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Grantchester Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

When the 3rd episode begins, Sidney Chambers (James Norton) hangs out with some kids at the church, before he receives a visit from Margaret (Seline Hizli). Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones) grows disgusted, when she sees Margaret give Sidney a kiss. Andrew interrupts the pair’s conversation and forces Sidney to wash his hands. After Andrew rushes away, Maguire ridicules Sidney for his behavior. He chats with Maguire about his relationship, while Leonard Finch (Al Weaver) attempts to announce that he is heading to the library later. Unfortunately, Leonard is practically ignored. Moments later, Sidney discovers a young man crying in his church. Sidney confronts the man and offers assistance. He discovers that the boy’s hands are covered in blood.

grantchester season 2 episode 3 recap

The man, Theo Graham (Jeremy Neumark Jones) is taken to the station, where he is interrogated by Sidney and Geordie (Robson Green). Theo admits he went to a gambling den, stabbed and potentially killed Eric Whitaker (Michael Shaeffer). Geordie and Sidney head to the den and quickly meet with Eric. Surprisingly, he is perfectly fine and denies everything. While there, Sidney learns about the tumultuous relationship between Eric and his wife, Vivian (Liz White). They’re also introduced to Eric’s daughter, Joan (Rosie Day). Since Eric won’t provide them with any evidence, they’re forced to return and set Theo free.

jeremy neumark jones grantchester

Meanwhile, Leonard meets up with Daniel Marlowe (Olive Dimsdale) and the pair head to the movie theater together. Back at the station, Theo is set free. Sidney bums money from Geordie, so he can pay for Theo a room away from Eric. Leonard and Daniel emerge from the theater, while Amanda Hopkins (Morven Christie) strolls down the street and checks out the local shops. When Leonard spots Amanda, he rushes off, while telling Daniel he has to go. Back at the station, Margaret attempts to invite Sidney out. He eventually caves in and agrees. He is immediately mocked by Geordie and Phil (Lorne MacFadyen) for his budding relationship.

grantchester season 2 episode 3 recap

The trio heads outside and Sidney continues receiving abuse, before Eric arrives and attempts to speak with Geordie. A car comes flying by and runs Eric down. Eric is quickly rushed to the hospital and a cut is discovered across his chest. Phil is tasked with tracking down Theo, while Geordie and Sidney break the news to Vivian. Sidney agrees to help Vivian explain the news to Joan and Vivian admits she doesn’t remember anyone being so kind to her. Geordie and Sidney transport the widow home and discover Theo with Joan. A chase ensues and Theo makes his escape, after slashing Sidney across the shoulder with a razor.

grantchester series 2 episode 3 recap

Sidney returns to Vivian and catches her attempting to console Joan. After Joan departs, Vivian patches up Sidney’s arm. While in the bedroom, Sidney spots a religious plague on the wall. On his way out, Sidney is stopped by Joan, who admits she didn’t always love her dad. Sidney sympathizes with her situation and insists people aren’t always easy to love. With that, Sidney returns to Geordie and contemplates, if Theo was really in it on his own. Geordie tells Sidney he needs to stay away from Vivian, since she’ll get him in trouble with Margaret.

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Phil interrupts and tells Geordie that his assistance is needed for a shoplifting case. Geordie visits the shoplifter, who turns out to be Amanda. Geordie agrees to maintain her secret from her husband, as well as Sidney. He agrees to take her home, but she admits she doesn’t want to go there just yet. Meanwhile, Phil and Sidney check out the vehicle. They discover evidence linking Theo to an orphanage. They head to the closed facility and discover Theo, who contemplates cutting his own wrist. Sidney talks him out of it and manages to get Theo to turn himself in. That night, Sidney prepared to go out with Margaret, while Maguire hounds him over the decision.

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Leonard enters, as Maguire leaves. He tells Sidney that Maguire is afraid he’ll leave him, once he gets married. Leonard also attempts to tell Sidney about his day, but doesn’t take it that far. Sidney rushes off, after seeing a Bible verse, which Theo said and was nearly identical to the one in Vivian’s bedroom. He calls Phil and attempts to provide him with the information, but Phil hangs up and rushes off to go drinking with his colleagues. Sidney heads to Vivian’s house alone and tells her he has agreed to collect Theo’s belongings. While in Theo’s room, he discovers a provocative photo of Vivian. He next searches Vivian’s room and discovers a bank savings book and a gun. Soon, Vivian interrupts.

grantchester sidney and vivian

Vivian attempts to flirt with and seduce Sidney, despite him consistently accusing her of murdering her husband. During this time, Geordie brings Amanda home and tells his wife that she will be staying the night. Cathy (Kacey Ainsworth) admits it is fine. Also, Margaret and Maguire await for Sidney to arrive. They argue back and forth, before Margaret gets the better of her. Sidney and Vivian continue chatting, until the tables turn and Sidney begins answering questions about his true love. He admits her name is Amanda. At the same time, Geordie attempts to uncover Amanda’s motive for breaking the law. She alludes to the fact that she is still interested in Sidney. Sidney insists Vivian took Eric’s money and had him killed for Joan’s sake. Still, she admits nothing.

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Sidney eventually grabs the evidence and attempts to call Geordie. He gets through, before he is attacked from behind by Vivian’s live-in lover, Raymond Clark (John Voce). Geordie quickly goes into action and attempts to track down Sidney, while Sidney wakes up on the floor of Vivian’s house. Vivian, Raymond and Joan are preparing to escape, when Geordie arrives outside. Sidney manages to talk Raymond out of killing him, by insists Vivian used him for Joan’s good. After a confrontation, Sidney manages to get the door open and Joan escapes. As Vivian makes her way down the stairs, Raymond emerges with the gun and shoots her. He is subdued moments later, but Vivian collapses outside. Later, Daniel meets with Leonard once more. Margaret confronts Sidney outside of the church.

Sidney and Joan Grantchester

When asked if he doesn’t like it, Sidney makes his answer clear by giving her a big kiss. Amanda arrives in the nick of time to catch them. Her big smile quickly disappears and she rushes off in the other direction.


Grantchester Review

The third episode of Grantchester was likely the best of the season. It was fast and furious, with a little bit of comedy and romance thrown in between. Sidney has potentially finally gotten over Amanda, but will she be able to let him go and learn to live with her decision to marry? Plus, Leonard’s relationship with Daniel is beginning to bloom, but what will happen when others learn the truth? All in all, an excellent episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with our other recaps of Grantchester right now.

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