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House Husbands Recap Season 4 Episode 4

When the show opens, we see that Rachel (Jane Allsop) has paid a visit to Lewis (Gary Sweet) and Gemma (Julia Morris). Rachel reveals that her son has transfered schools and she plans on walking to the school with the others. Meanwhile, Mark (Rhys Muldoon) attempts to talk Abi (Natalie Saleeba) out of her decision to become Kane’s surrogate. Everyone gets together at the school and Kane reveals he hasn’t told Stella (Jade Knight) about the baby yet. Rachel arrives and insists her son is gifted and well above the others.

Jane Allsop House Husbands

She also questions about Justin’s new dog. With her information, Justin takes the dog to Rodney (Nicholas Coghlan) and asks whether or not the dog has received its shots. Rodney insists he wants to be a part of Angie’s life. Justin (Firass Dirani) helps Lewis prepare for a dance class and reveals his plan to meet up with Rodney at the park. Abi breaks the news to her boss and Dr. Saxon (Akos Armont). Justin makes an off the cuff comment to Frankie (Danielle Horvat) and gets belittled for his behavior.

House Husbands

Afterwards, Justin, Gemma and Lewis go to pick up the kids. Sam had a horrible day, while Rachel’s son, Atticus (Jagger Serafin), was the best reader in the class and he lets everyone know about it! Rachel reveals she is coming to the parent’s meeting, in hopes of establishing a gifted students program. Miss Looby (Louise Siversen) confronts Kane and tells him to celebrate the occasion and hurry up and tell Stella!

Kane and Gemma House Husbands

Next, Abi and Mark visit the fertility clinic. They learn that Abi is already pregnant and cannot be Kane’s surrogate. At the same time, Kane and Alex explain the situation to Stella and she is super excited. Kane and Gemma visit the kids at the Shuffle and Shine rehearsal. Kane learns about Abi’s pregnancy. The dancing is very provocative for young girls, so Kane puts an end to it and takes everyone home. Back at home, Lewis attempts to teach Sam (Zac Mineo) how to read, but he fails and lashes out angrily.

Abi and Mark House Husbands

Abi has another checkup with the doctor. While there, she learns she has an IUD, which could potentially harm the baby. This puts Mark and her in a terrible predicament. Rodney joins Justin and Angie at the park. Rodney pushes Angie on the swing, while Justin naps on the bench. When he wakes up, Justin discovers Angie gone. Rachel arrives and insists she hasn’t seen Angie. Rodney brings her back moments later with ice cream. During the confusion, Justin’s dog mounts Rachel’s dog.

House Husbands Shuffle and Shine

Next, Lewis joins the parents meeting, where he learns Rachel has all of the parents fired up. Justin arrives and questions them about a dog’s reproductive system. During the meeting, things do not go Lewis’ way. Rachel insults Sam, before Kane tells her off and brings up her dog getting assaulted. When they return home, they discover Eve (Justine Clarke) dancing with all of the girls. She congratulates Abi. Kane discovers that Stella is missing.

Jane Allsop House Husbands

He finds her upstairs working on a welcoming gift for the baby. Kane breaks the unfortunate news to her, while Gemma eavesdrops from a distance. That night, Gemma confronts Lewis and tells him she is thinking about being Kane’s surrogate. In the morning, Lewis continues telling her it is a terrible idea. Everyone groups together at the hospital, before Abi heads into surgery. Lewis gets a call from Frankie, who anxiously tells him that Sam is in the emergency room.

House Husbands Stella

When they arrive, Frankie seems to be getting comfortable with Dr. Saxon. She tells them it was a false flag and Sam is fine. However, they learn Sam isn’t eager to go to school, because the other kids pick on him, due to his poor reading skills. The operation goes smoothly for Abi. Another checkup is scheduled, so they can ensure the baby hasn’t been disturbed. Next, Lewis and Kane join Justin, who plans on getting his dog neutered. At the vet, Kane and Lewis argue a little, before Lewis reveals Gemma considered becoming Kane’s surrogate.

House Husbands Kane and Lewis

Kane leaves and joins Gemma at home. He thanks her for her consideration, before asking if they’ve tried games with Sam. Next, Justin argues with Rodney, who wants more time with Angie. Justin blows him off and drives away. When Lewis returns home, he discovers that Kane has taught Sam how to read several words. Lewis attends the parent’s meeting again and attempts to convince everyone against the gifted and talented program.

Kane and Gemma House Husbands

Lewis successfully convinces the other parents that using the money for extra tutors is wiser. After the session, Lewis has a heart to heart conversation with Gemma. Justin is served with court papers from Rodney. Justin goes to Lewis’ place and smooths things over with Frankie. Unfortunately, he learns that Frankie is set to go on a date with Dr. Saxon. Everyone arrives all at once. Lewis pulls Kane aside.

Kane and Lewis House Husbands

Lewis tells Kane that they’re going to help him out. Afterwards, the kids perform their own Shuffle and Shine show.


House Husbands Review

The fourth episode was definitely a blast. It was funny throughout and had a few bleak moments. It was somewhat predictable that Abi was pregnant and Gemma would become the surrogate, but this didn’t hurt the episode. From here on out, it looks as though things are about to get bad for our House Husbands. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved here! Be sure to catch up with our previous House Husbands recaps now!

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