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Harlots Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the 3rd episode, Mr. Armitage (Gerard Monaco) visits the brothel and speaks with William (Danny Sapani). Upstairs, Fanny Lambert (Bronwyn James) admits she likes Armitage. Lucy (Eloise Smyth) makes it clear she wants nothing to do with Lord Repton. Betsey (Alexa Davies) and Lucy get into a brief squabble over Repton. It is eventually interrupted by Margaret (Samantha Morton). Margaret speaks with her daughter in private. She tells her that she is better than the others, but also tries to convince her that gloating is not necessary. Seconds later, a carriage arrives outside. Margaret rushes downstairs and finds Harriet Lennox (Pippa Bennett-Warner) outside. Harriet reveals that Nat is sick and has requested to see Margaret.

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Meanwhile, Lydia (Lesley Manville) speaks with Justice Cunliffe (Richard McCabe). The Justice makes it clear the beast needs to be fed once again. Out of nowhere, Emily Lacey (Holli Dempsey) lets out a fart. This sends Cunliffe rushing out of the room. Lydia becomes enraged and lets Emily have it. Sir George Howard (Hugh Skinner) tries to practice his speech in front of Charlotte (Jessica Brown Findlay). She quickly finds a way to shut him up. Once Margaret and Harriet arrive at Nat’s place, Benjamin (Timothy Innes) confirms he has already passed away. William and Jacob (Jordan A. Nash) go for a walk, while the girls prepare to move to the new brothel. Lucy is harassed by a soldier, as she is transported to Lord Repton’s house. She contemplates escaping, but decides against it.

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Once William and the girls arrive at their new home, they’re attacked by a few local men. Florence (Dorothy Atkinson) watches the assault. William and the others are forced to turn back. Lydia speaks with Florence and tries to encourage her to become more fearsome. At this time, Lucy arrives at Repton’s manor. Harriet and Margaret discuss Nat’s fortune. Margaret tries to convince her to change the will. During Harriet’s search, she finds her freedom papers. However, they have not been signed. Benjamin enters and stop its from happening. Charles speaks with Emily, who begs him for food. Charles tries to convince the girl to obey his mother. She is threatened with being sent to Mr. Osborne, if she doesn’t.

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Haxby gets a visit from George’s wife. Haxby shows her the finances. Seconds later, she sits down and speaks with Charlotte. Mrs. Howard refers to her husband as a man child. She also reveals that George’s money is actually hers. Charlotte is requested by George moments later. Lady Repton (Fenella Woolgar) speaks with Lucy, while she is in the bath. She helps her get dried off, before giving her a doll or figurine of shorts. Margaret visits the new brothel and finds it empty. Charles finally gives Lucy something to eat and gets something in return. The Repton couple takes Lucy hunting. Lucy is sent through the woods with a rifle. It feels like she is being hunted. She spins around a few times and fires. Surprisingly, she kills a deer and is congratulated by the Reptons.

lucy harlots s1 e3

Margaret returns home and learns about the fight. William makes it clear he doesn’t want his actions to hurt Lucy and Jacob. Margaret is told they’re better off in a brothel than begging for food. William insists it is payback for Mary Cooper. Nancy (Kate Fleetwood) and Margaret speaks about Nat. Margaret reluctantly admits she was interested in more than his money at one time. Later that night, Charlotte runs into Daniel (Rory Fleck Byrne). She is only able to speak with him for a few seconds before Howard interrupts. Charlotte tells Howard that Haxby is conspiring against him behind his back. She tells him about the meeting with Lord Caroline. Meanwhile, Lucy shares dinner with the Reptons. Repton asks Lucy about her wild streak.

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Lucy threatens to tell everyone about Repton’s poor marksmanship. She insists she’ll call him Lord Wonky. With that, Lord Repton gives his wife a hard slap across the face. Later that night, Harriet tries to escape with her children. She is stopped by Benjamin, who hands over her freedom papers. However, her children are forced to remain behind. Margaret and her girls head to the new brothel ready for a fight. They defeat their enemies and move in. In private, Lady Repton warns Lucy that the Lord will pound her to tripe for her insult. Mr. Armitage arrives and breaks up the fight, while eyeballing Fanny. While searching the new house, Margaret finds Mary Cooper’s rotting corpse. In the morning, we see that Lucy is covered in bruises and cuts. Margaret puts all of her effort into cleaning up Mary’s blood.

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Margaret reveals to William that she might’ve brought a scourge upon them all. He confirms this is the course she has set them on. Lydia plays cards with her spy. She is told that Osborne has arrived. Since Marie-Louise (Poppy Corby-Tuech) has disappeared, Osborne is passed to Emily Lacey. Lucy heads back into town, while Harriet arrives at the brothel. She explains her situation to Margaret and is given a job as a maid. Charlotte and George play a cruel joke on Haxby. At this time, Margaret notices Florence and her daughter outside preaching. Mr. Armitage arrives and requests Fanny. Margaret steps outside and accuses Florence of working for Quigley. Florence denies the accusation and responds that God alone is her master. Amelia (Jordon Stevens) speaks with Lydia and is given advice. Lydia makes comments about Amelia’s looks.

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Lucy is asked to play the piano by Mr. Byrne. We see that she is holding the doll given to her by Lady Repton. Margaret speaks with Byrne before he leaves. He admits he doesn’t think Lucy likes him. Margaret asks Lucy what has happen. In return, she is told the house smells rotten. Lucy returns to her room and curls up on the floor.


Harlots Review

The 3rd episode of Harlots pushed Margaret and Harriet to their breaking points. Lydia seems to be getting the best of Margaret at every turn. While Harriet was able to secure her freedom, she has potential lost her children to Benjamin. On the other hand, Lucy also experienced turmoil during her visit with Lord Repton. It is clear she is not cut out of the life of a harlot. So, how will Margaret get revenge on Lydia?

We’ll find out soon enough. The 3rd episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Harlots now!

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