Happy Valley Recap Season 2 Episode 2

When the second episode begins, Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) brings home a runaway prostitute, Ilinka Blazevic (Ivana Basic). Unfortunately, Ilinka is unable to speak English. The next door neighbor, Winnie (Angela Pleasence) comes over and is able to translate between the pair. Meanwhile, John Wadsworth (Kevin Doyle) continues spiraling out of control. Catherine heads to the school and arrests a youngest, before being informed that Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) is scheduled to be released from prison the follow day, so he can attend his mother’s funeral.

happy valley catherine cawood

Next, Frances Drummond (Shirley Henderson) joined Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah) at school. Frances manages to secure a position at the school, by pretending to be a Miss Wealand. Afterwards, John and Ann Gallagher (Charlie Murphy) go from door to door, while chatting about their problems. John admits he needs some quick money and is told he should consider buying a lottery ticket. He does and unfortunately loses. Back at the station, Gorkem Tekeli (Mete Dursun) and some of the other officers discuss Catherine and the murder case.

Happy Valley Season 2 Frances

They join Catherine and he makes a smart remark, which gets him reprimanded. Ann and Catherine speak in private and Ann learns about Tommy getting out from the funeral. Ann is startled to learn that Lynne’s funeral is set to be held on the same day as her mother’s. Afterwards, Catherine returns to Winnie and Ilinka. Ilinka tells Catherine that one of her friends, Aurelia, could be the missing woman in the newspaper. With the news, Catherine forces Ilinka to head to the police station and give a statement. While there, Andy Shepherd (Vincent Franklin) ridicules Catherine’s decision to get Winnie involved and insists she could now be in danger.

Catherine Happy Valley Series 2

Afterwards, Nevison Gallagher (George Costigan) speaks with his daughter and tells her about firing Sean Balmforth (Matthew Lewis). He contemplates giving him another chance, since his wife would have wanted it. In the morning, Tommy learns that he’ll be allowed to attend his mother’s funeral. Meanwhile, Catherine and Clare (Siobhan Finneran) chat about Clare’s new friend and both of their problems. Jodie Shackleton (Katherine Kelly) and Andy tell the officers about Aurelia and instruct them to find information regarding the woman. John Wadsworth remains out of it and stares into space.

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Frances works closely with Ryan, while confirming she will be attending the upcoming funeral. John heads outside and tells Vicky (Amelia Bullmore) that he’ll tell his wife that it is over and meet her that night. Sean attends the funeral and speaks with Nevison. During the conversation, Catherine tells Clare that she believes Sean is still involved in devious behavior. She leaves the funeral and visits the one for Tommy’s mother. She heads inside and is eventually spotted. Chaos ensues and Tommy is escorted out of the building, by his guards. Mike Taylor (Rick Warden) calls and ridicules Catherine for her behavior and decision to attend the funeral.

Happy Valley Clare

Next, John Wadsworth departs his home and visits Vicky. He attempts to convince her to hand over the phone and pictures. Catherine returns to Nevison’s house and learns that her sister has been drinking with Ann. Catherine confronts her and the pair argues. John and Vicky continue arguing about the pictures and whether or not Vicky backed them up elsewhere. A fight ensues and John ends up killing Vicky. That night, Clare attempts to head to the bar, while she continues fighting with Catherine.


Happy Valley Review

The second episode of Happy Valley was gripping and wasted no time upping the intensity. Catherine’s decision to attend Lynne’s funeral was definitely stupid, but it created for an intense showdown and some excellent acting from James Norton. Meanwhile, John has ultimately sealed his fate, but will he be able to wiggle himself out of his predicament? All in all, an excellent episode, which deserves an 8 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Happy Valley right now!

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