Gotham: The Anvil or the Hammer Review

Gotham Barbara Hung

The Gotham episode starts with Barbara waking up in The Ogre’s house. She attempts to leave, but he stops her. He tells her that he was going to kill her on the night they met, but he saw the real Barbara and insists she is the woman that he has been searching for. She attempts to bolt for the door, but finds it locked. Next, Leslie speaks to Gordon regarding Barbara and his state of mind. Bullock brings in a street thug before Nygma hauls in two luggages, which contain his victim’s body. Gordon discovers the Ogre’s old hangout and insists he can get help from Oswald.

Oswald Cobbelpot

Meanwhile, Barbara is gaged and tied up, while Ogre lays out his plans to her. Bruce receive a message and offers to go identify Reggie with Arthur. Bruce checks the package, when alone, and finds the key and a note from Selina. Butch plants some weapons for Oswald and the two chat, before Gordon interrupts and asks about the whereabouts of the Fox Club. Bruce enters the Bruce Enterprises Headquarter and pulls the fire alarm.

Bruce Wayne Gotham

The Ogre returns to Barbara and unties her. The pair end up fighting, after Barbara suggests Jim will find him. He shows her his picture stash. She faints, when he confirms he killed all of those women. Meanwhile, Bruce makes his way into the safe, but is caught by Sid. He insists he never meant for anyone to be harmed. He suggests that Bruce’s father eventually came to accept the crooked business. Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) enters and hauls Bruce away. Lucius speaks about Bruce’ father, before Bruce is sent into the elevator.

Cory Michael Smith

Back at the station, Nygma gets a visit from Kringle, who is interested in some case files. She catches a glance of the body, before asking about the Officer. Oswald continues plotting to take out Maroni. Meanwhile, Maroni meets up with Tommy Bones (Andrew O’Connor), while Bullock makes it to the Fox Club. He stops the main attraction from taking place. Meanwhile, Jason Lennon wakes up Barbara and comforts her. After some prodding, Barbara gives him a name of someone to kill.

Tonya Glanz

Jim arrives at the club and is told to speak to Sally (Tonya Glanz). She tells them of her abduction and Jason eventually letting her go. She provides them with a little description of his apartment, before they set out. Oswald’s killer, Connor (Clark Carmichael) enters the club, where Maroni is. Clark pulls his gun, but it won’t fire. Connor is tasked with sending a message back to Falcone, but Tommy kills him first.

Butch tells Oswald about the situation. Oswald admits to taking the firing pins out of the gun and arranging the whole thing to pit Maroni against Falcone. Nygma finishes disposing of the body, while Jim and Bullock search through Jason’s place. With Jason and Barbara gone, Bullock insists Jim needs to prepare himself for Barbara’s death. The phone rings and Jason speaks to Jim. They discover that the pair are headed to Barbara’s parents.

Gotham Barbara and Ogre

It appears Jason kills her parents, at her command. Gordon and Bullock discover them dead, when Barbara enters and speaks to Gordon. Jason knocks Bullock down the stairs, while Jim attacks to Barbara. Ogre enters and attacks Jim. The pair fight, before Ogre grabs Barbara at knife point. Bullock distracts Jason and Gordon takes the shot. With Jason dead, Gordon comforts Barbara.

Bruce returns back home and tells Arthur the truth about Reggie. Bruce insists his father knew about the bad the company was doing, but refused to do anything about it. Gordon is congratulated, as he enters the police station. He chats with Leslie and insists he loves her and not Barbara. Afterwards, Kringle gets a note from the officer, before Nygma enters and attempts to comfort her. Bruce cuts his father out of his picture. Falcone receives a box from Maroni. It contains Connor’s head. Sarah enters and tells the police about the war between Falcone and Maroni.


Overall, a pretty decent episode to set up the finale. Each of the characters are building and getting meaner and crazier, which will help make Gotham a little more frightening. Oswald’s maneuver was interesting and made the episode a good lead in to the next. A 7 out of 10 is deserved.

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