Gotham Review: The Mask

The show opens with a brutal fight scene between two professionally dressed businessmen. Looks a little like Fight Club to be honest. James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) examine the scene. The skin from a fingernail is found inside the victim’s mouth.

Penguin, Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), is seen bumming from passerby’s on the street. He steals, extorts or bums a broach from a rich, older lady. The item becomes a present for Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith). The friendly meeting quickly sours, as Fish opens the present and stabs it into Cobblepot’s hand. The pair go back and forth, before Oswald gets up and leaves.

Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) sends Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) to a regular school. Of course, Bruce doesn’t want to go. Meanwhile, Gordon interviews the victim’s mother. Bullock discusses Gordon with Sarah (Zabryna Gurvara).

Oswald decides to pay his mother another visit and she tends to his hand wound. It is becoming very clear that Oswald gets all of his redeeming features from his slightly psychotic and difficult to understand mother.

After visiting the local doctor, Gordon and Bullock get a lead on their suspect. The doctor is placed under arrested thanks to Gordon, who seems to be going full renegade. Despite pleading from Bullock, Gordon keeps the doctor behind bars.

Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) is dangerous, drunk and with a gun. She nearly ends the show, with a bullet to Gordon’s head. Of course, he calms the situation and confirms there are no monsters. Before the commercial break, we are introduced to Richard Sionis, The Mask (Todd Stashwick).

Edward transforms into a wannabe Dr. Thackery, as he attempts an autopsy on the victim. After a few awkward riddles or jokes, the real doctor enters, insults him and sends Edward away. Bruce encounters some classmates, who question him about his parents’ murders.

Fish and Liza (Makenzie Leigh) meet in a confession booth. Fish in trusts Liza to poison Carmine to knock him out for two hours. Liza seems to be having doubts about the plan.

Gordon and Bullock investigate the investment company and meet Richard Sionis. They question him about Coleman Lawson’s murder. Bullock question’s Sionis’ warrior artifacts and Gordon questions whether or not Sionis is a killer. Sionis suggest Gordon prove he is a murder and the detectives leave.

On the way out, Gordon discovers blood drops on the floor. He follows the blood and a struggle ensues inside. Gordon takes a punch and goes down, but Bullock saves the day.

Meanwhile at school, Bruce is being harassed and bullied. Bruce slaps his bully classmate and we go into a commercial.

Penguin meets the man, who replaced him, as Fish Mooney’s assistant. While he sits back and enjoys an apple, his lackeys beat the man down. Meanwhile, Bullock and Gordon discover the man, with the missing finger, and the fight club scene. Edward enters and says he has found four similar cases in the past.

As Bruce gets of school, Alfred quickly discovers his fighting wounds. Bullock questions Gordon’s ability to maintain his innocence, before Gordon gets a phone call and blows off Barbara. Meanwhile, Liza goes through with the plan to put Falcone to sleep.

Gordon investigates the fight club and discovers two men locked in cages. Of course, The Mask sneaks up behind him and knocked him out with a taser.

As the show returns, we finally get to see Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) again. Of course, she seems to have been arrested for shoplifting. Meanwhile, Alfred gives Bruce his father’s watch. Bruce knocks on his classmate’s door and punches him ruthlessly. Alfred and Bruce humiliate the boy, before leaving to get pizza.

Meanwhile, Bullock is on the search for Gordon. Back with The Mask, it seems like Gordon is stuck in the fight club. The game is a little different tonight. Whoever kills Gordon will get a job with Sionis’ firm and a million dollar sign on bonus. Back at the department, Bullock seeks help from the other cops, who refuse his request. After getting tough with the cops, Bullock finally finds some help checking the addresses for Gordon.

The audience cheers as Gordon fights his attackers. They’re shocked, when Gordon is the last man standing. Wait! The Mask enters with a samurai sword and begins swinging it at Gordon. After a struggle, Gordon drops the man on a table and stands above him with the sword. He refuses to kill the man. Sarah enters and distracts Gordon, which gives the man time to make his move. Gordon knocks the man unconscious, in the nick of time.

The show returns at Fish’s club. Liza enters and approaches Fish. Fish isn’t happy, when she discovers that Liza wants out. Mooney begins explaining her childhood and her mother’s prostitution. One of Falcone’s men killed Mooney’s mother. Afterwards, she promised to never be powerful like her mother was. Mooney promises Liza she won’t let anything happen to her.

Oswald begins interrogating Fish’s new assistant, Timothy (Robbie Tann). Oswald is interested in discovering Fish’s secret. Timothy reveals he heard Fish mention having someone close to Falcone. Welp, Timothy is dead. Gordon and Bullock reconcile and Gordon thanks him for having his back. Gordon explains he doesn’t like fighting, but he isn’t afraid to. Gordon vows to get anyone, who is dirty.

Back to Mooney. It seems her story was a complete lie, as it was her mother on the stage singing. Barbara receives a call from James, but doesn’t answer. Selina is brought in and requests to talk to Gordon. Meanwhile, Bruce confesses to Alfred that he enjoyed beating up his classmate. He also says he is constantly angry all the time, before asking Alfred to teach him how to fight. Alfred obliges and the show ends.


As long as Robin Lord Taylor continues playing Oswald Cobblepot, I will continue watching this show. Of course, the show’s other character have started to develop into interesting, worthwhile ventures. It is beginning to actually seem fun to watch James Gordon attempt to convert the entire police force into good cops. Bullock continues being Bullock, but is softening a little. It was nice to see Selina back in the mix.

Bruce Wayne’s school days were fun. While Carmine wasn’t in this episode, I still wondered about his future thanks to a half-baked scheme from Fish Mooney. Will Liza continue through with the plan? Overall, this was an action packed episode that was fun and worthwhile. An 8.5 out of 10 will do.

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