Hiding Finale Recap

Actor Nathan Page

When the episode opens, Nils pays a visit to Kosta (Nathan Page). Nils immediately ridicules Kosta for using Danny Stolz. He insists Kosta has messed up big time, by exposing the business. Dimity interrupts and halts the conversation. In his sleep, Lincoln (James Stewart) imagines he sees a templar and Nils gunning him down, before he wakes up. At the station, Pinder is questioned about the car accident, before Denallo enters. Pinder insists the investigation is ongoing.

Templar Hiding

Rebecca is shown zoning out and remembering the phone call with Brianna. Lincoln reminisces about his old life and Pinder telling him about the women. Pinder comes knocking and Warwick answers the door. Lincoln tries to convince Pinder to give him time alone in the hospital with Stolz, so he can finish the job. Pinder explains that he is under a lot of pressure to shut down the operation and set Lincoln and his family free. Pinder apologizes, before Lincoln tells him to stay quiet to Rebecca.

John Pinder

Lincoln returns home and attempts to retrieve the gun, but finds that it is missing. Rebecca interrupts and is questioned about the gun. He insists he hid it in the ceiling, but Rebecca seems oblivious to its whereabouts. He tells her about their predicament. They contemplate their next move. As Lincoln insists it is time to pack up and run, Rebecca exits. Lincoln speaks to Warwick, who insists he hid the gun, but can’t remember where it is. Meanwhile, Elicia and Mitchell (Lincoln Younes) make out on the beach.

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Tara (Olivia DeJonge) is stopped by Garys. She learns about Mitchell and Elicia. Lincoln pays a visit to Ferdine, who reveals that Isaac complained about Lincoln’s performance. Lincoln asks for a place to stay, until he can find another one. Kosta is shown working on his mother’s pool. When he steps inside, he finds a number for Brianna Novak. Lincoln returns home and searches for Rebecca, but Warwick insists she might’ve found someone. He heads outback and speaks to Mitchell, who got a new surfboard. Mitchell speaks about second chances and Lincoln is unable to confirm whether or not they’re moving again.

Olivia DeJonge Actress

With Mitchell’s information, Lincoln is able to track down Rebecca, who tells him about Brianna. Rebecca seems hopeless about getting Brianna’s phone number. That night, the family goes about their regular business. Pinder receives a call from Lincoln, who asks him for assistance getting Brianna’s phone number. Pinder agrees to help, before Rebecca enters and lays down with Lincoln. Later that night, the pair receive Brianna’s phone number.

Marcus Graham

Ferdine shows Lincoln a way to overcome the Isaac problem, before they sit down with him. Rebecca places a call to Brianna. Meanwhile, Isaac complains to Fedrine about Lincoln. Lincoln tells about his trauma resistance paper, before he sees something and rushes off. He contacts Pinder and insists he knows where Toop his. They meet up and he tells Pinder that Toop is in Kosta’s concrete. Lincoln questions Pinder about Ferdine being his ex-wife, but he refuses to answers. Lincoln pleads with Pinder to dig up Kosta’s pavers, before they separate.

Actor Mitchell Butel

Lincoln tells Rebecca they need to leave and head to Fedrine’s home. Rebecca insists she is going to meet her daughter, but Lincoln suggests it is a trap. She tells him they’re meeting on Friday, at the university. Rebecca sits the other kids down and tells them about their sister. Mitchell insists he knew and heard them speaking about it, but Tara throws a tantrum. They both insist they don’t want to meet her on Friday. Kosta meets with the detective and asks about Stolz, before giving her Brianna’s phone number. He is informed about a potential raid.

Airlie Dodds

As the family prepare to meet Brianna, Lincoln and Tara insists on bringing Warwick. Lincoln tells them about Brianna’s birth and speaks to them about family. He convinces them to go and leave Warwick behind. When Lincoln approaches Warwick, he is dressed up in a suit and holding onto one of his daughter’s belongings. Pinder receives a call from Denallo, who tells them there is nothing at the house, including Kosta, who has gone into hiding.

Actor Kim Gyngell

Brianna is shown walking home and running into Kosta, who introduces himself, as her uncle. Warwick joins the family, as they prepare to meet with Brianna. The group makes it to the university, but Lincoln begins freaking out. Pinder attempts to get ahold of Lincoln, but cannot. Brianna enters the picture, with her dog. Everyone is introduced to Brianna, while a car begins approaching. Nils and Kosta are shown in the vehicle, while Mitchell and Tara play with the dog. Rebecca’s mom attempts to call, but she cannot get through.

Lincoln begins reliving his dream, as he sees one of the templars. Warwick departs the family, as Kosta and Nils continue contemplating their options. Tara answers the phone and the family learns about Kosta. Pinder arrives at the university, while Kosta and Nils get out of the vehicle. Isaac approaches Lincoln in the templar gear, before Pinder arrives in his car. Rebecca shoots Nils, before he can fire at Lincoln. Kosta puts the gun away and runs for it.


All in all, a good ending with a lot of funny and intense moments. The finale certainly built up plenty of intensity and a solid cliffhanger to justify a second season. I generally enjoyed the show, although it was slow and unrealistic at times. This certainly isn’t one of the best Australian television shows out there, but I’d watch a second season. The finale deserves a 7 out of 10.

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