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Home Fires Season 2 Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, soldiers storm the farm as Little Stan (Brian Fletcher) watches on. Steph (Clare Calbraith) is informed that the soldiers have a warrant to search the property. After the intro, Marek (Alexandre Willaume) is seen dropping a note for Pat. Jenny (Jodie Hamblet) visits the exchange and tells Claire and Pat about her new position as a radio operator. Frances (Samantha Bond) and Alison (Fenella Woolgar) speak about the factory. Frances begins to blame herself for all of her troubles. France admits she will be lucky to escape jail. Nick Lucas (Mark Umbers) pays a visit to Sarah (Ruth Gemmell). The runaway soldier remains hid. They speak briefly about the marriage, before Nick tells Sarah about a runaway. She says nothing about seeing the man.

Little Stan home fires season 2 finale

Pat (Claire Rushbrook) visits the cemetery and retrieves Marek’s note. She arrives late as the women discuss their weddings and simultaneously prepare for Teresa’s. Despite the wedding quickly approaching, Teresa (Leanne Best) still seems a little hesitant to go through with it. Spencer (Mike Noble) takes Noah (Oliver Nelson) along for his postal duties. They’re stopped by Joyce (Francesca Annis). Joyce learns about the boy’s relationship with Frances, before telling Spencer that he should do his own work. Steph asks Sarah about using her table cloth for the wedding. She agrees and Steph offers to follow her home to get it. When Pat arrives home, she finds a letter on the floor. She delivers it to Bob (Mark Bazeley). It happens to be the advance for the book. Pat tries every excuse to leave the house, but Bob prevents her from doing so.

Home Fires Nick Lucas

Joyce returns home and scours through Jenny’s notebook. Alison meets with DS Reynolds (Nigel Boyle) and tries to protect Frances and the factory. Reynolds refuses to help. When they arrive at Sarah’s place, Steph spots the soldier in her window. Sarah is forced to tell her the truth. Steph tries to convince her to notify the authorities, but she refuses. Claire (Daisy Badger) and Spencer request time off and force Frances to watch after Noah. Bob requests Pat to read the first few chapters of his book, while he heads to the bank. When he leaves, she quickly does the same. Joyce scours through her old belongings and finds a bunch of children’s toys. Pat tries to find Marek’s note, but it has already disappeared. She leaves one behind. Bob approaches and swipes it. Steph notifies Nick about the soldier staying with Sarah.

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Teresa and Nick hang out, before he receives the notification from Steph. Nick is pulled away, while Teresa speaks with Annie (Jo Herbert). Annie tells Teresa that she should not marry Nick, unless she is positive she can make him happy. Sarah helps the soldier, Stephen Banks (Mark Rowley), flee her home. She sets him up at the church. Nick quickly becomes suspicious and tracks down Sarah. Nick ridicules his friend, before storming inside of the church. Nick insists he wants to help the man and forces him to return to his duties. Meanwhile, Miriam (Claire Price) and Bryn (Daniel Ryan) prepare for a meeting. Miriam speaks to the small crowd about the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Families Association. She becomes distraught and David (Will Attenborough) is forced to take over. Katie (Kate Sanger) seems impressed. Teresa rethinks her future with help from Alison. She admits she is ready to move forward.

miriam home fires finale

Meanwhile, Noah informs Frances he is ready for bed. Joyce arrives at the door, before she can take him upstairs. Joyce tells Frances she knows about Noah and her husband’s affair. She shows her Jenny’s book and also gives Frances some toy soldiers for Noah. Once Joyce leaves, Frances is unable to find Noah. She eventually finds him sleeping on a bed in the bomb shelter. She comforts the boy and holds his hand. While the community prepares for the wedding, Katie speaks with David and tells him she would like to see him again. Laura (Leila Mimmack) speaks with David and tells him that Katie likes him. At the factory, Alison finally tells Frances the truth. Frances ridicules her friend and insists she doesn’t know how she can show her face in public. Bob forces Pat to get ready for the wedding. At this point, the wedding begins. The couple says their vows. Miriam informs her husband that the baby is coming. They’re transported back to Will’s (Ed Stoppard) clinic. Sarah speaks with Steph and promises she is not upset with her for notifying the authorities.

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During the celebrations, Pat finally tells Bob she wants another life. He tries to force his wife to stay, but she breaks free and leaves. Marek waits for Pat to arrive, while the other Czech soldiers prepare to leave. Meanwhile, Jenny tries to reach an aircraft, which isn’t responding. David and Laura watch as the aircraft approaches. Joyce tells Bryn to wait in the other room, since he is disturbing Miriam. David spots the aircraft. It is flying low and seems to be on fire. Bryn opens the curtain and sees the plane approaching. It seemingly crashes directly into the house. Marek leaves with the Czech army. Pat discovers the aircraft. The other townsfolk arrive as the finale ends.


Home Fires Review

The finale of Home Fires’ second season was very dramatic and emotional. While a great deal happened, the finale was unable to wrap everything up into a nifty little package. That is very depressing, since ITV has confirmed the show’s cancellation. Sadly, we will never know what becomes of Bryn, Marek, Pat, and even Bob. There was still so much that could’ve been done with the series. The premature cancellation is definitely an annoyance.

Nonetheless, the finale was good. An 8.5 out of 10 is earned. Sadly, we’ll have to use our imagination from here on out. Check out older recaps of Home Fires now.

  1. Jody Zeillmann says:

    Disappointed in finale. Too many loose ends were left hanging. Did you just cut off the last several episodes? That is what appears happened.

    • ReelMockery says:

      I wish! And sadly, the show has been canceled too. Such a disappointment. This happens frequently with British shows. Home Fires and Indian Summers both could’ve gone on another season or two.

  2. Elissa says:

    Seriously? Why even run a show if it can’t even be finished? I think it’s super manipulative to draw it out if (obviously) it was known it would never be finished. This wasn’t a “finale” at all. Just a bone tossed to an audience with more intelligence than you think. A time filler. I’m pretty disappointed in masterpiece these days.

    • ReelMockery says:

      Blame the British. BBC and ITV do this frequently. Their shows are generally better than American dramas, but end unexpectedly. Definitely feels like a gamble sticking with them.

  3. Ugghh. Just watched the finale. Really? Too many loose ends, and not just the faulty parachutes…

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