Hank and Asha Review

Hank And Asha is a comedy/romance that debuted on January 19, 2013, at the Virginia Film Festival.

Hank (Andrew Pastides) and Asha (Mahia Kakkar) take us inside their online romance. Hank is an American independent filmmaker that just relocated to New York City from Concord, South Carolina, while Asha is from India, but is studying filmmaking in Prague.

They give each other a tour of their apartments, share a private dinner together, go to the park, eat ice cream, and drink beer together, all through video chat.

When they get more comfortable with each other, they begin to share a lot more of their personal lives, dreams, and their feelings. He serenades her by playing his acoustic guitar and she sings him a sweet romantic tune. 

Hank sends Asha an airplane ticket to Paris, France, where he hopes to meet her and take her to dinner. She tells him that her father has pre-arranged a marriage for her with a medical doctor that is five years older than her. They still plan to meet in Paris on the planned date.

Hank is trying to accept her pre-arranged marriage, but he is also facing criticism from his parents because their business is failing apart and they need him to come to Florida to help them salvage what is left. 

He sends her a bouquet of flowers and she becomes very upset. She tells him that her family and fiancee will be very upset if he finds out about him. She also admits to talking to him but not through video chat.

Will Hank and Asha meet in Paris and form a bond stronger than they currently have?


If you have experienced an online love affair with someone from a different world and was unable to make it work, you definitely should devote some time to watching this sweet movie. The screenplay is beautifully written and offers a pace that is welcome to the viewer. The cinematography is superior and you would never know that this is a low budget film, unless someone told you. The acting is superb and believable. 

This film is a very sad, but a true replica of two online friends that form a relationship, which turns into love. Although some people are able to defeat the odds and eventually meet, fall deeper in love, and get married, this is not always the case. Here we see two people come together through video chat despite being from two totally different parts of the world, with different cultures and backgrounds. Their ending is definitely bittersweet. This film deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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