Gotham: Spirit of the Goat Review

The episode starts off with a bang, as The Spirit of the Goat (Christopher James Backer), as psychotic killer suits up and attacks an unknown woman. The story flashes back to Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and an old case, in which he faced a similar criminal. History does indeed repeat itself, especially in Gotham. James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is slipping on the job, as he attempts to calm Barbara’s nerves back at home. Finally, after numerous calls from work, Gordon heads in. Montoya and Allen visit a bum and shake him down for information about the murder on the pier. Soon after, they offer him a bottle of Jack Daniels to fight another bum, while Bullock records the action from the sidelines. Gotham Bum Fights coming to Youtube in November.

Bullock is beginning to lose it, as he explains that The Goat is killing Gotham’s rich children. After a short interview with the Hastings, the boys discuss the family with Mr. Hasting’s psychiatrist. Bullock and the psych go back and forth in an In Treatment like showdown, while revealing no valuable information. Nygma is back in the records room and proceeds to make a total fool of himself, when an attractive woman shows up.

And finally! Our first sign of Oswald, who gives his mother a visit and he informs her that he is going to be someone big in Gotham and we tend to believe him. Now, back to the Knick: Autopsy style. Upon closer examination, a penny is discovered and Bullock is sure that the original Goat is back and hunting the streets of Gotham. Back at Wayne Manor, young Bruce is seen reading the latest episode of the Superman comics. “Soon Alfred,” young Bruce whispers.

Back at the police office, Bullock explains the coin connection to Gordon. Now it is clear that the Goat must be back! Alfred and Bruce Wayne are discussing the possibility that Bruce could be in trouble, if the Goat is indeed targeting the children of the 1%. Now, Nygma just can’t pull himself out of trouble. He keeps digging himself deeper, as he makes himself look like an anti-social, once again.

Bullock pays a visit to his old partner, who was nearly killed by The Goat. Detective Dix explains that the Goat could be working with a partner of his own. Dix explains to Gordon that Bullock is a mad man and that Gordon should be careful. Obviously, he’s been watching too much Son’s of Anarchy. Right before the commercial break, The Goat snares another victim.

Nice overview of the dark Gotham night, before it cuts to Bullock and Gordon discussing the case on the phone. Another mention of Nygma and puzzles. They’re really pushing the Riddler persona now. By checking the individuals who’ve called in sick to work, the team is able to pinpoint one possible suspect, which seems awfully easy. Now, Bullock and Gordon are outside the same place, where Bullock and Nix faced Randall Milkie aka the Goat ten years ago.

The boys begin approaching the building, as the suspect ties up his latest victim. As Gordon unties the woman, Bullock and the Goat being fighting. The Goat whips up on Bullock and is about to axe him to death. Here comes Gordon with some Muay Thai elbows to save the day and knock The Goat unconscious. That was a little reminiscence of Anderson Silva and Tony Fryklund. P. Diddy: Empire featuring Terrence Howard coming soon.

As the show returns, the Cat is seen sneaking into Bruce Wayne’s manor. Instant laughs, as Oswald is making geysers in his bathtub. The show takes on a little Waterboy, as mom tells the Penguin that she is the only one he can trust. He reveals that Gordon is basically his new ally and will ensure that he comes out right in the end. So, it isn’t Milkie after all, but it is The Goat. No connection between the two, but they have the exact same modus operandi. As Gordon leaves, Bullock watches as the Goat, Raymond Earle, goes a little insane in the interrogation room. Perhaps he is being possessed by something?

Gordon’s future is in jeopardy, as he is arrested for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Either way, it seems like a lose-lose for old good guy Gordon. Bullock seems to be onto something with the hypnotist, Dr. Marks. Bullock tries to arrest Marks, as she instructs Robert Hastings to kill Bullock! Of course, he breaks free and shoots Marks.

Bullock is back at the station, as Gordon is hauled in for murder. Harvey ends up getting arrested too, but oh wait! Here comes Cobblepot. He puts an instant smile on your face, as he shows up to save the day. Of course, it looks like things are going to turn bad between Gordon and Bullock.

Overall, this was a good episode and things moved along quickly. The Penguin transformation is moving along quickly and we’re glad. Robin Lord Taylor has been the most interesting aspect of the show, since it started. Finally, the Bullock and Gordon aspect of the show got a little exciting. Up until now, they were perhaps the most lack luster element of Gotham. The episode developed a lot of future conflicts and story lines. It deserves an 8 out of 10 for that alone.

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