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Harlots Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

As the episode begins, we see Lucy Wells (Eloise Smyth) gets out of bed and travel downstairs. William North (Danny Sapani) opens the door to two men, who exclaim they want Lucy’s cunny. Lucy quickly retreats back upstairs. She curls up on her bad. At home, Charlotte Wells (Jessica Brown Findlay) washes her face. We now see that she has moved out of George’s house. Meanwhile, Sir George Howard (Hugh Skinner) goes berserk and wreaks his bedroom. Lydia (Lesley Manville) cares for Charles (Douggie McMeekin). They agree to forget Emily Lacey was ever there. Nancy (Kate Fleetwood) tells Violet (Rosalind Eleazar) that Emily needs to remain hidden. Harriet Lennox (Pippa Bennett-Warner) speaks with William about the joy of having her own money. She is adamant she will be able to buy back her children in time.

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Then, William speaks about his childhood. He admits he was born a free man. After the conversation ends, William and Margaret (Samantha Morton) meet with Benjamin Lennox (Timothy Innes). They come to an agreement about Margaret’s debt repayments. Quick afterwards, William and Benjamin get into an argument. The agreement is thrown out of the window and Benjamin demands his money in full that afternoon. While Margaret is angry, she is also proud of William. Back at home, Marie (Poppy Corby-Tuech) spills the beans about Fanny (Bronwyn James) being pregnant. They all agree to keep it a secret. Seconds later, Lucy enters and gets into an argument with Kitty (Lottie Tolhurst). Lucy is sent to her soon. As soon as Margaret returns home, she learns about the chaos.

Hugh Skinner Harlots Season 1

Margaret visits with her daughter and tells her to stop vexing Kitty. Margaret makes it clear she will not force Lucy to be with Lord Fallon. She admits his offer will be difficult to top. Meanwhile, Amelia (Jordon Stevens) speaks with Florence (Dorothy Atkinson) about Lydia. Amelia is convinced they need to stay away from her. Eventually, Florence breaks down and reveals she used to be a harlot. Amelia comforts her by insisting it doesn’t matter. Margaret speaks with Nancy, who suggests paying off Emily Lacey’s debt would be a good idea. They also discuss their escape from Lydia. Justice Cunliffe (Richard McCabe) sits down with Lydia Quigley. Lydia confirms she has the perfect girl for the Spartans. She insists their price must be finding out who they are. Fanny heads into town and visits a doctor of sorts. She learns that it is simply too late to abort the child.

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In fact, the baby is nearly ready to be born. Nancy returns into Charlotte, who reveals she cannot find another keeper. Nancy recommends she head home to Margaret. They briefly argue about Margaret’s treatment of her kids. Haxby (Edward Hogg) stops Howard on the street and tries to get his job back. He blames everyone on Charlotte and pleads with his former boss. Back on the streets, Prince Rasselas (Josef Altin) spots Betsey (Alexa Davies) looking sick. He offers her assistance, but she sends him away and brands him an enemy. Sir George visits Margaret’s brothel. He speaks with Margaret and tells her about his fight with Charlotte. Then, he offers a large sum of money for Lucy. Margaret quickly accepts. George visits Lucy with the intention of telling her the good news. She isn’t happy. Nevertheless, George tries to force himself on her.

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Howard mounts Lucy, before she grabs a knife and stabs him in the stomach. William finds a belligerent Howard in the hallway. He immediately questions what Howard has done to Lucy. Margaret joins them seconds later. Lucy is escorted out, while Margaret agrees to get a surgeon. Kitty is tasked with that responsibility. Margaret speaks with Kitty outside and tells her not to get a surgeon. Instead, she urges her to send away Howard’s coachman. Margaret returns to Howard and tells him Kitty is running for the doctor. Howard also pleads to see Haxby. Fanny returns and sits downstairs with Lucy, who is now in a state of shock. Margaret immediately begins giving Howard something for his pain. William enters and finds the bed covered in blood. In private, Margaret admits she will let him die to save Lucy.

William and Howard Harlots s1

Lydia arrives at the worst possible moment. She enters and demands that Emily Lacey (Holli Dempsey) be returned. William keeps her occupied, while Margaret cleans the blood from her arms. Then, Margaret speaks with her nemesis and admits she sent Emily away. Lydia doesn’t seem to believe her, but she departs anyway. Lucy visits George and apologizes. Margaret returns and tells him the surgeon is on the way. Lydia visits Florence, while Charlotte returns home. Charlotte ridicules her mother’s decision to sell Lucy to Howard. Margaret exclaims that neither of her daughters will take the blame. Charlotte is sent after Nancy, while Margaret returns to Howard. He begins to complain that the surgeon isn’t coming. Margaret mounts Howard and chokes him to death. William enters seconds later and admits he believes the situation has only gotten worse.

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Charlotte arrives at Nancy’s place and seeks her assistance. Benjamin visits the brothel and demands his money. He runs into Harriet and confirms he is leaving for Virginia. Benjamin returns with the money and also offers to pay for Harriet’s children. Benjamin refuses. Back inside, William makes it clear he will not let Benjamin leave with the kids. Florence argues with Lydia. She reveals that her secret is now out, so she has no attention to work for Lydia any longer. Lydia discusses the dangers Amelia faces on the streets. Lydia uses the threat to attempt to keep Florence in her employment. Nancy arrives and begins stealing Howard’s jewelry. She agrees that they can make his death look like an attack from thieves. Lucy enters and learns her mother has killed Howard for her. Fanny finishes a session with Mr. Armitage (Gerard Monaco). She tries to tell him about her situation, but stops short of doing so.

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Charlotte speaks with Daniel (Rory Fleck Byrne) and agrees to run away with him. However, they both agree that they need money first. Lydia tells Amelia to watch Margaret’s house or she will do nothing else for Florence. Nancy and the girls get Howard up and put him in a coach. Prince watches from a distance. Betsey finds Robert (Steven Robertson) in the streets and takes him to her bedroom. Charlotte and Daniel pays a visit to Howard’s house with the intention of collecting the valuables belonging to Charlotte. Daniel punches Haxby, but they leave with nothing. Betsey services her client, before Lydia’s men rush inside and take Emily away. Daniel and Charlotte return to his place for sex. William and Nancy get rid of Howard’s body.


Harlots Review

The 6th episode of Harlots brought the unexpected death of George Howard. While it is sad to see Howard go, it is highly likely that his murder will lead to severe consequences for Margaret and her girls. Now, everyone should realize that Lucy doesn’t have what it takes to be a harlot. Her sister is now free of her keeper and has decided to flee the area with Daniel. I sincerely doubt they’ll ever leave the area. As for Emily Lacey, it seems Lydia has terrible plans in store for her. The episode was good and pretty intense.

A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to check out our past recaps of Harlots right now!

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