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Grantchester Recap Series 2 Episode 2

When the episode begins, Sidney Chambers (James Norton) is introduced to several women, by the way of Geordie Keating (Robson Green). Most of the girls are loud and obnoxious. The last one is perfect, but Sidney blows off her second date proposal. Afterwards, Sidney pays a visit to Gary Bell (Sam Frenchum) at the jail. Gary is surprised to see the vicar and admits he thought everyone hated him. Sidney reassures him that he is wrong. Next, Sidney and Leonard (Al Weaver) help Phyllis Bell (Helen Clyro) obtain her groceries. Phyllis thanks the vicar for his support, while the rest of the townsfolk give the group dirty glances.

grantchester season 2 episode 2

Back at home, Sidney sends hime with Amanda (Morven Christie), before their conversation is interrupted by Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones). Maguire informs Sidney that Geordie is on the phone. Moments later, Sidney meets up with Geordie and runs upon a crime scene. The pair inspect the body of Valentine Lyall, who has fallen or jumped from Cambridge University. Sidney admits he doesn’t know the fellow, but he does take notice of a strange woman in the audience. As Geordie reveals that Valentine never screamed on the way down, Sidney sees a few men staring out of nearby windows. Moments later, Valentine’s wife, Mya (Lourdes Faberes) arrives.

Sidney and Geordie Grantchester

Mya is frantic. Geordie calms her down with a hard slap across the face. Moments later, the group heads back to Mya’s home and speaks about Val. Val’s good friend, Kit Bartlett (Matthew Tennyson) explains about Val’s last night and his love for climbing. He admits Val always climbed the Cambridge building, in order to acquire a good view. When questioned, Mya admits Val loved Kit and treated him like a part of the family. Also, Mya insists he husband wouldn’t have committed suicide. Sidney and Geordie are given permission to search through Val’s belongings. During their search, Geordie is asked about his time in Burma, but he refuses to comment.

Grantchester Series 2 sidney and Geordie

During their search, bloody rags are found in Val’s coat pocket. Kit enters and insists the blood is associated with climbing. Afterwards, the duo heads to the University and speaks with Giles Montgomery (Nigel Planer). Giles insists Val wasn’t the suicide type. Giles ridicules Sidney throughout the chat. After they leave, Geordie asks about the conflict, before they attempt to recreate the fall. They discover that Valentine must’ve jumped or have been pushed from the turret. Despite Geordie’s desires, Phil Wikinson (Lorne MacFadyen) refuses to climb up the turret. While on the rooftop, Sidney sees a young man across the way watching them. Moments later, Geordie and Sidney are questioning the young man.

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After a brief back and forth, the man, Lankester (David Moorst), admits he saw two men climb the tower and one man pushed the other one off. Next, Sidney and Geordie pay a visit to Professional Raban (Tim McMullan) and Rory Crompton (Josh Bolt). Raban gives an alibi and insists he was with Kit at the time of the death. The pair leaves and speaks with Frank Archer (Nicky Henson). Frank admits Valentine was popular and had no enemies. Sidney and Geordie search Val’s room once more. In the fireplace, Sidney discover a partial burned note, which seems to be a clue of sorts. On their way out of the building, the men run into the strange woman, who was outside of the crime scene.

grantchester season 2 episode 2 lankester

They split up and attempt to track her down. Sidney runs into Amanda and becomes distracted. Geordie manages to confront the woman, but is stopped in his tracks when she pulls out a gun. She rushes off and he has flashbacks about being shot in the previous season. Afterwards, everyone meets back up in Geordie’s office. Geordie admits he has been trying to find a date for Sidney, before Margaret Ward (Seline Hizli) interrupts and invites Sidney out. Despite some concerns, Sidney agrees. Giles shows up and asks to speak with Geordie in private.

grantchester season 2 episode 2

During the conversation, Giles reveals that Valentine was a spy. He also attempts to convince Geordie to stop investigation and to keep Sidney out of it for his own safety. During this time, Sidney observes a couple of books, which correlate with the clue found in the fireplace. Once Geordie returns to Sidney, the pair checks out Sidney’s assumption at the library. They discover documents, which pertain to the Professor and Crompton being spies. Geordie attempts to keep Sidney quiet about the discovery. When they return to Geordie’s office, they’re greeted by none other than the Professor and Crompton. Crompton admits he was on the roof with Val and knows how he died. Sidney attempts to interrogate the men, but Geordie stops him and escorts him outside.

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Geordie insists they need to keep things close to their chests, if the men are indeed Russian spies. Still, Sidney is adamant that the men are lying, due to their flawed climbing theory. Afterwards, Sidney gives a sermon about doubt and faith. Outside of the church, Harding (Neil Morrissey) is rude to Phyllis Bell and attempts to convince her to find another church. Sidney sticks up for her and refuses to let it happen. Later that day, Sidney prepares for his dinner date, while Mrs. Maguire ridicules him for not wearing a tie. Before he can leave, Mya and Kit arrive. Mya hands over information, which reveals Val wanted to be cremated. Sidney also fills in the pair regarding the investigation.

Grantchester Series 2 Episode 2 Kit Bartlett

That night, Sidney attends his date with Margaret. The pair discuss Geordie and his current state of mind. Margaret insists Sidney should speak with him and question, if he is fine. She sends him away and tells him to go check on the inspector. Sidney does and he speaks to Geordie about the murder case. After a brief conversation, Geordie chugs his alcohol and the pair find themselves on the rooftop. Geordie is adamant about climbing the turret and he does with assistance from Sidney. At the top, they discover cigarettes, which confirm the presence of Kit Bartlett. In the morning, they visit the University and attempt to chat with Kit. Before they can speak with him, Geordie attempts to send Sidney home. He insists he’ll take care of the investigation on his own.

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Geordie finally admits that the woman earlier had a gun and confirms that is the reason he lost her. However, he admits getting shot is a part of his job and not Sidney’s. Again, he attempts to send Sidney away. Sidney returns home and chats with Amanda about his dinner with Margaret. Sidney speaks about Valentine’s will and naming Bartlett as his executor. Sidney makes an offhand comment that Bartlett killing Valentine would be like him killing Geordie. Amanda forces him to conjure up reasons to kill Geordie and he admits he wouldn’t, unless Geordie asked him to do so. That sends Sidney on the hunt for Geordie. He rushes to the police stations and looks at the coroner’s report for Valentine. He also learns about Geordie’s call for backup from Phil.

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Sidney rushes over to the Rivercam Boat Club to find Geordie. Geordie attempts to arrest Kit, but is stopped by the mysterious woman (Lisa Diveney). She pulls a gun, but Sidney arrives and manages to whisk him away in the nick of time. Giles arrives, as Sidney begins to explain that Valentine was in on the murder and asked Kit to kill him. He reveals that Val had lung cancer and the secret service used his illness to slide Bartlett into the good graces of the Russians. Sidney admits Lyall left behind all of the clues and Giles agrees that Sidney is correct. Although Giles sees Lyall as a hero, Sidney insists he is nothing more than a man, who lied to his wife.


The mysterious woman arrives and is revealed to an Agent. Minutes later, they watch from afar as Bartlett meets up with the Russians. At the bar, Sidney explains to Geordie that Giles was angry with him, because he dated his daughter for awhile. They head to Mya’s house and tell her that her husband died a hero. Sidney gives another sermon, before visiting Margaret with flowers. He offers to make amends for the previous date and she agrees. At the end of the episode, Sidney and Amanda share dessert. Guy Hopkins (Tom Austen) arrives and picks up Amanda. Before he can leave, he attacks Sidney and tells him to stay away from Amanda.


Grantchester Review

Another excellent episode of Grantchester. The episode tested the friendship of Sidney and Geordie. Ultimately, it showed that the bond between the two men was stronger than either originally thought. It also closely resembled the relationship of Valentine and Kit. The episode was somewhat of a spy thriller and remained mysterious throughout. Finally, the return of Guy Hopkins brought a bit of conflict, which will likely continue into subsequent episodes.

All in all, a great episode, which deserves a n 8 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Grantchester right now!

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