Hart of Dixie: Kablang Review

In the premiere of Hart of Dixie, Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) is pleased that Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel) has decided to stay in Bluebell. Meanwhile, the town attempts to get their very own fire department. Meanwhile, Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams) battles George Tucker (Scott Porter) for Lemons love.

When the show opens, Zoe receives a visit from Wade. Zoe invites Wade to watch Robocop, but he passes. Afterwards, George and Lavon bring their problems to Wade. Both express their feeling for Lemon, but Wade insists it isn’t worth fighting over. Meanwhile Tom (Ross Philips) pulls together the community in hopes of acquiring funding for the Bluebell fire department. All of the potential candidates appear under qualified. Lavon and George get paired up together.

Meanwhile, Zoe sings a Johnny Cash song outside of Wade’s house. Meatball (Matt Lowe) emerges from the house, which puts a damper on Zoe’s hopes. Wade confronts Zoe and jokes about her love for Meatball, but Zoe insists she will win Wade back. Dr. Brick (Tim Matheson) speaks with patients and is set up on a date with Thelma. Meanwhile, the potential fire fighters are all awful. Zoe arrives and attempts to get advice from Lavon and George, but they insist she offer Wade sex.

Zoe goes for a swim at Wade’s house and attempts to use her body to win him over. Brick speaks with his mother, Bettie (Maree Cheatham), about his future, before he receives a visitor, who happens to be his former fiancee, Shelby (Laura Bell Bundy). Next, Zoe returns to Wade’s house again and attempts to seduce Wade. Although he proceeds, he insists sex isn’t going to lead to anything. When they awake in the morning, Wade stands by his previous statement and refuses to move their relationship further.

Lavon and George continue to struggle as firefighters. Zoe speaks with Brick and tells him about the sex. Bettie interrupts and tells her that she is only confusing herself and he either loves her or not. Next, Crickett (Brandi Burkhardt) speaks about her sexuality. Tom attempts to bring Lavon and George to their sense, before the pair argue over who Lemon (Jaime King) will choose, when she returns.

Next, Lemon returns, with a new boyfriend, Dr. Henry Dalton (Ian Anthony Dale). This is definitely going to be a blow to Lavon and George. Zoe confronts Wade and confesses her love and he does the same. Wade has doubts, due to their past troubles. Finally, the Bluebell Fire Department is operating like a well oiled machine. The friendship between Lavon and George has been restored. Zoe confronts Wade again. This time, Wade seems interested in a relationship, but Zoe blows him off.

Meanwhile at the bar, Dr. Henry shows off, while Lavon and George react with disgust. Shelby and Brick share a chat, in which Shelby insists they belong together. Brick attempts to buy time until his mother leaves, but agrees to a date that night. Afterwards, Crickett receives a letter containing a list of her potential love candidates. Earl works to get Wade and Zoe back together, by arranging a romantic dinner for them. Zoe runs out, before the dinner can end.

Next, Lavon and George discover all of Henry’s stories are true. Shelby agrees to keep her relationship with Brick a secret. Wade confides in Earl that he is afraid to get hurt. Again, Lavon and George argue, which put the fire department at risk. The fire inspector insists they should try again next year. Jaysene (Eric Piccininni) invites Crickett to dinner. Wade pays a visit to Zoe and invites her out to dinner. He apologizes for waiting so long and admits he wants to give it a try, but Zoe says it is simply too late, before slamming the door in his face.

Annabeth confronts Lemon about her being pregnant, but Lemon denies it, before admitting that the relationship is a hoax. They question who the positive pregnant test could belong to, as Zoe lays in bed in horror.


All in all, the premiere episode of Hart of Dixie was fairly fun, if you’re a fan of the show. Some segments were enjoyable, while others were cheesy and forgettable. It was fun to watch the town come together in an effort to acquire a fire department. The big reveal at the episode, or the potentially big reveal, was definitely intriguing and helped to set up the future of the season.

However, Zoe’s relationship with Wade is beginning to grow tiresome. They seems to flip flop more than a pancake on a stove top, which got annoying quick. Don’t expect a home run here. Set your expectations low and you’ll be able to look past the cheese and hammy acting. Otherwise, you’ll recognize Hart of Dixie, as a Disney show with slightly better known names. The premiere deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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