Gone Girl Review

Gone Girl is a drama/thriller that debuted October 3, 2014, on the United States big screen.

When the show opens, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) is in the local bar, drinking is sorrows away. Ben reverts back to the first time that he met a very famous author, Amy Elliott Dunne (Rosamund Pike), when he was in New York, writing a book.

He is playing Life with his sister, Margo (Carrie Coon), in his bar, when he receives a phone call. He returns home to find that Amy is missing. He immediately calls the police, who does an investigation of the home, while asking Nick a few questions. They discover that Amy and Nick’s assests are in Amy’s name. Nick tells the detective that Amy does not have any friends but they discover that she does indeed have one friend, Noelle Hawthorne (Casey Wilson).

After two years, Nick asks Amy to become his wife, which she readily agrees. 

Detective Rhonda Boney (Kim Dickens) grills Nick about his wife’s disappearance. His ecentric father, Bill (Leonard Kelly-Young), shows up at the police station and has a few choice works for Detective Boney. Margo admits to not really liking Amy, but says she wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her. 

A live press conference is held, in which Amy’s father, Rand (David Clennon), and mother, Marybeth (Lisa Banes), formally give a short speech about Amy’s disappearance and they totally ignore Nick, in the process.

Amy divuldges to Nick that her parents are broke and she gave them $379,000, from her trust fund. She is continuously telling herself that she could disappear because Nick is just using her for sex. Amy has decided that she wants to get pregnant, in hopes to salvage, what little bit of relationship they have left. Nick because extremely angry, when Amy reveals her plans to him, he shoves her to the floor, causing her to hit her head on the stair’s bannisters. She admits, to herself, that she is afraid of her own husband because he wants her gone and out of his life, for good.

Nick’s one and a half year affair, with twenty something year old Andi Fitzgerald (Emily Ratajkowski), comes to light. Margo discovers Nick’s affair and she confronts him. She tells him that he needs to hire attorney Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry), before he returns home. 

During a vigil, a lady loudly tells everyone that Amy was six months pregnant. Almost everyone begins to blame Nick for Amy’s disappearance. Detective Boney does a financial background check on Nick and discovers that he is over $117,000 in debt. A blood splatter in the kitchen, reveals that Amy was most likely fatally wounded. 

Amy’s diary is found in a wood stove, at Bill’s house. It tells the cops everything that they need to know about their failing marriage and Nick’s affair. Andie also turns on Nick by coming forward about their relationship. She also tells the world that she thinks that Nick killed Amy.

Nick meets with Amy’s ex-boyfriend, Tommy O’Hara (Scoot McNairy), who says that Amy is a sociopath and she accused him of rape and he is now listed on the sexual offender’s list.

Did Amy stage her own death or did Nick kill her, so that he could be free to expand his relationship with Andi? 


Gone girl is a mystery thriller that will leave you guessing throughout. Although some viewers will clearly solve the crime on your own, before the account of her actual disappearance is revealed to the viewer. This movie is cleverly written but not without flaws. It is hard to feel sympathy for Nick because he is abusive, arrogant, and a cheater. The film was fairly well written, but the acting was subpar, at best.

As the movie churned along, I was initially engaged and intrigued by the mystery into Amy’s disappearance and Nick’s fight to prove his innocence. However, things quickly slowed to a grueling grind. The movie started to fall apart, after the truth about Amy’s disappearance was revealed. This was the climax and the rest was painfully dull. After this point, I was begging for the end.

Nick’s fate mattered very little, since the character was so unlikeable. While it was fun to explore Amy’s psyche, much of it was uncreative and dull. All in all, Gone Girl could have been a masterpiece, but it turned into a clumsy mess that didn’t want to go away. This girl should have disappearance a little bit sooner. Overall, a 6.5 out of 10 is generous.

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