Hiding Review Episode 3

Olivia DeJonge

It seems the Swift family is adjusting to their new lives, as Lincoln (James Stewart) has started earning money at work and Tara (Olivia DeJonge) has taken a liking to the school’s drama club. Of course, Mitchell (Lincoln Younes) doesn’t want to go back, but Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson) solves that problem with a little water. Tara attempts to take the phone back and trade it for a different color, but ends up running out of the store, where she smashes the phone on the ground. Lincoln attempts to convince Rebecca that the police are still going to arrest Nils Vandenberg (Marcus Graham).

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A flashback and interview with Detective John Pinder (Stephen Curry) shows Lincoln transporting Nils to warehouse full of ornamental Japanese cat figurines, which he plans on using to ship drugs. Lincoln insists he has a picture of Nils holding one of the figures on his old phone, but Pinder is upset about Lincoln lying to him. Pinder knows about Lincoln’s lie regarding Garrett Toop. Meanwhile, Tara heads to school and Googles her father’s name and finds out about the gossip surrounding his disappearance. Lincoln is confronted by his follow teachers, but plays it off, before breaking into another teacher’s office and accessing his computer. While there, he checks out the news report on Garrett Toop and finds out about his disappearance.

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Lincoln gets caught by Ferdine Lamay (Jacqueline McKenzie), who questions about Isaac’s (Mitchell Butel) whereabouts. Isaac enters and Lincoln questions him about the criminal study on his desk. Afterwards, Lincoln attends Isaac’s presentation regarding criminality being passed from parents to kids. Tara attempts to audition for the drama group, but is ridiculed by the other kids, including Dante (Alex Beauman) and Elicia. Meanwhile, Mitchell has found a group of new friends, particularly, Garys (Jon Prasida). Pinder finds out about Rebecca’s crash and isn’t happy about it.

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Rebecca prevents a burglar from entering her home. The man isn’t a thieve and asks about Pinder, before finding and drinking some alcohol. Rebecca finally learns the man’s true identity, Warwick Darmody (Kim Gyngell). He winds up kicking her out of his house, before we return back to the school. Tara is asked to sit with the drama kids, while Lincoln meets up with the judge. Lincoln only makes the situation worse, after threatening the judge. Tara is grilled about her father, before she attacks and beats up Dante. Mitchell is alerted to the fight and breaks it up.

Lincoln Younes
Lincoln returns back home and discovers Warwick. Meanwhile, Garys congratulates Tara and admits he hates Dante and Elicia (Mitzi Ruhlmann). Darmody tells Lincoln that Pinder isn’t what he is cracked up to be. Kosta Krilich (Nathan Page) speaks to his mother, who insists she always worries about Marie. Pinder and Lincoln debate Darmody. Pinder finally admits he moved the family into his friend’s house and offers to take them to the official place, where everyone will know their location. Rebecca agrees to care for Darmody, until Nils is brought down, before she learns the truth.

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The pair head to the school to pick up the kids, only to discover that they’re already gone. Tara and Mitch discuss Bobby, before they make it back home. During dinner, Lincoln questions Tara about the phone, but she ignores him. After a rough night, Warwick is introduced to the family in the morning. Afterwards, Lincoln finally tells Pinder the truth about Garrett Toop (Thomas Unger). Still, Lincoln continues to protect Kosta, but Pinder reveals Kosta paid for the prison hit on Lincoln.

Before he can enter the university, Lincoln receives a call regarding Tara’s fight. Lincoln’s solution is to force Tara to apologize, but she calls him a hypocrite and storms out. Outside, she confronts Lincoln about stealing the phone and insists she knows exactly who he is. Tara finds Dante in the bathroom and apologizes on her own terms, before insisting her father is a gangster. She uses his status to intimidate Dante. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Warwick rock out at home. Back at the school, Dante admits he started the fight, which gets Tara off free.

At home, Lincoln speaks to Rebecca and insists Tara is following in his criminal footsteps.

The episode started off a little slow, but picked up pretty quickly halfway through. After Tara’s fight, Mitch’s new friendship and the introduction of the incompetent Warwick, things got much better. A big revelation regarding Kosta potentially putting the hit on Lincoln was interesting, but it is difficult to take anything Pinder says serious. Who knows? Still, the episode was decent and worth a 7 out of 10.

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