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House Husbands Recap Season 4 Episode 3

In the beginning of the 3rd episode, Ned (Lincoln Lewis) is brought up at Lewis and Gemma’s home. Despite being Ned’s birthday, he is nowhere to be found. A delivery man, Joel (Toby Truslove) delivers a package to the home, has a heart attack and is saved by Abi (Natalie Saleeba), before he is rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, it is discovered that Joel has a do not resuscitate tattoo on his chest. This lands Abi in a cooker of scalding hot water.

Joel House Husbands TV Series

The pair argue back and forth, as Joel ridicules Abi for saving his life. At the school, Mark (Rhys Muldoon) offers Justin (Firass Dirani) a sponsorship deal with Troppo Smash. The breakfast drink is sure to be a smash, with Justin’s approval. Eve (Justine Clarke) and Alex (Darren McMullen) rush Kane (Gyton Grantley) to the clinic, so they can test the ability of his swimmers. After an anxious wait, Kane’s fears are eased. Unfortunately, he refuses to stop bragging about his power swimmers!

Troppo Smash House Husbands

After his triumph, Alex and Eve quickly pressure Kane into asking Abi to be their surrogate. They rush him to the hospital, but the encounter ends miserably, as Kane only asks for a blender. Abi is also told she is being sued by Joel. Justin visit Rodney (Nicholas Coghlan) and attempts to return a stuffed animal, which he found outside of his house. Rodney insists it isn’t his, before Rodney’s client, Simmo (Henry Hammersla) arrives and argues with Rodney, who owes him a sponsorship. Simmo throws a punch and Justin goes down like a box of rocks.

Rodney and Simmo

Justin and Rodney wake up in Justin’s car. Next, Lewis (Gary Sweet) calls Frankie (Danielle Horvat). She admits she doesn’t know where Ned is since he ran away with another girl. Justin and Rodney arrive at the petting zoo with a dog. He insists he is going to give the dog to Angie. Unfortunately, he stole the dog and forces Justin and rectify his wrong. The pair are forced to wait an hour for the dog’s owner to arrive. Meanwhile, Mark learns about Abi’s predicament. Abi returns to Joel and belittles him for not seeking out treatment. Abi lashes out and is sent out of the room by her superior.

Mark and Abi House Husbands

Alex, Kane and Eve meet with a potential surrogate, Tania (Peta Brady). Unfortunately, she is a wacko and wants to broadcast the entire experience on her website. After she leaves, Eve insists she is out, unless Kane speaks to Abi. Lewis visits Frankie and attempts to offer her assistance, but she refuses. Justin and Rodney meet up with the dog’s owner and have several drinks. Kane pays a visit to Abi and attempts to pop the question. Unfortunately, he leaves with a door in his face and a blender in his hands.

Abi House Husbands TV Series

Abi calls Mark and informs him about Kane wanting her uterus. Mark is interrupted by Rachel (Jane Allsop). Mark pitches his idea of using Justin as the spokesperson for Troppo Smash and she tentatively agrees. Justin and Rodney make fools of themselves at the club and get chased off by bouncers. After the chase, Rodney tells Justin that he’ll leave his family alone. Justin finally arrives for Mark’s meeting. After the potential investors get a whiff, they rush out. Rachel ridicules Mark and insists nobody will pay for a drunkard to be their spokesperson. Next, Lewis and Gemma discover that Sam has a behavioral problem.


House Husbands Rachel

After Sam nearly runs out in front of a vehicle, they speak with Frankie about his problem. The conversation turns into an argument. Meanwhile, Abi receives a text from Joel asking for a cigarette. She complies, visits Joel and learns about his health problems. She attempts to encourage him to seek out assistance. Alex and Kane argue about Kane’s failure to ask Abi. Everyone joins up at Lewis’ house for dinner. Lewis learns about Justin’s short lived relationship with Frankie. Justin and Mark argue over dinner. Eve arrives and asks Abi, if she’ll be their surrogate.

House Husbands TV Show

Abi drops a plate and it smashes to the ground. Sam doesn’t flinch. Gemma notices this and figures out that Sam is having hearing problems. It is determined that he needs tubes in his ears. Outside, Abi apologizes to Kane and insists she cannot be his surrogate mother. Mark and Justin smooth things over, with Justin believing Rodney will leave his family alone. In the morning, Mark and Justin visit Rodney. They help him obtain the sponsorship deal for Simmo. Sam is taken into surgery.

Gyton Grantley

Abi pays another visit to Joel and learns that his kidneys are failing. Despite her attempts, Joel refuses help. Due to the encounter, Abi visits Kane and changes her tune. She agrees to be their surrogate. She returns home and tells Mark, who gets disappointed when he learns that they have to abstain from intercourse for several weeks. Sam gets out of surgery and everything goes well. Gemma and Lewis agree to allow Frankie and Sam to stay at their new place for away. That night, Rodney brings a dog to Justin’s house.

House Husbands Abi

He insists Angie can play with the dog, when she comes to over to visit. The pair argue, Justin takes the dog and shuts the door in Rodney’s face.


House Husbands Review

The third episode was undoubtedly the best one yet. It was filled with drama, hilarity and more drama. Kane’s attempt to overcome his fears was funny, while the Joel character brought a great deal of sadness. Rodney seems to be growing more and more annoying with each episode. Despite the annoyance, he definitely presents a challenge for Justin and the combination makes for great television.

The episodes are improving steadily, as the season carries on. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved here! Be sure to catch up with our previous House Husbands recap now!

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