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Hot Girls Wanted Documentary Review

hot girls wanted documentary

Netflix’s Hot Girls Wanted is a documentary, which explores the amateur porn industry. There are many girls in the documentary, including Brooklyn Daniels, Lucy Tyler, Ava Taylor and Ava Kelly. Unless you delve deep into the amateur porn scene, you’ve probably never heard of these girls. I hadn’t, but they seem to believe they’re becoming super stars. Whether or not that is true, these girls definitely seem to making good money, which perhaps tells us more about society than the girls themselves.

Ultimately, the girls are fairly ditzy. Are they dumb? No, not really, but they do seem delusional. The only one who seems dumb in the documentary is the ring leader, Riley Reynolds, who founded Hussie Models and is responsible for introducing the girls to porn. As I watched the documentary, I questioned to myself how so many girls could be fooled by this fool. Are the American educational systems really failing so terribly?

And then, we’re introduced to some of the girl’s parents. This is when the documentary begins to get very serious and downright depressing. Many will feel sorry for the girls and believe that they’re being exploited by people like Reynolds. Perhaps they are, but they are also agreeing to be exploited. Everyone knows exactly what is involved in porn. It is a seedy business and you don’t need to be directly involved to know it. Can it bring you extravagant popularity? Possibly, but almost never. Instead, it only brings shame to you and your family.

Overall, the documentary isn’t anything new, but it is still intriguing and annoying at the same time. Is it worth checking out? Probably, but you shouldn’t expect to be totally blown away. Just don’t be surprised, if you’re not annoyed and angry, when it is all said and done. Then again, we are the ones, who make porn so successful, so perhaps we’re to blame for making the stupid rich?

The Hot Girls Wanted documentary deserves a 6 out of 10.

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