house husbands season 5 episode 10

House Husbands Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

At the beginning of the 10th episode, Nick rushes outside of the club and finds someone riding away on Izzy’s bike. They speak about Nick’s birthday, before he is given a big kiss. Next, Nick returns home and speaks with Rachel (Jane Allsop) about Atticus and his intelligence. Meanwhile, Justin gets his kids ready, while chatting with his brother. Justin tries to encourage his brother to get out of the house and get moving. Meanwhile, Lewis (Gary Sweet) tries to stir up votes for his campaign. Lewis chats with Izzy, while Mark tries to convince her to vote for Lewis. Miss Looby tells the kids about the upcoming science week. Izzy (Delta Goodrem) runs into Nick and asks him about his fundraising campaign.

house husbands season 5 episode 10

It is clear Nick feels awkward about the kiss. He insists they should discuss it further. He reveals he is in a relationship and is expecting a child. Izzy apologizes and admits she should’ve had more self control. Lewis gets social media lessons from Mark (Rhys Muldoon). He learns about emojis. Justin (Firass Dirani) finds Rafiq (Rahart Adams) sound asleep on the couch. Justin convinces the kids to give him a rude awakening. They do, but Rafiq doesn’t seem to mind. Rafiq learns that Justin intends to stay behind from Kokoda, so he can watch him. Meanwhile, Mark tells Lewis he cannot help, if he doesn’t listen to his advice. Lewis admits he is worried he will not be able to get enough votes. In fact, Abi isn’t even convinced by Lewis yet. Seconds later, Rachel and Izzy surprise Nick. Izzy learns about their relationship, while Rachel reveals Izzy will be Atticus’s tutor. Nick tries to talk the pair out of it, but they refuse.

izzy and lewis house husbands

Mark and Justin hand out coffee, while Lewis tries to collect votes from the locals. He uses his stay-at-home dad status to try and connect with the local women. Things do not go well for Lewis. He calls Gemma (Julia Morris) and tries to convince her to help. She refuses and insists her job at the hospital is far more important. Back at home, Nick consults with Izzy and questions whether or not her tutoring gig is a good idea. She sarcastically flirts with him, but Atticus interrupts. On her way out, Izzy tells Rachel about her bike problem. She admits her ex-boyfriend stole it. Rachel convinces Nick to get involved. Lewis pays a visit to Abi. Lewis does his best to get Abi’s vote. She gives him a few pointers. When Gemma returns home, she discovers that Lewis has swapped to pink campaign flyers. He is also pushing heavy for the female vote.

lewis campaigning

Justin finds his brother helping his kids with their science project. Angie reveals she is creating a solar system. Justin tries to help, but his drawing is ridiculed by Rafiq all the while. Rafiq takes over, while Justin goes hunting for his telescope. Rafiq and Justin speak in private. Justin offers his support to his brother. Abi and Poppy go all out for their science project. They create a rocket, which fails miserably. It doesn’t even leave the launch pad. Poppy doesn’t mind, but Abi seems extremely frustrated by the failure. That night, Lewis and Gemma continue to argue about his color choice. Gemma also complains that Lewis has been ignoring her of late. She refuses to help. Rafiq and the kids looks at the stars with Justin’s telescope. Justin watches their interaction from a distance. Angie spots a shooting star. The next day, Rachel learns that Izzy has had no luck getting her bike back.

house husbands s5 e9 poppy

Again, Rachel pushes Nick into helping Izzy. Meanwhile, Rafiq opens up to Justin and tells him to go to Kokoda. Justin confirms he is staying home to ensure his brother is fine. Rachel praises Nick for helping Izzy. He reminds her that he didn’t have a choice. Nick finally reveals that Izzy has a thing for him. Rachel admits she knows, but she asks Nick whether the feelings are reciprocated. He confesses they are not. Rachel is happy with the answer. Lewis runs into Nick out. Nick tells Lewis about the bike. He also reveals that Kyle (Dan Hamill), the gambling guy, has the bike. Lewis agrees to take Atticus to school, so Nick can sort things out with Rachel. Rachel doesn’t want to hear it. They wind up arguing about self control. Seconds later, Nick pays a visit to Kyle. He is invited inside. Kyle tries to bait Nick into gambling again for the bike.

nick and rachel house husbands

Nick returns to the school and speaks with Izzy. He tries to convince her that Kyle is dangerous. Nick agrees to get the bike back, but he insists Izzy needs to stay away from Kyle. Rachel arrives seconds later and brings Atticus his books. Gemma and Abi throw Lewis a bone and help him gain some traction. He speaks about his wishes for the city. At the school, Rachel speaks with Izzy in private. They speak about Nick. Izzy agrees to respect Rachel’s wishes and avoid moving on Nick. Next, Lewis tells the others about Nick’s dilemma with Kyle and the bike. They all agree to help. Mark gets blueprints of Kyle’s property. Nick comes up with a plan to distract Kyle and avoid the cameras. Nick calls Kyle and agrees to play cards. Lewis tells Gemma he is going training. She doesn’t believe him. She steps outside and scours through the trash, while simultaneously learning that Nick has told Rachel a completely different story.

house husbands scenery season 5

Gemma finds the blueprint for Kyle’s property. Rachel quickly identifies it as Izzy’s ex-boyfriend’s place. Nick arrives outside Kyle’s place and is quickly let inside. Lewis and the others wait outside. Nick tells Kyle about the baby, while Lewis and Justin climb over his wall. Kyle shows off pictures of himself and Izzy, while the guys sneak deeper into his property. The other gamblers arrive, while Lewis makes it into the garage. However, the bike is chained up. Unfortunately, nobody remembered to bring the bolt cutters. Nick excuses himself and prepares to make his escape. Justin tries to use a hammer to break the chain. Mark finds gas nearby and uses it to weaken the chain. With a few whacks, it breaks free. Nick gets trapped in the bathroom. He climbs out the window, as the garage door opens.

kyle and nick house husbands

Mark triggers the car alarm. Izzy rides off on the bike just as Kyle steps outside. She tells him goodbye and speeds off. Lewis returns home with a big smile on his face. Next, the science fair begins. All of the kids show off their creations. Abi and Poppy shoot off their rocket. Rafiq and Angie show off their solar system. At home, Izzy thanks Nick. After Izzy leaves, Nick tells Rachel about his past relationship with Kyle. He confirms he is officially over his gambling. Justin learns that Rafiq is leaving. He admits he applied for some art courses back home. The goodbyes are said, before Rafiq drives away. Justin returns inside and finds one of Rafiq’s drawings on the fridge. It showcases Justin’s family. Lewis finds his campaign coffee van surrounded by locals.


House Husbands Review

The 10th episode of House Husband’s 5th season was great. It solved the problem of Izzy’s attraction to Nick, while developing a friendship between the characters. Lewis also worked diligently to convince the locals he is the right man for the job. It seems he has succeeded with a little help from Gemma and Abi. And finally, Rafiq decided to move past his footy dreams. By spending time with Justin and his kids, it seems Rafiq has learned that family is more important than his career.

The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with our older House Husbands recaps now!

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