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House Husbands Recap Season 4 Episode 6

When the episode begins, Lewis and Gemma prepare to make love, but Lewis has a brain fart and attempts to change the lightbulb in the hallway. He falls and hurts his back. Alex pays a visit to Abi and Mark. He asks Abi promise to propose to Kane. Abi and Mark are thrilled with the idea. Alex returns home and prepares to pop the question. A knock at the door interrupts the pair. Mason (Ben Palma) enters and insists he has something to give to Finn (Ben Crundwell).

House Husbands Alex and Kane

Mason socks Finn in the face and runs off. Kane confronts Mason’s father, Steve (Damien Richardson), at the school. Steve insists that Finn must’ve hit Mason first, as the argument spirals out of control. Miss Looby (Louise Siversen) takes Alex and Kane to the principal’s office and ridicules Kane. She promises to get to the bottom of the bullying. At work, Rachel (Jane Allsop) tells Mark about the company being sold. Joshua Naylor (Jared Daperis) arrives and Mark hands him paperwork. He mistakes Joshua, who happens to be the new owner.

House Husbands Finn

Lewis visits the hospital and speaks to Abi about his sexual problem. She tells him to think about something else. Mark calls and complains about the young new CEO. Next, Alex confronts Steve at the school library. The pair argue over a book, before Kane steps in. The argument gets worse and the pair tussle, before Miss Looby breaks them apart. In the principal’s office, Looby contemplates moving Alex to another school.

House Husbands Jared Daperis

At work, Rachel takes over gives Mark’s presentation, while pretending it is her own. Abi happily visits Kane and Alex. She prods the pair for answers, but only learns about their troubles. Back at work, Rachel is unable to answer a question and Mark steps in. A few minutes later, she brings in a karaoke machine and forces Mark to perform with her. That night, Miss Looby has dinner with Kane, Alex and Abi. Kane attempts to smooth things over with Looby, but his attempt falls flat.

House Husbands Abi

Miss Looby admits she spoke with the other school and the position for Alex is still open, which just makes matter worse. Alex speaks with Abi outside and tells her that he doesn’t plan on proposing anymore. At Lewis’ (Gary Sweet) house, Gemma and Lewis nearly have intercourse, but it is stopped with Lewis begins thinking about Eve’s eggs. In the morning, Abi and Mark speak about Alex’s proposal. She admits she told Lewis about it and both agree that everyone likely knows now.

Mark House Husbands Season 4

Justin drops Angie off at Rodney’s place. He requests that Rodney bring Angie to the boy’s school speech. Rodney insists they have plans and blatantly refuses. Back at Kane’s house, Kane attempts to give Alex confidence that he’ll be able to fix the situation. Lewis asks Mark if he has ever thought about another woman during sex. Mark insists he couldn’t, because Abi would kill him. He also learns about Lewis and his Eve fantasies.

House Husbands Rachel and Mark

Kane attempts to make nice with Steve at the school. Things turn nasty, when Mason kicks Finn’s backpack. This results in Kane and Steve arguing more and Kane setting up a fight between Finn and Mason. At work, Mark and Rachel race up the stairs to see who can deliver coffee to Joshua. Rachel trips, falls and is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Joshua learns that Mark is the mind behind Rachel’s proposal and attempts to convince Mark to throw her under the bus.

House Husbands TV Show Alex

At school, Abi pays a visit to Alex and tells him that Kane was bullied when he was younger. She insists Kane only wants Alex to think he is perfect. Alex admits he already does. She convinces him to propose. All of the characters gather outside, while Alex heads inside to pop the question. Unfortunately, Alex finds Kane training for the fight. Kane learns about the proposal, but happy times are nonexistent. Moments later, they learn that Finn has a girl, Betinna (Sachi Debski), in his room.

Bettina and Finn House Husbands

They discover that Finn stole Mason’s girl, by buying her chocolate milk, which means it is serious! Unfortunately, Bettina breaks up with Finn. Before the big speech, Lewis gives Gemma chocolate milks and smooth things over with her. Mark speaks to Rachel, puts her in her place and agrees to continue working with her in the future. Kane apologizes to Miss Looby and explains the situation. She also reveals that the ring Alex was going to give Kane was her father. She agrees to let him make it up to them, if Kane is willing to do one thing.

house husbands looby

During the speeches, Rodney arrives with Angie. Justin’s boys give a heartfelt speech about their father. Kane takes to the stand, speaks about bullying and admits he needs to stop looking backward. He invites his kids onstage and proposes to Alex in his own way. Alex agrees and everyone celebrates the occasion.


House Husbands Review

This episode of House Husbands was great. It was nice to see Jared Daperis make an appearance. Wentworth‘s Damien Richardson was also a nice addition. The episode was funny, but a little sad. The speech portion at the end was excellent and brought everyone back together. How long will that last? A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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