Grantchester Season 2 Finale Recap

Grantchester Season 2 Finale Recap

When the Grantchester series 2 finale begins, we jump back to 1948 and witness Sidney Chambers (James Norton) and Sam Milburn (Andrew Knott) getting dressed in their vicar garb for the first time. We learn a little about the relationship between the two men, before we jump into the present, 1954. Geordie Keating (Robson Green) and Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones) chat about Sidney’s current behavior and his loss of faith. After this, we jump to the bar and see Sidney getting drunk. He speaks with Harding Redmond (Neil Morrissey) for a brief period, before harassing the barkeeper and heading home. While Sidney awakes with a hangover, Mrs. Maguire pays a visit to Amanda Hopkins (Morven Christie). Maguire attempts to encourage Amanda to visit Sidney and help him overcome his troubles.

Grantchester Season 2 Finale Recap

Guy (Tom Austen) rudely interrupts and shows off his angry side once more. Next, Sidney and Leonard Finch (Al Weaver) have breakfast with the Archdeacon (Geoff McGivern). Sidney lets Dickens out of the house and spots someone standing near Abigail’s tombstone. When he approaches, he discovers it is his old colleague, Sam. Sam leaves behind a gift and attempts to convince Sidney to forgive him. During this time, the Archdeacon speaks with Leonard about Sidney’s condition. The Archdeacon contemplates cutting out the dead wood and replacing it with Leonard. Leonard doesn’t seem interested, but the Archdeacon encourages him to think about it. Sidney ridicules Sam and attempts to learn about his whereabouts, while Gary was hanged. Before Mrs. Maguire leaves the Hopkins home, she tells Amanda she took the vow once and the better days never arrived.

grantchester series 2 finale

She also admits that how it starts is usually exactly how it ends. Back at home, Sam and Sidney continue to argue, before Harding enters and chases Sam away. This forces Sidney to head to the police station and report the incident to Geordie. The conversation is awkward, but nobody throws a bunch this time around. Afterwards, Sidney returns home, gets drunk and fiddles around with Gary’s sports cards. He falls asleep and has a nightmare of the execution, only to awake when someone calls his name for help. Sidney heads to the cemetery and discovers blood on Abigail’s tombstone. Phil and Geordie are brought in the investigate. Moments later, Geordie discovers Sam’s coat. They discover car keys in the pocket and a car seconds later. The police begins searching around for Sam’s body, while Geordie and Sidney head off together. Meanwhile, Leonard and Daniel take a stroll and chat about the Archdeacon’s proposal. Daniel tells Leonard he is braver than he knows and should stand up to the Archdeacon.

leonard and archdeacon

Again, Daniel attempts to kiss Leonard, but is quickly turned away. Geordie and Sidney pay a visit to Harding and Agatha (Claudie Blakley). They quickly deny the crime, while moving around a bundle of hay. Agatha remains adamant that the pair were in bed together throughout the night. After they exit, Sidney apologizes to Geordie for their recent squabbles. They receive a call on the radio and learn that the vehicle has been traced back to Esther Bradley (Olivia Darnley). They immediately pay her a visit and learn that Sam has been living with Esther and her young daughter, Gilly (Nell Williams). It is also revealed that the Archdeacon was responsible for his placement. Sidney and Geordie grow concerned, when they learn Sam has grown close to Gilly. They scour through her room, but are unable to find anything of interest.

Leonard and Daniel Grantchester Finale

With the new information, Geordie and Sidney conclude that Sam is most likely still alive. They return to the station and update the rest of the force. Sidney flips through Abigail’s diary and confirms Sam is going through the same routine with Gilly that he did with Abigail. They track Gilly down to Sam’s favorite motel moments later. Sam is nowhere to be found, but Gilly is safe and taken back to the station. Geordie and Sidney have very little luck speaking to Gilly, so Margaret Ward (Seline Hizli) agrees to help. With her assistance, Gilly begins to open up and alludes to the fact that she was messing around with Sam. She also admits Sam left here and never showed back up. Afterwards, Margaret ridicules Sidney and admits his relationship with Geordie is like that of an old couple.

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Sidney recalls his encounter with Harding at the bar and immediately comes to the conclusion that he must’ve been involved with Sam’s disappearance. They head to Harding’s home and finds Abigail’s bed a mess. They also remove the haystacks and discover blood underneath. Next, they speak to Harding and Agatha. Geordie arrests both, despite some concerns from Sidney. Meanwhile, Amanda shares a snack with Guy. She attempts to rekindle her relationship with her husband, but he remains unaffectionate. Afterwards, Sidney and Geordie interrogate Agatha. She provides them with an alibi and insists she was with Phyllis Bell (Helen Clyro), at the time of Sam’s disappearance. Once they pay a visit to Phyllis, they confirm her story and release her from custody.

Grantchester Finale Sidney and Geordie

They speak to Harding next and he admits he stabbed Sam and dumped the body in the woods. Sidney returns home and chats with Leonard about the Archdeacon and his decision to put Sam with a 14 year old girl. Leonard also comforts Sidney and admits he just needs to keep going. Sidney returns to the bar and asks the barkeeper about Harding’s words. She reveals he mentioned something about Abigail’s birthday. Meanwhile, Geordie and the police attempt to find the body with Harding’s guidance. Sidney returns to the tombstone and discovers a plant has been dug up. He returns to Phyllis and digs up the rose, which was given to her by Agatha. Inside, he discovers the murder weapon. A flashback shows Agatha stabbed Sam.

Grantchester Season 2 Finale Sam

Geordie learns that Harding is simply stalling and rushes off quickly. Sidney manages to track down Sam inside of an abandoned building. Sam is still bleeding and he immediately pleads for Sidney’s assistance and his forgiveness. Sidney contemplates leaving Sam behind, before he eventually offers help. Meanwhile, Leonard pays a visit to Phil and reports a crime. Geordie arrives just as Sidney is hauling Sam out of the building. Agatha arrives and admits Abigail told her about the baby, but she didn’t help her. Leonard confronts the Archdeacon and tells him off, before confirming he will be charged with aiding Sam. Phil enters and we’ve likely seen the send of the Archdeacon. Before Sam is hauled away to the hospital, Geordie tells him to do the right thing for a change and drop the charges against the Redmonds. Sidney tells him he will keep him in his prayers.

Sidney and Geordie Grantchester Season 2

With his new confidence, Leonard heads to Daniel’s house and tells him about the good news. Unfortunately, another man exits and Daniel admits he couldn’t wait for Leonard forever. Sidney gives a sermon, while the Redmonds pay a visit to Phyllis. Afterwards, we see Geordie’s 50th birthday party, where Sidney gives a heartwarming speech. Jack Chapman arrives (Nick Brimble). Mrs. Maguire stuns everyone, when she gives him a big kiss. Sidney finds Leonard crying and comforts him. He insists a broken heart will get easier with time. Outside, Sidney and Geordie talk about Geordie’s experience in Burma. They also rekindle their relationship and share a big hug. At the end of the episode, Sidney takes Dickens to one of his and Amanda’s favorite hangout spots. As he turns to leave, Amanda arrives and reveals she has left Guy and has nothing left. Sidney admits she still has him, before they share a kiss and the episode ends.


Grantchester Finale Review

The Grantchester season 2 finale was great and brought a little bit of everything. There were plenty of comedic moments between Sidney and Geordie bickering back and forth. Leonard’s confidence booster was nice and it was good to see the Archdeacon finally be brought down. Unfortunately, the episode was depressing for Leonard, but ultimately good for Sidney in the love department. Of course, his relationship with Amanda isn’t likely going to last.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait for Grantchester’s 3rd season before we’ll find out. Until then, the Grantchester Series 2 Finale deserves a 9 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous Grantchester recaps right now.

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