Hiding Episode 7 Recap

John Pinder Hiding

The episode begins with John Pinder (Stephen Curry) receiving a wakeup call from Rebecca (Kate Jenkinson), who informs him about Lincoln’s predicament. During the chaos, Rebecca receives a call from her other daughter, Brianna Novak (Airlie Dodds). The call is abruptly ended, due to the confusion of the situation. In the car, Danny Stolz (Anthony Gee) demands Lincoln’s phone. He tells Lincoln how they tracked Elicia’s (Mitzi Ruhlmann) phone to find him. He tosses Lincoln’s phone out of the window. Pinder makes contact with Denallo (Alan Flower) for backup. Denallo is forced to end his homoerotic encounter to meet up with Rebecca.

Brianna Novak Hiding

Meanwhile, Rebecca calls Mitchell, but gets no answer. Tara (Olivia DeJonge) questions her mother about Elicia and her knowledge of the family. Danny and Lincoln argue over who is ratting. Lincoln insists he told the cops that Danny was a pedophile. He attempts to convince Danny that Kosta tried to kill him and Kosta will come after him too. Danny speaks about the girls, but Lincoln seems oblivious to them. Denallo arrives, but the family is already gone. Pinder gives him an address, so they can meet up.

Danny Stolz Hiding AUS

Kosta Krilich (Nathan Page) receives a call from Danny confirming his success. Lincoln asks Kosta about Jackson. Lincoln rams the car into a telephone pole, before Mitchell (Lincoln Younes) wakes up at home. He is startled by Warwick Darmody (Kim Gyngell). The pair hear noises and begin searching the home, before Pinder arrives. Pinder informs them about Lincoln and insists Rebecca is on the way. Rebecca and the girls arrive at home.

Kosta Krilich Hiding

The kids make a bed for Elicia, before the car is shown. Danny has been thrown through the windshield, while Lincoln is slumped over the steering wheel. Lincoln discovers he is bleeding from the shoulder, before he goes for the gun. Pair end up fighting for the gun. Lincoln knocks Danny out, before a bystander arrives to help. Lincoln pulls the gun and runs for it. Back at home, Pinder speaks to Rebecca and attempts to learn more information.

Hiding Car Crash

Pinder insists on getting rid of the phones. He receives a call from Denallo, who hasn’t found anything. Warwick enters and tells Rebecca to follow Pinder’s advice. He confirms he used to be Pinder’s boss, before he retired. Rebecca refuses to give up the phone, so Brianna will be able to contact her again. Meanwhile, Tara freaks out in the bathroom, while blaming herself. Mitchell tells Elicia to keep quiet about the phone, before Tara emerges. Mitchell tells Elicia the truth about witness protection and suggests Lincoln is likely already dead, by now.

Actress Olivia DeJonge

Tara joins the others and continues to plead her innocence, before she tells them about Danny. Warwick gives the phones to Denallo and demands he get rid of them. Pinder questions Tara, before Rebecca sends Tara to bed and insists it isn’t her fault. Pinder seems impressed that someone finally owned up to something, before they chat about kids. Rebecca receives a phone call from Elicia’s mother, Julianne Felton (Alyson Standen). She offers to come and get Elicia, but Rebecca convinces her otherwise. They speak about speech night at the school, before the call ends.

Australian Television

Meanwhile, Lincoln is shown walking down the street. He cleans the gun, before throwing it over a fence. He passes out in the grass. Denallo startles the family in the morning and confirms they’ve found the car and Danny. The detectives leave. Denallo confirms there was one fatality. Pinder insists there must be a leak, before Denallo quickly defends himself. Lincoln arrives in a service truck. He is hauled inside, where he tells them to get rid of the phones. Warwick confirms they all have, except for Rebecca. Lincoln insists Pinder will be able to find Brianna, before Rebecca gives up her phone.

Lincoln Swift Hiding

Lincoln confirms it was Danny and insists they did a little sightseeing. They contemplate sending Lincoln to the hospital, while Elicia speaks to Mitchell. He refuses to go down and instead cries in his room alone. Warwick prepares some medication for Lincoln, while Rebecca questions him about finding a doctor. They finally discover Lincoln’s gunshot wound to the shoulder. Rebecca calls Ash Adamo (Ryan Johnson) and asks for assistance. Ash arrives and they work to remove the bullet.

Ash Adamo Hiding

Once the bullet is remove, Rebecca chats with Ash on the way out. He insists Rebecca needs to get away from gangsters and offers her a place to stay. She refuses. During his stupor, Lincoln and Pinder head to the brothel, where Isaac (Mitchell Butel) shows up as a post-op transgender. He encounters a whole host of people, before he finally wakes up. He tells Pinder about his encounter with Garrett Toop (Thomas Unger) and Kosta. He explains the situation with Xan (Alica Xiao) and Kosta killing Toop. They wind up driving away, with Xan.

Warwick Hiding

Lincoln explains where they took Xan and insists he didn’t go back to Toop’s house. He is adamant that Toop was alive, when he left. Lincoln tells Pinder about Danny’s words about the girls. Pinder confirms they’re trafficking women. He reveals that Nils Vandenberg (Marcus Graham) and Kosta are the connections to the syndicate. He also suggests Toop was attempting to help Xan escape, since he fell for her. Lincoln insists he knew nothing about it and only dealt with the drugs.

Olivia DeJonge Australian Actress

Rebecca enters and interrupts the conversation. That night, the family decides to attend Speech Night at the school. Pinder and Denallo watch the family, while Lincoln steps outside to use the bathroom. Instead, he makes a phone call in the hallway. He calls Kosta and tells him about the girls. Kosta insists they were in on it together the entire time. Lincoln threatens that he is coming for him, before they hang up. Lincoln returns to witness Tara’s performance.

Hiding Tara and Elicia


With only one episode remaining, this one was excellent and the perfect blend of action, humor and emotion. Isaac’s appearance in Lincoln’s dream sequence was hilarious, while the family’s initial terror felt genuine. Finally, the episode topped it all off with an emotional performance at the end. A good episode, which deserves an 8 out of 10.

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