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House Husbands Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

During the show’s opening, Angie receives her birthday presents. She also receives an appointment notification from the dentist. Justin tracks down Rodney and finds him with Fiona (Alison Bell). Justin makes a fool of himself, without knowing that Fiona works for the court. Justin (Firass Dirani) meets up with the guys at the school. Lewis (Gary Sweet) and Kane (Gyton Grantley) try to coax him into throwing a big bash to impress Fiona.

House Husbands Season 4

Justin refuses to enlist the help of a bouncy house. Kane is pulled aside by Miss Looby (Louise Siversen) and told to move his vehicle. She is angry with him over the wedding arrangements. After she is finished arguing, she leaves. Alex (Darren McMullen) tells Kane they should just give her what she wants. Abi and Gemma speak to Dr. Saxon (Akos Armont) at the hospital. Abi pretends she is still Kane’s surrogate, so she can keep the promotion.

House Husbands Fiona

Saxon butters her up and hails her as a hero, while Gemma is forced to sit back and suck it up. Gemma agrees to keep the secret for a week, until Abi can secure the promotion. Next, Fiona watches Justin with the kids. He winds up giving one of the boys an egg sandwich, which nearly kills him. Justin grabs the EpiPen and saves the day. Once they make it to the hospital and learn that the boy is okay, Lewis and Justin argue over who should take the blame.

Kane and Alex House Husbands

At Kane’s house, Alex and Eve (Justine Clarke) works to prepare the baby’s nursery. In the heat of the moment, Alex invites Eve to move in with them. The pair are absolutely ecstatic over the with idea, but Kane bullies the pair and refuses to go along with it. Back at Justin’s house, Fiona watches over the family. Justin is forced to explain court to Angie. Zac (Riley Webb) barges in and reads Fiona’s notes. Fiona nearly spills the beans about Rodney’s father status. Justin and Fiona argue in private, as Justin begins to spiral into no man’s land.

House Husbands Recap

At the Crabb house, Lewis and Gemma (Julia Morris) prepare for Angie’s birthday bash. Gemma attempts to help, gets up on a step stool and crashes to the floor. She is rushes to the hospital, where Dr. Saxon admits he believes she is suffering from diabetes. Kane rushes in and nearly blows Abi’s cover, before she enlists Kane and Lewis’ help keeping the secret concealed. Lewis and Kane argue over who is to blame for Gemma’s condition.

House Husbands Alex Morena and Kane Albert

Back at the Baney house, Justin discovers that his boys have stolen Fiona’s note. He discovers that she is referring to him as emotionally shut down. Justin takes the information to Lewis and Mark for deciphering. Unfortunately, Mark interprets that the details allude to Justin being a serial killer. Eventually, Mark convinces Justin to try and take Fiona on an emotional trip. A few seconds later, Justin does. Of course, it backfires and Fiona believes Justin is hitting on her. She rushes out and matters only worsen.

Justin Baney House Husbands

The next day at the hospital, Gemma takes her test and the diabetes is confirmed. Kane and Lewis argue in the lobby. Dr. Saxon overhears Kane referring to Gemma’s baby as his. Afterwards, Alex and Kane speak once more about Eve. Alex admits he cannot say no, but Kane insists he should’ve said yes. They pay a visit to Eva and find Miss Looby at her place. Eve and Looby reveal that they’re in a relationship. Afterwards, everyone heads to the Crabb house for Angie’s birthday party.

House Husbands S4.E7

Looby arrives at the party and Kane promises to keep everything a secret. She reveals that Alex rearranged the weeding in her favorite and it ticks off Kane. Rodney arrives and is actually cordial for a change. Fiona arrives with a male colleague. Justin attempts to smooth things over with Fiona. Angie shows him a painting she did with her other dad. The phrase sends Justin on a warpath. Dr. Saxon confronts Abi, but admits Abi is sad for believing he would squeal to the boss to get the promotion.

Gemma and Abi

Justin speaks to Rodney, who admits he told Angie. He insists Angie brought it up and he couldn’t deny it. Justin’s anger only worsen and Fiona is there to witness it all. Kane and Alex over Alex’s inability to say no. The ultimate showdown begins as Kane and Justin enter the bouncy castle. They jump up and down, while arguing about their situations. Eventually, Justin socks Kane in the face. Again, Fiona is there to witness it all.

Super Kane and Justin

Before the episode ends, Justin apologizes to Kane. Justin insists he has already lost the court case, before driving away with the kids. Justin takes Angie and the boys to the park. He explains that Rodney is Angie’s other father, before the group plays football.


House Husbands Review

The 7th episode of House Husbands was a terrible one for Justin. He couldn’t get anything right and it has likely costed him big time. Despite all of the animosity, Kane still managed to forgive Justin for socking him in the face, which is somewhat unrealistic, but whatever. The episode had a few surprises and plenty of laughs. For that, it deserves a 7 out of 10! Be sure to catch up with previous episodes here.

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