Happy Valley Series 2 Episode 3

Happy Valley Recap S2 E3

When the episode begins, we witness Catherine (Sarah Lancashire) attending a counseling session with a therapist (David Crellin). Catherine obviously doesn’t want to be there, but speaks about her problems nonetheless. After a brief catch, we see the previous night’s actions and Catherine heading to the bar with Clare (Siobhan Finneran). The pair encounter a stoned man and Catherine makes a rude comment to him, before they head home. In the morning, Catherine speaks to Daniel (Karl Davies), who seems depressed about his current condition and potential divorce.

season 2 episode 3 happy valley

When Catherine arrives at work, she updates Ann (Charlie Murphy) and Shafiq (Shane Zaza) regarding their investigation into Vicky’s disappearance. Ann and Shafiq are tasked with investigation the situation. After the others depart, Mike Taylor (Rick Warden) lets Catherine know that the chief supervisor is coming to speak with her later in the afternoon. Catherine meets with him later and is told to consider retiring or return to counseling. Catherine doesn’t like the arrangement, but returns to counseling anyway and we follow close behind. This time, she speaks to the therapist about her potentially fatal encounter with Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton). She insists she didn’t want to kill him, but could have.

Happy Valley Shafiq

Afterwards, Jodie Shackleton (Katherine Kelly) and Andy Shepherd (Vincent Franklin) update the team regarding the new victim. Andy also orders John Wadsworth (Kevin Doyle) to accompany him to the postmortem. On their way there, John speaks with Ann and tells her that he caught his wife sleeping with a colleague and also asks Ann out for dinner. Ann agrees and they head on their separate ways. John attends the postmortem and barely keeps his cool. Next, Catherine heads out for a drink with Joyce (Ishia Bennison). They speak about Catherine’s counseling sessions and Catherine admits it is horrible.

Happy Valley Series 2 Episode 3

On their way home, their conversation begins to turn south, when Joyce insists Catherine needs to turn in her alibi. Back at the postmortem, John is happy to discover that the investigators are unable to determine much, but believe the killer to be the same as the previous murders. Catherine returns home and still finds Daniel soaking in his sorrow. She also discovers Winnie (Angela Pleasence) and Ilinka (Ivana Basic) at her place. Catherine learns that Goran Dragovic has been given bail and this makes her very concerned about Ilinka’s safety. Ilinka also admits that she wants to return to work at the biscuit factory, but most everyone agrees that the move would be unwise. Later, Clare and Catherine manages to rekindle their relationship to some degree.

Andy and Jodie Happy Valley

The next morning, John Wadsworth argues with his wife, while telling her to pack her stuff and leave. She insists he should do just that, but neither one gives in. Back at the station, Catherine attempts to make things up to Joyce, but she inadvertently learns that the other officers have a nickname for her. Despite her persistence, Joyce refuses to disclose the details. Catherine does hand over her alibi finally though. During the conversation, Catherine learns about a suicide. She rounds up Ann and the pair head to the scene. Frances Drummond (Shirley Henderson) pays a visit to Tommy and tells him about her time with his son. Tommy becomes enraged constantly, due to Frances’ inability to stop speaking about his father.

Tommy and Frances Happy Valley

During their conversation, Tommy admits Catherine needs to be put down permanently. While Catherine and Ann visit the scene of the suicide, Catherine attempt to pry the nickname from Ann, but fails to do so. When they finally inspect the body, Catherine discovers that it is none other than Dragovic. With that, Catherine and Shafiq are forced to notify his wife, Mrs. Dragovic (Maya Barcot). Back at the station, Ann pays a visit to John and tells him about the suicide, which seems to really exhilarated her. During their chat, Ann inspects photographs of the current victim and practically identifies her as Vicky.

Charlie Murphy Happy Valley

After identifying Mrs. Dragovic, Catherine confirms that she is off the hook and finally discloses her alibi. She returns home and tells Clare the same. Claire reveals that Neil Ackroyd (Con O’Neill) is coming for tea and she asks Catherine and Daniel to play nice for the time being. Catherine returns to Winnie and Ilinka and tells them about Dragovic’s death. Ilinka insists he would never kill himself and that the others must have killed him to shut him up. Near the end of the episode, John drives down the road and receives a call from Jodie, who confirms that the body is indeed that of Vicky. He nearly wrecks into an oncoming car. Ann drinks, while waiting for him to arrive at the club.


Happy Valley Review

The third episode of Happy Valley was excellent. Catherine was finally given an ultimatum and forced to play her hand, by giving up her alibi. Ann nearly became entangled with John, but a stroke of luck ultimately saved her from a future disaster, at least for the time being. Also, Ilinka seems to be scared that the others are still coming for her.

All in all, the episode had some intense moments, including John at the postmortem and Tommy expressing his frustrations to Frances. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Happy Valley right now!

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