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Gotham Reggie

The episode opens, with a group of bank robbers, who argue about their hoods. The one, with the red hood, quickly takes control over the situation, after they enter. A security guard attempts to be brave, but fails miserably. In order to escape the cops, Red Hood tosses out money to the poor citizens of Gotham. Afterwards, Gordon and Bullock investigate the robbery and learn the old security guard missed, because he refused to wear his glasses, which explains why he missed Red Hood. The detectives learn about a past smoke bomb, which set off the bank’s alarm.

Gotham Red Hood Review

Next, Alfred (Sean Petrwee) receives a visit from an old friend, Reggie Ryane (David O’Hara). Reggie tells Alfred about his adventures, as a homeless man in Gotham City. He explains that Vanessa passed away 11 years ago, which sent his life into a tailspin. Bruce (David Mazouz) enters and introduces himself to Reggie, before offering him a place to stay for several days. Fish Mooney is led, by a pair of doctors. Along the way, she sees a bunch of patients, who appear to have been operated or experimented on. She is led to room and instructed to sit down.

Bruce Wayne Training

Meanwhile, Gordon watches video footage of Mr. Red Hood lighting the smoke bomb inside of the bank. By using Bullock’s glasses, Gordon is able to inspect Mr. Red Hood’s work t-shirt for Kleg’s Auto, which is their next destination. Meanwhile, Mr. Red Hood brags about their new gang, The Red Hood Gang. He seems a little too enthusiastic about his new hood. With that, he is shot and killed, by their older leader, Destro (Jonny Coyne), who puts on the hood.

Fish Mooney learns the doctor’s name, which turns out to be Dulmacher. She insists no one is leaving the basement, until she speaks, with Dr. Dulmacher. Mooney is offered a shower and new clothes. Meanwhile Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) attempts to fix up his club, before it runs out of booze. Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell) informs him that they only have Maroni’s booze and Maroni isn’t happy about giving it to Oswald. Bullock and Gordon raid the auto shop. Bullock discovers Mr. Red Hood, Floyd (Michael Goldsmith), stuffed in a fridge. Next, the new Mr. Red Hood and crew rob another bank. James (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey watch security footage again.

Gotham Barbara and Selina

An eye witness, Mr. Chiang, is brought in. He tells them about the newer, fatter Mr. Red Hood. The pair agree to setup a lineup for Mr. Chiang, who agrees, if his parking tickets are dropped. Meanwhile, Bruce trains with Reggie. Bruce is unable to strike Reggie and is thrown down repeatedly. Bruce is given a few free shots. After weapons become involved, Alfred interrupts and stops the training. Oswald attempts to steal some liquor, but the police arrive and shut down his operation, before Butch surprises him. Butch insists the cops are with him, which helps Oswald obtain alcohol.

Next, Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) attempts to comfort Barbara Kean (Erin Richards). Barbara insists Selina is a princess underneath all of her clothes. Barbara gives the pair some of her old clothes, before pampering Selina and insisting her appearance can be a powerful weapon. Selina isn’t impressed and counters, by claiming Barbara’s beauty hasn’t helped her. Mr. Chiang chooses the correct suspect, Clyde Destro. They agree to let him go and tail him.

Fish Mooney Eyeball

After a bath, Fish resumes her negotiations. She is threatened, with an operation, which will remove her eyes. Instead, she grabs a spoon and stabs one of them out on her own. Bruce provides alcohol to Reggie and Alfred, who drink and speak about their time in the war. Meanwhile, Destro is approached, by one of his comrades, who requests to use the hood, so he can impress his girlfriend. Destro is shot, after he refuses. After searching his house, they discover Destro has been targeting banks, because they turned down his loan applications. Next, Oswald and Butch share a toast to new beginnings. Butch and Oswald agree they’re tired of being sidekicks.

Gotham Oswald and Butch

Oswald asks Butch, if he misses Fish, before admitting he does. Butch insists she got what she deserved. Alfred catches Reggie stealing from Wayne Mansion. Reggie reveals he has gotten himself in all kinds of trouble. Reggie stabs Alfred in the stomach and leaves him bloody on the floor. Bruce rushes in and calls for an ambulance. With only 3 members left, the Red Hood Gang attempts to rob another band, but are stopped by GCPD and Gordon. A shootout ensues. All members of the gang are killed.

Gotham Red Hood Shootout

Afterwards, Gordon receives a call about Alfred’s condition. He rushes over to the hospital and discovers Bruce watching over his butler. Next, Reggie speaks to the board members of Wayne Enterprises and tells them Bruce’s claims are unfounded. Reggie insists it is the best time to make a move on the boy, before he is handed money inside of an envelope. He attempts to convince everyone that Bruce is just a kid, but they refuse to listen. A kid on the streets picks up the Red Hood and puts it on, before mimicking shooting at police officers.


The episode definitely had some cool moments, including the shootout, with the Red Hood gang and some of the bank robberies. The whole Fish Mooney plot line started out strong, but fell a little flat, when she jammed into her own eyeball, with a spoon, and it miraculously popped out in perfect condition. The scene was over the top and a little bit cheesy. After that, we never saw Fish again, which felt like a tease.

The ending was fairly good and setup a future attack on Bruce, which should be interesting. The episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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