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Gunpowder Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, the gunpowder is transported to the storage. Robert Catesby (Kit Harington) is surprised to find nails in the crates. Guy Fawkes (Tom Cullen) explains that the nails will go flying after the explosion. Henry Garnet (Peter Mullan) speaks with the Spanish. He is asked about the rumors of the plots and schemes. He is questioned about Catesby and Thomas Wintour (Edward Holcroft). He admits that their hearts are set on revenge. Then, he is asked to provide details of their plan. He is told that their actions will only make matters worse. Garnet doesn’t give up anything. Catesby sits with Fawkes. They briefly speak about their family and history. When Catesby leaves, he runs into Anne Vaux (Liv Tyler). She encourages him to put a stop to the plot.

guy fawkes gunpowder episode 3 recapCatesby refuses. He pleads with Anne to protect his son. The following day, the Spanish speak with John Gerard (Robert Emms). He foolishly provides the men with details of Catesby’s plan. Catesby meets up with his comrades and gives them a pep talk. He suggests that the lord will be buried under the rubble of Parliament in just two days. The Constable of Castile (Pedro Casablanc) takes the information to Robert Cecil (Mark Gatiss). Cecil is told that the information will save the King’s life. Catesby is shown muskets that they’ve been promised. William Wade (Shaun Dooley) dines with a Lord. The Lord receives a letter. He reads the letter and learns about the threat. The letter is take to James (Derek Riddell). He is told that the letter is probably written by a madman. It is revealed that James’ father was killed by an explosion of powder.

robert emms actor gunpowderWade is ordered to conduct his searches immediately. Thomas nearly runs into the search party in the streets. The guards knock on the door and Guy Fawkes draws his sword. The landlady explains that Percy has leased the storage for his firewood. Later that night, Wade meets with his men and learn that they’ve found nothing of interest. He is told about the undercroft where the firewood is stored. Thomas watches as the guards enter the storage. Fawkes lights the fuse and prepares to fight them off. The fuse is stopped and Fawkes is taken into custody. He is marched in front of James. Fawkes is ordered to kneel, but he refuses. He is forced to do so. He gives the name John Johnson. Fawkes refuses to show remorse. Thomas returns to Catesby and the others with news of Fawkes’ capture.

derek riddell gunpowder episode 3Thomas suggests rushing to Spain, but the others suggest they fight on. Catesby suggests running for the coast, but he isn’t sure what would happen next. He demands that they fight even if they are defeated. The men follow his lead. Anne tells Garnet that the plot has been uncovered. She tells him to escape right away. Garnet refuses and explains that his duty is here. Garnet expresses his love for Anne. Fawkes is interrogated by Wade and Cecil. Cecil tells Wade that they have information about Garnet’s whereabouts. They quickly track down Garnet. He tells Anne to hide. Garnet is taken into custody, but Anne manages to get away. Garnet is taken to the tower, while Fawkes is tortured more. Catesby and his men arrive in town. He suggests that God did not want them to succeed in their plan. Once again, he admits he will not be taken prisoner again.

gunpowder episode 3 tortureThomas and the others agree to play their parts. They fortify their building and load their rifles. The army learns that Catesby and his allies have been spotted at Holbeche House. Wade tells his men that they should be taken alive where possible. They approach the house a short time later. Catesby and the others ready their rifles. The shooting begins. An explosion happens inside and Thomas pulls Robert to safety. The building begins to burn. Robert tells Thomas that they need to escape. Thomas and Robert agree to die together. They charge the soldiers and the fighting continues. Catesby and his men are ultimately defeated. Catesby forces the soldiers to shoot him dead. Meanwhile, Fawkes writes a letter. Garnet is told that Catesby is dead and Fawkes has confessed. Cecil admits that Garnet has not been named. He is given a glass of wine.

robert catesby gunpowder finaleCecil explains that he has been granted guardianship of young Robert, but the boy is nowhere to be found. Anne has also disappeared. Garnet is asked about their whereabouts. He refuses to give them up. Cecil blames Garnet for the bloodshed. In return, Garnet puts some of the blame on Cecil. Cecil is rewarded for his actions. Thomas and the others are tortured in the streets. Fawkes climbs the ladder and jumps to his suicide. Garnet is ultimately executed as well. James signs the peace treaty with the Spanish. Anne and young Robert are shown on a hillside. They hop into a wagon and ride away.


Gunpowder Review

In the end, Gunpowder was well worth the time. It was a little tedious and slow at points, but it paid off in the long run. Even if you’ve seen the story elsewhere, it is worth a revisit. The acting was definitely the high point of the series. The cast was spectacular. Since it is only 3 episodes, the series should be good viewing for pretty much anyone. I personally enjoyed it. The finale scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Gunpowder now!

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