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At the beginning of the episode, Lincoln (James Stewart) is shown working at the university. Isaac Ulrich (Mitchell Butel) interrupts and speaks about Lincoln’s background. The pair talk about post traumatic stress syndrome, but Isaac changes the subject. One of the top students, Harriet (Cariba Heine), enters, before Lincoln storms out and reads the new information regarding deception. Mitchell (Lincoln Younes) calls his girlfriend, Kelly (Jenna Kratzel), who asks about his location. He insists he is going to return, as soon as he gets the chance. She shuts him down and dumps him.

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Meanwhile, Tara (Olivia DeJonge) brings Elicia (Mitzi Ruhlmann) home. Mitchell returns the phone to Elicia, while Tara attempts to convince her mother to allow her to stay the night with Elicia. Lincoln continues digesting the information about deception. Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson) enters and learns about his studies. They contemplate Tara bringing a friend home. At the hospital, Kosta Krilich (Nathan Page) receives a message, before placing a call to Danny Stolz (Anthony Gee) and giving him a phone number.

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John Pinder (Stephen Curry) speaks to Lincoln about Danny. He shows Lincoln a note left by Danny, who is still in the area somewhere. Pinder insists speaking about some of Lincoln’s old comrades, but his phone alerts him about the tutorial and forces him to rush out. During the tutorial, Lincoln is practically ignored, before he screams at everyone. Finally, Lincoln speaks about lies and parents lying to their kids. Meanwhile, Rebecca searches the Internet for Brianna Novak (Airlie Dodds). She receives a call from Ash Adamo (Ryan Johnson), who insists he is calling the police about Troy.

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Lincoln continues speaking about liars, before Rebecca meets up with Ash, who tells her about Lincoln beating him up. At the university, things begin to go sour and Lincoln starts to lose control. He heads outside for a smoke and runs into Harriet, who he sent out earlier. He sees a girl, who he recognizes. Harriet explains the girl is Xan (Alice Xiao), as things get crazy and she runs away. Harriet chases after her, while Lincoln returns to the tutorial. Meanwhile, Ash tells Rebecca about Lincoln’s abuse. Rebecca tells Ash about her first baby at 16. She tells him that Brianna was her girl, but they gave her up for adoption. She explains Brianna made contact with her mother.

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Ash threatens to call the police, before Mitch questions Tara about Elicia’s scheme to get fake IDs. Ulrich returns and ridicules Lincoln for his performance. Lincoln ignores the criticism and asks for Harriet’s phone number. Elicia pretends to be her mother and calls Rebecca, in getting permission for Tara to stay the night. She receives a message from Danny on the dating app and questions, if he can get them into a club. Lincoln meets up with Harriet and asks about her friend. She explains that Xan is a sex worker and gives up her work location.

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Mitchell speaks to Garys (Jon Prasida). Garys reveals he knows all about his family’s past and jokes with Mitchell about giving him oral pleasure to keep his secret. At home, Lincoln speaks to Rebecca, who is stoned. She questions Lincoln about Ash. She reveals their relationship, as the pair begin to argue. Rebecca tells Lincoln about calling home and learning about Kosta’s baby. She also tells Lincoln about Brianna calling her mother. Lincoln storms off, before he is confronted Ferdine Lamay (Jacqueline McKenzie) at the university. She ridicules him about the tutorial. Ferdine insists she is doing Pinder a favor, before she reveals she is his ex-wife.

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Mitch, Garys, Elicia and Tara attempt to get into the club. The girls get in, but Mitch and Garys are left out in the cold. Meanwhile, Lincoln goes hunting for Xan. Elicia and Tara party it up, while Danny stalks them. He gives them shots, as the dancing continues. Lincoln returns home and makes love to Rebecca. Mitchell sits outside and soaks in his own sorrow. Elicia is left alone with Danny. Rebecca receives a call from Tara, who tells her she is sick, before throwing up. Rebecca and Lincoln prepare to go to Elicia’s house to pick her up. They receive another call form Tara, who tells them her location. Danny interrupts and learns that Tara is speaking to her dad.

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Meanwhile, Tara attempts to wake up Elicia, while Danny questions about her dad. Lincoln and Rebecca head towards the harbor. Tara calls back, but is unable to provide them with an address. Danny questions Tara about where she grew up. Rebecca and Lincoln find the party and receive a message from Tara that she is coming down. While they wait, Lincoln and Rebecca speak about Brianna. Lincoln suggests it might be a trap, but Rebecca believes otherwise. Lincoln finally tells her that Kosta got him stabbed. She gets angry and runs from the vehicle.

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Rebecca says she doesn’t care, if it is a trap. She wants to see Brianna anyway. They prepare to find Tara, after a failed phone call. Lincoln heads inside alone. Tara wakes up Elicia and forces her to get up. When Lincoln enters, Tara distracts Danny and locks him outside, while they make their escape. Lincoln leaves, without ever noticing Danny Stolz. Tara is punished for her actions, while Elicia throws up everywhere outside of the car. When the girls head inside of the gas station, Lincoln gets a gun pulled on him. He is forced to drive the car, by Danny. The girls exit the store and witness the car driving away.

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Another solid episode of Hiding, which put Lincoln in enormous danger. First, it was Mitchell, who caused trouble. Now, it is Tara, who put Lincoln at gunpoint. Without a doubt, this was the best cliff hanger of the first season thus far. I am definitely eager to watch the next! For that, a 7 out of 10 is deserved.

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