby diapers. Lewis gets to know Bernie a little better, while Abi continues to anger Liz. Next, Liz makes the group watch a slideshow of Mark. Liz eventually ridicules Mark for losing his intellect and ambition. Bernie tries to stop here, but Liz continues the onslaught. After things die down, Lewis tries to urge Mark to stand up to his mother. On the other hand, Justin understands Mark’s plight.

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Mark tries to confront his mother. However, he overhears her pitying Sophie. She also suggests the girl could be suffering from developmental delay. Mark retreats and seeks advice from Abi. Abi tries to calm Mark down. Poppy enters and questions why grandma is so mean to her dad. In the morning, Bernie shows Mark and Poppy a dress he purchased. He also discusses his father, who made dresses by hand. At Justin’s next fitness class, Lewis makes a fool of himself. Justin immediately accepts Nick’s money with the intention of removing Lewis from his business. At work, Toni pairs up the interns with doctors. Abi and Gemma are forced to work together. Lewis learns about Justin’s intention to expand the business. Justin confesses he took money from Nick and wanted to do something on his own. Lewis stops helping Justin fix his house and suggests he do it on his own.

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In the morning, Mark finally lashes out at his mother. Mia (Holly Austin) visits the school and runs into Lewis. She tells him to pass along a message to Nick about needing money for rent. Lewis visits Rachel’s place to deliver the message. Rachel says something out of the way, so Lewis spills the beans. At this time, Nick arrives and Rachel admits she already knew about Mia and the child. She also reveals that Mia is not Nick’s girlfriend. That night, Justin prepares to move out of Lewis’ place. Lewis refuses to allow him to do so. Meanwhile, Mark and the family dance and have a good time. Abi enters and dances with Bernie, before he drops to the ground. Bernie is rushed to the hospital. Despite doing everything humanely possible, Abi is unable to save Bernie. Liz ridicules her.

bernie and liz dancing house husbands

Mark tells Abi that Bernie had a big smile when he danced with her. Later, Mark finds his mother packing his father’s clothing. He notices a few dresses. Liz admits Bernie liked to wear dresses and wanted to tell Mark after his 70th birthday. In the morning, Bernie’s birthday cake arrives. The family celebrates the day together anyway. At the end of the episode, Mark meets Lewis and Justin at the funeral home. He enlists their help dressing his dad in a dress.


House Husbands Review

House Husbands so frequently changes moods at the top of a hat. While most of this episode was cheerful and funny, the episode got real and dramatic near the end. It was clear something was going to go wrong and it did. How will Mark react to his father’s death? Will he use his father’s love for dresses and his father’s handy work as a way to further his own career? Again, Lewis and Justin had another falling out. Nothing new there.

We also learned that Nick is a gambler, but many questions still remain. Who exactly is Mia? Could it be his sister? The episode was entertaining from beginning to end. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of House Husbands immediately!

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