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House Husbands Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

During the beginning of the episode, Abi (Natalie Saleeba) gives a speech at the hospital. Her boss, Belinda (Jane Kennedy), learns the truth about Abi’s pregnancy thanks to Dr. Saxon (Akos Armont). However, it doesn’t immediately disqualify her for the promotion. In fact, Gemma (Julia Morris) insists the majority of the people on the board love her. At the school, Miss Looby (Louise Siversen) attempts to coax Lewis (Gary Sweet) into becoming a teacher’s helper.

Natalie Saleeba House Husbands

After a little extra convincing, Lewis agrees to help. When he listens to the kid’s homework, he learns that Stella (Jade Knight) isn’t doing her own homework. Lewis heads to Kane’s (Gyton Grantley) house and ridicules him for doing Stella’s work. Lewis attempts to convince Kane to allow Stella to grow on her own. Back at the hospital, Edith Benson (Julia Blake) is brought in with glass in her eye. Despite Gemma’s concerns, Abi performs the surgery anyway. During the process, it is clear Edith is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. The surgery is a success.

Jade Knight House Husbands

Judge Kummerow (Debra Lawrance) rushes in and asks about her mother, Edith. After she heads off, Abi and Gemma contemplate the possibility of speaking up for Justin. Gemma insists it would be a terrible idea. At the park, Justin (Firass Dirani) is accused of being a child abuser, by Angie (Allegra Volange). It quickly becomes clean that Rodney (Nicholas Coghlan) is placing bad ideas in Angie’s mind. The husbands and wives all get together and learn about Justin’s predicament.

House Husbands Justin

Abi attempts to convince Gemma that speaking to the judge is a good idea. Gemma continues insisting that they cannot tell Justin anything, since it would be against protocols. At the Albert house, Stella announcements she has finished her homework. Kane nearly butts in, but a snarky comment from Eve (Justine Clarke) halts him in his tracks. Rodney attempts to pick up Angie, but Justin tells him she is sick and cannot go. After the confrontation, Justin visits the hospital and tries to speak to the judge. Gemma tells him to leave, before he gets her fired.

Julia Morris

At work, Mark (Rhys Muldoon) prepares for an upcoming business meeting. Rachel (Jane Allsop) insists she has his back. During the meeting, things begin to go against Mark and Rachel quickly turns on him. Mark quits and walks out of the meeting with a big smile on his face. After a call from Mark, Abi discovers Justin crying in the stairwell. She agrees to help him. She logs into the hospital computer with Gemma’s credentials and gives Justin the judge’s address.

House Husbands Rachel and Mark

Justin heads over to her place and is nearly carjacked by Edith, who believes Justin is her husband. The judge comes outside and Justin eventually calms down the situation and helps Edith inside. At the school, Lewis hears Stella’s poem and even Poppy (Lily Jones) likes it! Mark meets up with Lewis and Kane, before breaking the good news. He rushes off, when he is referred to as unemployed. Lewis allows Kane to read Stella’s poem.

House Husbands Judge Kummerow

Justin has a heart to heart with the judge and wins her over. She promises to take it into consideration. He returns to the hospital and thanks Abi for her help. Gemma interrupts and learns about Abi’s deed. Gemma heads into the board meeting and is given the last vote to decide who will get the promotion. That night, Abi and Mark visit Gemma and bring chocolates. Things quickly turn sour, after Gemma admits she voted for Dr. Saxon (Akos Armont).

House Husbands Season 4 Episode 8

Abi leaves angrily. In the morning, Abi refuses to go to work. Mark heads back to work, so he can retrieve a poem written by Poppy. While he is there, he is confronted by Rachel, who eventually agrees to give him his own clients and a 20% raise. Justin and Kane head to the Crabb house and help arrange things. Kane attempts to convince Lewis to become a teacher. Meanwhile, Abi attempts to convince Mark to move to the country. Actually, she forces him to move, since she has already taken a job at the local hospital.

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In the morning, Abi and Mark break the news to the others. The kids perform in the talent show, before Abi and Mark depart. Next, Justin is called into court. During the hearing, Judge Kummerow recuses herself from the case, due to her communications with Justin. That night, Abi and Mark get lost on their way to the new home. They wind up fighting. Mark insists he didn’t propose to Abi, before she abandons him on the side of the road.


House Husbands Review

This episode of House Husbands perfectly setup the future episodes. Justin nearly redeemed himself, but the judge’s actions likely overturned his hard work. Gemma and Abi are at a crossroads. It will likely take something major to bring them back together. It is easy enough to sympathize with both parties.

Finally, the uplifting highlight of the episode was undoubtedly Stella’s poem for Kane. Overall, the episode was great. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with our previous House Husbands recaps now!

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