Gotham Recap EP20

Edward Nygma

The episode opens with Selina saving Bruce from an attacker. The pair discuss the death of Reggie, before they consider their next move. Meanwhile, Nygma experiments, by stabbing a bunch of watermelons. James Gordon interrupts, before asking about Leslie and rushing out. Meanwhile, Leslie is shown in her house in a towel and paranoid. Gordon sneaks up on her and pays for it. Gordon explains the Ogre situation to her. Gordon requests Leslie escape Gotham, but she insists Gordon should find the killer.

Gotham Recap

Meanwhile, the Ogre meets up with Barbara, at the bar, before the pair return to Barbara’s house. Barbara explains she has no one and nobody would care, if she died. With that, she forces Ogre out. Oswald is shown at his club, where he speaks to a hit man. Oswald convinces the man to help him kill Maroni. Gordon and Bullock speak to Detective Ben Mueller, who once investigated the Ogre. He admits the man killed his wife. When the pair exit the station, the Ogre snaps pictures of them.

Kristen Kringle

Nygma catches Kristen making out with another cop. Nygma brings her a gift and notices that the cop put bruises on her. Meanwhile, Bruce learns all about Sid Bunderslaw. Alfred enters and learns about Bruce’s intentions of joining the Wayne Enterprise Ball. Bruce questions about Alfred’s military stint and the necessity of killing. Bruce insists Alfred doesn’t need to come, since Selina will be there.

Ogre Gotham

Gordon and Bullock meets with Dr. Darren Cushman (Michael McCormick) and learns that the woman was recommended, by another patient. However, Cushman refuses to give information about that individual. Outside, the pair nearly get run down by the Ogre. The pair inform Sarah Essen (Zabryna Guevara) of the Ogre following them. Gordon ends up getting a call from Ogre. He insists they need to show him that they’re not afraid.

Gotham Selina Dress

With that, Gordon speaks to the media and alerts them to the presence of a serial killer. Meanwhile, Selina and Barbara prepare for the charity ball, when a bunch of fancy clothes are brought in for Selina courtesy of Bruce. Bullock and Gordon continue their investigation. Oswald speaks to Butch and learns of Maroni’s presence. Oswald attempts to get his mother away from Maroni, but fails. Bruce picks up Selina, who is wearing a nice dress.

Bruce Wayne Ball

Bullock and Gordon save a man hanging from his neck. They find the man’s wife dead. Meanwhile, Bruce and Selina dance at the ball, with everyone staring at them. Bullock sends information about the man, Jacob Skolimski (Daniel Davis), to Sarah. Gordon insists they’re going to have to force Jacob to give up his son. Bruce and Selina disagree about murdering people, before they spot Sid. Meanwhile, Nygma approaches Tom Dougherty (Zachary Spicer) and hits him with a riddle about love. He questions him about the bruises. Nygma insists he won’t let him hurt Kringle, but he has no ideal how.

Gotham 50 Shades of Grey

Meanwhile, Jason Lennon joins Barbara at the ball. Jacob finally opens up about his son, but he insists his son is innocent. They’re shown a picture of the Ogre, when his face was disfigured. After a return to Doctor Cushman, Gordon attempts to learn what the man looks like now. Maroni continues speaking to Oswald’s mom, before exposing Oswald’s murder spree. Jason Lennon and Barbara dance and chat, as their relationship grows.

Nygma spies on Kristen, as she enters her house. Barbara learns about Jason’s mother, who never loved him. Bruce introduces himself to Sid, while Selina steals his key. Selina acts mysterious, after she watches Barbara with Jason. Nygma approaches Tom on the street and insists he leaves Gotham immediately. After he takes a punch, Nygma stabs Tom to death. Meanwhile, Oswald’s mother questions her son about his real line of work.

Sarah Essen learns about Jason. The pair take a look at a sketch, before Gordon remembers what Jason said to him on the phone. When he visits Barbara’s place, Selina confirms Barbara left with the man from the drawing. Barbara is shown entering Jason’s 50 Shades of Grey room.


Overall, this episode of Gotham was much improved over the previous. We finally got some character development with Edward Nygma. Barbara was actually tolerable and it was fun to see Selina in a dress. A solid episode of Gotham, which breathes a little life back into the series. This episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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