Gotham: Everyone Has a Cobblepot Review

Fish Blue Eye

When the show opens, Alfred is recovering in bed. He attempts to make an escape, but is simply too weak. Meanwhile, Fish finally gets to speak to the doctor. Fish suggests the doctor give her a spot, as his right hand. After he leaves, Fish checks out her new eye, which is blue. Meanwhile, Gordon discovers that Flass has been released, due to the emergence of a mystery witness. Loeb is also attempting to push Flass, as president of the police union.

Fish Mooney and Dollmaker

Gordon pays a visit to Loeb and explains that Flass is a murderer and belongs in jail. Gordon is shown footage of Bullock claiming to have presented false evidence against Arnold Flass. Afterwards, Gordon questions Bullock, who insists he would’ve lost his job, if he didn’t follow Loeb’s orders. He reveals he killed a mobster in the past and the commissioner is using it against him. He attempts to convince Gordon to drop it not go after Loeb.

Edward Nygma

Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) drops another fun fact on Kristen Kringle (Chelsea Spack). He attempts to talk Kristen out of continuing a relationship with Flass, but she reassures him that she has no interest in Flass. Gordon speaks with Harvey Dent, who insists Flass has nothing on him. Gordon suggests finding Loeb’s stash of evidence and destroying it. Dent sets up a meeting with Loeb’s old partner. Of course, Loeb also has Charley Griggs under his thumb, but he directs them to Xi Lu (Perry Yung).

Meanwhile, Fish tells Dr. Francis Dulmacher (Colm Feore) she likes the blue eyeball. Fish says she can supply organs thanks to the respect she has gained from the prisoners in the basement. Dulmacher agrees to the deal, but arranges a test for Fish. The pair observe his old office manager, who has been transformed into a woman. Bruce reads to Alfred, when Selina enters. Bruce suggests Alfred was stabbed, due to his visit to the board. Selina insists Bruce let it go and not pursue Aflred’s attacker.

Charley Griggs Gotham

Gordon and Dent pay a visit to Xi Lu. After Lu receives a phone call, they’re chased out of the building, with knives. Bullock arrives in the nick of time and whisks them away. Bullock devises a plan to scare Griggs into giving them information and it succeeds. They learn Falcone and Loeb are the only ones, who know about the stash. They pay a visit to Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) in order to get to Falcone.

Of course, Oswald is a little skeptical about betraying Falcone. He negotiates his options and gets Gordon to agree he will owe him a favor, with no questions asked. Oswald agrees, if he can get five minutes with the files. Meanwhile, Fish returns to the basement, where the prisoners have started to doubt her. The doctor’s guard is released and one of the prisoners is sent upstairs. Oswald leads Bullock and Gordon to a secluded farm. The pair are invited into the house, by the residents, Jude and Margie.

Gotham Robin Lord Taylor

The old couple end up shooting at Gordon, bullock and Oswald. When they finally make it upstairs, Bullock and Gordon find Miriam Loeb, who is the commissioner’s daughter. Back at the station, Nygma invited Kristen to dinner, but she already has a date in Tom. Nygma is obviously upset, by the news and smashes his flowers. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock speak to Miriam., who shows them her new hobby of making jewelry out of bones. Eventually, she insists she had to use a candlestick on her mother, because she wouldn’t stop singing.

Miriam Loeb

After a gunshot downstairs, they discover Cobblepot has let them escape. Miriam comes downstairs and admits Cobblepot looks like a bird and she loves birds. Afterwards, Gordon returns to Loeb, with one of his daughter’s necklaces. Loeb suggests stepping down, but Gordon plans on using Loeb as leverage. He insists all evidence be sent to Harvey Dent, who will decide to prosecute. Loeb only gives up Bullock’s file. Next, Loeb supports Gordon, as the president of the union.

Gotham Gordon President

Gordon gives Bullock his file from Loeb. Bullock suggests Gordon better be careful, when Penguin comes looking for his favor. Meanwhile, Oswald speaks to the old couple back at his club. He offers one of them a ticket to Arizona. Marge beats Jude and kills him, but Oswald kills her in the end. Fish returns to the doctor, who invites her to upper management. She discovers the whole facility is surrounded by water, with nowhere to go.


The episode definitely had some good moments, especially the runaround with Bullock, Gordon and Oswald. All of the moments involving Edward Nygma were also very enjoyable. However, the Fish scenario is beginning to grow stale very quickly. Obviously, she is going to make her way back to Gotham sooner or later, so why drag it out? Still, there were enough exciting moments for Nygma and Cobblepot to make this an effective episode. It deserves a 7 out of 10.

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