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House Husbands Recap Season 4 Episode 5

When the episode opens, Kane (Gyton Grantley) visits Gemma (Julia Morris) and provides her with all kinds of healthy foods. He insists it’ll help with the pregnancy. At the school, Justin (Firass Dirani) tells Lewis (Gary Sweet) and the others about the upcoming hearing. He plays it cool and pretends that it won’t be such a big deal. Miss Looby (Louise Siversen) arrives and gives Justin a reference letter. Justin attempts to pressure Lewis into forcing Gemma to deliver a statement, as well.

TV Show House Husbands

Lewis and Justin head to the hospital and discover Dr. Saxon and Frankie chit chatting. Gemma has forgotten all about the affidavit, which she promised Justin. She promises to print it out and rush it over. A young boy is rushed in with burns all over his body. Next, Mark (Rhys Muldoon) meets up with Rachel (Jane Allsop) and attempts to convince her to give him a promotion. He pitches a pasta sauce, but is met with skepticism from Rachel. Afterwards, everyone meets up at the courthouse, while Gemma remains at the hospital.

Season 4 House Husbands

She fights with a printer and gets herself into trouble with the boss, before finally getting the affidavit printed. She also winds up volunteering for a hospital fundraiser. Gemma finally arrives at the courthouse and the hearing begins. The judge grants Rodney (Nicholas Coghlan) one day of custody a week. Gemma is also tasked with monitoring Rodney’s first visitation. Alex (Darren McMullen) and Kane invite Eve (Justine Clarke) over. They break it to her that they’re broke and she does the same.

House Husbands Eve

Mark attempts to convince Abi and Poppy to test his pasta creations. They refuse. That night, Mark discovers a new type of pasta, which uses breadcrumbs. In the morning, Justin packs Angie’s belongings and sends her with Gemma. Justin attempts to coax Gemma into spying and uncovering incrementing information on Rodney. At the school, Kane and Eve agree to cater for the hospital fundraiser. Gemma and Angie arrive at Rodney’s place. The encounter is awkward at first, but gets better with time.

Rodney House Husbands Season 4

At work, Rachel admits Mark’s invention is great and delicious. They plan to take it to the director’s meeting. Meanwhile, Eve and Kane prepare for the fundraiser. They immediately argue over Eve’s choice of fish. At Rodney’s house, Gemma is left alone inside of the home. She gets a call from Kane and is encouraged to search Rodney’s house for nuts. She discovers a pamphlet for a drug rehab, before Rodney catches her in the act. He insists he attends the rehab for his younger brother, who died of an overdose.

House Husbands Season 4 Gemma

Gemma convinces him to keep the incident out of the courtroom. When she returns Angie to Justin, she is hounded for answers, but refuses to bend. Lobby arrives and saves Gemma for further questioning. Mark’s new food creation is put under further scrutiny and he is denied the promotion. At the hospital fundraiser, things turn from bad to worse. Miss Looby nearly chokes to death on Eve’s fish, Kane argues with Gemma and Justin continues prodding Gemma for answers. Gemma questions him about Rodney’s brother.

Louise Siversen

Gemma and Lewis tell Justin about Gemma’s predicament. Justin blames everyone on Lewis. Justin insists they cannot believe Rodney, before he leaves with Miss Looby. Outside, Looby tells Justin that she told the truth in her reference and admits he is a great father. After the fundraiser, Justin takes Angie to Rodney’s and tells him that they’ll deny everything, if he brings it out at the trial. Justin also tells Rodney to keep everything a secret with Angie, until after the trial. Rodney agrees, but insists he will tell Angie, after he wins full custody.

House Husbands Justin

Gemma and Lewis are shown in bed. They prepare for the big moment. The door bell rings and Abi (Natalie Saleeba) arrives with a pregnancy test. Next, we jump to Kane’s house. Gemma enters and announces that she is pregnant. Once they notice that Justin is missing, the house husbands join him outside of Rodney’s, where he insists he will stay all day. Rodney comes outside, but the men refuse to leave.


House Husbands Review

Overall, this episode of House Husbands was very good. It was funny, yet sad at times. Justin’s troubles are far from over and it appears that they’re going to get worse, before they get better. It was nice to see Kane, Alex and Eve finally get what they’ve been clamoring for this entire time. We can only hope everything goes smoothly for Gemma.

The episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with our other House Husbands recaps now!

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