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Home Fires Season 1 Review

Home Fires is a 2015 television drama, which aired on ITV and PBS. The drama follows a group of local Cheshire, as they prepare for the coming war. The series has a wide array of different characters, including the local mailman, Spencer (Mike Noble), and the town doctor, Dr. Will Campbell (Ed Stoppard). During the beginning of the season, we’re introduced to Frances Barden (Samantha Bond) and quickly learn about her heated rivalry with the local Women Institute’s president, Joyce Cameron (Francesca Annis). After a heated meeting, Joyce gives her post and leaves the WI.

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Naturally, Frances quickly secures the spot, but she is required to overcome many obstacles. We also learn about the Brindsley family. Miriam (Claire Price) is a member of the WI. Miriam and her husband, Bryn (Daniel Ryan), argue with their son, David (Will Attenborough) consistently, due to David’s desire to join the war. Despite their attempts, David eventually gets his wish, enlists and departs. A teacher, Teresa Fenchurch (Leanne Best, Ripper Street) joins the women and takes up shelter with Alison Scotlock (Fenella Woolgar). Both women are hiding secrets, which will test their friendship and push both to the brink.

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Dr. Campbell attempts to enlist in the army, but receives terrible news about his health. His daughters, Kate (Rachel Hurd-Wood) and Laura (Leila Mimmack), get into their own troubles. Kate gets married to a soldier, Jack Heaton (Adam Long, Happy Valley). Unfortunately, the marriage is short lived. Laura attempts to follow in her sister’s footsteps, but makes a terrible mistake. She begins sleeping with her superior, Richard Bowers (Philip McGinely). The truth will eventually come out, when Richard’s wife, Charlotte (Elisabeth Hopper) gets involved.

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And, we have Pat Simms (Claire Rushbrook). Pat is a member of the Women’s Institute and is one of the group’s most accomplished members. Unfortunately, her home life is awful, thanks to her abusive husband, Bob (Mark Bazeley). Their tumultuous relationship simmers and explodes several times throughout the first season. We also have the Farrow family. The farming family consists of Steph (Clare Calbraith), Little Stan (Brian Fletcher) and Stanley (Chris Coghill). Steph and Stanley attempt to stay out of the way and mind their own business, but that all changes, when Stanley is drafted and forced to enter the war.

Home Fires Stan and Isobel

Home Fires Review

I could go on and on, but I will leave the mystery a mystery. So, how good is the Home Fires TV show? As a fan of British dramas, I absolutely loved it. The series is somewhat cheesy in areas, but that just adds more charm to the arrangement. The acting is absolutely fantastic. Never once during the first season did I feel the urge to winch or roll my eyes. The writing is fantastic and each episode perfectly follows suit.

It is incredibly easy to sympathize with each and everyone of the characters, aside from Bob. Despite their mistakes, they’re all human and their struggles feel real. Home Fires definitely sets a bleak mood, but there are some laughable moments here and there. Although the show is somewhat of a war drama, it is immensely unique. Of course, the finale and the few final scenes are incredibly exciting. After seeing those few seconds, the second season cannot get her soon enough.

All in all, the series is great! If you like British dramas or bleak war tales, this is one that cannot be ignored! The first season deserves an 8 out of 10.

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