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The episode begins with a flashback of Lincoln blowing up a car, before playing it cool and getting out of trouble, when the cops arrive. As it turns out, he is telling his criminal exploits to Jacq Maccelstone (Zindzi Okenyo). She asks Lincoln, if he could run her tutorial, since she has run into a scheduling complication. Once he is offered extra pay, he immediately becomes excited. Afterwards, he speaks to Ferdine Lamay (Jacqueline McKenzie), who insists Lincoln has to stop harassing Isaac. Lincoln insists he’ll straighten things out and requests her not to tell Pinder, who enters and interrupts. Pinder (Stephen Curry) tells Lincoln his attacker, Danny Stolz (Anthony Gee), has escaped prison.

Jacq Hiding

Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson) calls and questions Pinder about the judge, who called again. When Lincoln returns home, he finds a happy Warwick (Kim Gyngell), before speaking to Rebecca, who questions him about seeing Kosta. He insists they didn’t have much time to chat. Next, we see Kosta Krilich (Nathan Page), with a nasty black eye. He is approached by Nils Vandenberg (Marcus Graham), who asks about the black eye. Kosta tells Nils he is taking steps to dealing with Lincoln. Nils leaves, after threatening Kosta.

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Meanwhile, Rebecca hangs out with Warwick and celebrates Tara’s real birthday. In the morning, Lincoln finally gives Tara a real cellphone and even manages to get one for Mitch. The happy family watch a news report regarding Stolz and his escape. Tara (Olivia DeJonge) questions, if Lincoln knows him, but he denies it. Lincoln collects the trashcan outside and freaks out, before scaring a vehicle away. With that, Lincoln takes the kids to school, before nearly running over Dante (Alex Beauman). Rebecca gets a call from Denallo (Alan Flower) and learns that they’re not going to be able to help with the crash.

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Denallo requests the address to the house, which gives Rebecca concern. She takes Warwick back to the old folk’s home and attempts to get him reenrolled. Warwick has an outburst and alerts everyone to Marie’s real name and her stint in witness protection. Meanwhile, Lincoln receives help with his presentation from Ferdine. Next, Ash Adamo (Ryan Johnson) gets a visit from Rebecca and insists Claire (Georgia Adamson) give her a job. Claire insists they’re are no jobs, since they’re being slashed across the board.

Ferdine Lamay Hiding

Meanwhile, Mitchell (Lincoln Younes) encounters Garys, before Olivia shows up and attempts to get help with her phone. Mitch discovers she has a dating app, Ran Tan, on her phone. Elicia (Mitzi Ruhlmann) arrives and jokes that Mitch and Garys have gotten married. Ash finds Rebecca outside and offers to help, before the pair head for lunch. Ash questions about Lincoln’s trouble, but Rebecca says they’ve split.

Kosta and Nils

Lincoln prepares to meet Rebecca, before he notices he is being watched. On the way back home, Rebecca notices Lincoln’s worry and grills him. After he drops her off, he returns to the university and speaks to Pinder about his suspicions. He learns about Stolz’s head gear. Lincoln insists he’ll find Stolz first, before he gives Pinder a list of Kosta’s connections. The pair speak about Rebecca’s knowledge of Kosta’s attempt to kill her husband. Afterwards, the family has dinner together and Tara insists Mitch should correct things with Garys.

Warwick Hiding

Rebecca returns to Ash and questions, if he followed her yesterday, before she apologizes. Ash invites her over to his house for dinner. Meanwhile, Lincoln prepares to cook dinner, but he finds out that Rebecca is heading out. Tara and Lincoln speak about Lincoln attempting to go straight, but he denies ever being crooked. Rebecca arrives at Ash’s place and is invited in. Rebecca insists she needs a favor. Back at home, the kids grill Lincoln about their mother. Lincoln freaks out an attacks Mitch, before they fight. Rebecca approaches Justice Irvin Blake (Huw Higginson) and pays him the money.

Irvin grows angry, when he finds out it isn’t enough money. He also speaks about Lincoln. Eventually, Rebecca blows up at him and rushes out. Lincoln calls Rebecca, but doesn’t get an answer. Afterwards, he takes the anxiety test. Rebecca returns and wakes him up. In the morning, Warwick drives Lincoln out. The pair steal Irvin’s car and Lincoln finds the money inside. Warwick finally admits he is a police officer, but Lincoln doesn’t believe it. They agree the judge deserves it and Lincoln sets the car on fire.

Next, Rebecca finds Lincoln’s anxiety test, in which he answered the highest level of anxiety to each question. Ash pays a visit to Rebecca. Of course, she freaks out and sends him away. Warwick and Lincoln celebrate with a drink. Warwick admits he used to be a cop, before he stopped. Lincoln spots Ash and follows him. He catches him outside and beats him up. Lincoln takes him to a secluded location and questions Ash about following him. Lincoln attempts to find out, whether it was Nils or Kosta, who sent him.

Ash admits he likes Marie and just wanted to make sure she was okay. He admits he worked with Marie in the Gold Coast. Once Lincoln realizes the situation, he seems thrilled. When he learns that Ash slept with Marie once, he gets angry. Kosta is shown speaking to Stolz, before Lincoln returns home, where Rebecca tells him not to be anxious.


This was another solid episode of Hiding. The story telling was excellent with the two car explosions and Warwick revealing a little information about himself. The show is making it extremely difficult to trust anyone, at this point. Denallo definitely seems shady, but Ash is likely gone for no reason. A good episode with several excellent moments. For that, it deserves an 8 out of 10.

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