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Home Fires S2 E2 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Steph Farrow (Clare Calbraith) is shown chopping wood. She becomes distracted when a group of soldiers march by. After the intro, Pat Simms (Claire Rushbrook) visits her husband in the hospital. When she spots Bob (Mark Bazeley), she hides herself. At this time, emergency sirens begin to ring out. The locals rush towards their bomb shelters. Sarah Collingborne (Ruth Gemmell) finds Frances (Samantha Bond) sitting outside on a bench. Frances refuses to leave, so Sarah joins her. Local women read the newspaper and learn about Laura’s (Leila Mimmack) affair. They quickly turn against her.

Clare Calbraith Home Fires

Moments later, the group is given the all clear. Claire (Daisy Badger) receives training from Jenny (Jodie Hamblet). Claire makes it clear she never intended to steal Spencer (Mike Noble) from Jenny. Jenny makes a rude comment and admits she would rather have a pilot than a postman. Laura rushes home and reads the newspaper article, which includes her name. Will (Ed Stoppard) enters and tries to comfort his daughter. Bryn Brindsley (Daniel Ryan) watches as Stan Farrow (Chris Coghill) steps off the bus and reunites with his wife. Pat finally visits Bob. Pat reluctantly holds his hand. Stan returns home and embraces Little Stan (Brian Fletcher).

brian fletcher home fires

Next, Nick (Mark Umbers) pays a visit to Sarah. Nick attempts to comfort his friend. They agree that beer is always a good solution to their problems. That night, Steph and Stan make up for lost time. Seconds later, Steph finds her husband downstairs loading weapons. It is clear that the war has changed Stan. The funeral is held for Peter. In the middle of the funeral, Joyce Cameron (Francesca Annis) returns to town. Sarah and Frances meet with an attorney about Peter’s will. They learn that Peter signed over 20% of his assets to an undisclosed individual. With his son’s help, Stan goes about turning his farm into a fortress to defend against the Germans. Pat leaves home and speaks with Alison Scotlock (Fenella Woolgar).

Claire Hillman Home Fires

Despite pretending she is heading to the hospital, Pat meets up with Marek (Alexandre Willaume). They speak about Pat’s relationship with her husband. Marek seems to be aware of Bob’s temper and abusive ways. Joyce visits Frances. They speak about Peter and Joyce gives her condolences. Joyce reveals she has moved to a house on the outskirts of town. Will goes into the doctor for his treatment. He learns immediately that the treatment will drain him physically and mentally. Joyce receives dirty glares when she shows up to the local women’s meeting. Joyce attempts to position Pat as president, while Frances is out of the picture. The other women quickly agree. Pat refuses, since she will need to spend so much time caring for Bob.

marek and pat home fires

Joyce is nominated for the position. She is given the position, until Frances returns. Frances and Sarah visit Peter’s factory and scour through his paperwork. Pat visits Bob once again. He complains about his wife not bringing chocolates. Bob admits his situation could be far worse. Laura is confronted by Jenny on the streets. Jenny ridicules her decision to sleep with a married man. Laura makes it clear she doesn’t need Jenny’s advice. Laura enters the butcher’s shop and is belittled by other local women. Miriam sends the others away, before serving Laura. Alison is brought in to help Frances find out the identity of Peter’s beneficiary. Will learns from Erica (Frances Grey) that 8 of his patients have left, due to Laura’s scandal.

Francesca Annis Home Fires

Jenny listens in on another conversation and learns about a job opening. The Brindsley couple receives a gift from Bryn’s mother. Miriam opens the box and finds a bunch of baby clothes. Marek helps Pat prepare her home for Bob’s return. Stan continues preparing his farm for the arrival of the Germans. Steph is unable to get through to her husband. Marek and Pat finally share a kiss. However, Pat prevents it from going any further. Jenny attempts to get a job at the bar. Stan and his son prepare more firearms for the upcoming invasion. Laura helps Teresa (Leanne Best) at the school. Laura tries to convince the girl to ignore the gossip. One of the local women arrives and begins hassling Laura. She admits she wants Laura nowhere near her child.

laura and teresa home fires

Tom (Rob Heaps) arrives and tries to give Laura a drive home. However, she agrees the woman is right and tells Tom he should have nothing to do with her. Alison finds checks written out to the company’s accountant, Helen Lakin, each month. She reveals that the checks were signed personally by Peter. Claire enters seconds later and gives Frances Peter’s belongings. Erica gives Will several prescriptions to sign. He winds up crashing to the ground, due to exhaustion. Frances looks through her husband’s belongings. She discovers a necklace, which Peter intended to give to Helen.


Home Fires Review

The second episode brought the return of Joyce. While Joyce seems sincere, I am still not sure whether or not she can be trusted. Frances’ problems have continued to compound. Her husband has passed away and now she has learned about his infidelity. Who is Helen?

Laura’s scandal has finally entered the court of public opinion. That has not boded well for her or her family. Nonetheless, she still have strong support from her closest friends. That is truly what Home Fires is all about, a close knit community where everyone looks out for everyone else. The episode was good. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Home Fires now.

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