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House Husbands Recap S4.E9

When the episode begins, Abi (Natalie Saleeba) is hounded by Poppy (Lily Jones), who keeps asking about Mark (Rhys Muldoon). They attempt to drive around and look for him, but he is nowhere to be found. At the school, Lewis (Gary Sweet) receives teaching course paperwork from Kane (Gyton Grantley). Despite the attempts, Lewis continues insisting he isn’t interested. Justin (Firass Dirani) arrives and reveals that the new judge is the one, who previously took away his children.

House Husbands Season 4 Abi Poppy

When Justin and Lewis head to work, they receive a D74 court order, which puts a halt to their operations. Justin immediately blames Rodney (Nicholas Coghlan) for his troubles. Next, Abi arrives at the hospital for her job. Mark is shown hitchhiking down the road. He is picked up by a farmer, Todd (Shane Connor), who he mistakes as a serial killer. Dr. Saxon (Akos Armont) and Gemma (Julia Morris) get off to a great start, without any arguments. Meanwhile, Lewis teaches the children.

House Husbands Season 4 Episode 9

Miss Looby (Louise Siversen) brings in Eve (Justine Clarke) and names her as Lewis’ replacement. Afterwards, Lewis returns home and helps Kane and Lewis prepare for the wedding ceremony. Frankie (Danielle Horvat) comes outside and overhears Justin’s phone call regarding the D74. Kane receives a phone call from Abi, who offers to host the wedding at her new place. Abi is surprised, when a shabby Mark enters with a dead deer. The pair argue at home and Mark admits he thinks their marriage might’ve been a mistake.

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They head inside and Mark complains about his allergic reaction to the country. Abi gives him a bottle of antihistamine, before they continue arguing more. Abi heads back to work and insists it is Mark’s decision whether to stay or go back home. Back at the hospital, Gemma and Saxon have an argument over a young patient, before Kane arrives and tells Gemma to hold off on ordering the wine. He explains Abi’s offer, before attempting to gain more insight into their fight. Although he learns about Gemma’s betrayal, Gemma refuses to explain her reasoning.

House Husbands Eve and Looby

At Kane’s home, Lewis confronts Eve for shoddily grading the children’s homework. Outside, Justin attempts to convince Frankie to call the council for him and ask about the D74. She informs him that she checked online and he simply forgot to pay for his permit. Saxon arrives and destroys their moment. Frankie follows Rodney and speaks to him about Justin and Angie. She attempts to convince Rodney that taking Angie away from Justin completely would be a terrible mistake. Back at the hospital, it is proven that Gemma’s decision was right and Saxon was wrong, but he refuses to admit to his mistake.

House Husbands Danielle Horvat

Lewis speaks with Gemma about the new wedding arrangement. Gemma remains adamant that neither of them will attend the wedding. Abi returns home with a wooden arch and discovers Mark still there. The pair argue and Mark leaves for the city to be with his friends. Lewis calls Kane and tells him to prepare for a night out, before he confronts Looby and tells her to sack Eve. His instincts begin to tell him that everyone is in on a scheme to encourage him to get his teaching degree.

House Husbands Natalie Saleeba

That night, Justin breaks the news to his kids. He tells them that Angie could potentially start spending more time with Rodney. Back at Kane’s house, Mark joins the group and Lewis catches Eve actually helping Stella (Jade Knight) with her homework. Stella spills the beans and admits Eve has only been pretending to be a horrible teacher to coax him into becoming one. Next, Lewis and the boys take Kane to a gay club. Mark brings along his antihistamine. The friendly night out quickly turns into an argument. The group learns that Farmer Todd gave Mark some drug seeds. He rushes to the bathroom to flush them. Much to everyone’s surprise, Rodney arrives.

House Husbands Stella and Eve

Rodney tells Justin about his conversation with Angie. He admits he is beginning to realize that Angie should be able to spend some time with Justin. He offers to give Justin a single day a week, which only makes matters worse. Justin grows angry, before Rodney is escorted away. With Justin’s court hearing the next day, he begins chugging alcoholic beverages. Lewis tells Kane that they need to stop him from making a fool of himself. Kane’s solution? To spike his drink with Mark’s antihistamine.

Gyton Grantley and Gary Sweet

Back at the hospital, Gemma learns more about her young patient. Abi finishes setting up the wedding arch, before Poppy startles her. The pair wind up falling asleep on the couch. In the bathroom at the club, Rodney speaks to Mark and learns about the difficulties of being a father. Mark attempts to convince Rodney to a 50-50 agreement and he finally succumbs to the arrangement. Outside, Kane attempts to convince Justin to drink the spiked scotch. Mark confronts Justin with Rodney’s agreement, but he refuses. Rodney drinks the spiked alcohol, which forces the group to take him home.

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After Rodney is transported home, Lewis and Mark argue other their wives. Mark angrily leaves the group and heads back home. Back at the hospital, Gemma and Saxon discover the young boy’s problem and tell his mother that it can likely be rectified easily. Gemma argues with Saxon, due to his inability to take responsibility for his mistake. He insists she is only guilty about her decision to vote against Abi. Meanwhile, Abi receives a visit from Todd, who wishes to get his seeds back. She manages to run him off.

House Husbands Justine Clarke

Justin returns home and speaks to Frankie. He insists he isn’t going to lose Angie, before he departs. He heads to Rodney’s house and lets himself inside. Meanwhile, Kane drinks himself silly and complains to Eve. She agrees to drive him to Abi’s place, so he can make things right. Mark returns home and officially proposes to Abi. He also insists he is home. On their way to Abi’s place, Eve is forced to swerve to avoid a pedestrian. Their vehicle goes off of the road and slams into a tree.


House Husbands Review

The 9th episode of the 4th season of House Husbands was an excellent prelude to the finale. It pushed our families further and further apart, but also examined their true feelings. It also pushed Justin to the edge and left him with a major decision to make. What exactly will he do at Rodney’s house.

Of course, the biggest surprise was the crash. Will the pair make it out unscathed? One can only cross their fingers and hope for the best. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with our previous House Husbands recaps now!

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