glitch series 2 episode 5 recap

Glitch Series 2 Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode begins, Kirstie (Hannah Monson) confronts Chris (John Leary) and Pete (Robert Menzies). Chris eventually manages to calm her down and send her on her way. Chris tells Pete that Kirstie doesn’t know what she is talking about. Chris tells Pete to get the dustpan, so they can clean up their mess. James (Patrick Brammall) pleads with Sarah (Emily Barclay) to tell him where the bloody clothes came from. She makes up a story to keep her relationship with Phil (Rob Collins) hidden. Paddy (Ned Dennehy) is drug into the house and locked up downstairs. Charlie (Sean Keenan) has a flashback and remembers hiding money in a hotel. Kirstie returns home and calls James. She tells him about Pete.

pete glitch series 2 episode 5James is forced to leave Sarah at the hospital with Ellen (Katrina Milosevic). James speaks with Kate (Emma Booth) about her relationship with Owen (Luke Arnold). James remains cautious about Owen, but Kate seems to believe him fully. Charlie tells the group about Paddy’s last known whereabouts. James heads to the house on Corona Hill, but is unable to find Paddy. During this time, Paddy has a flashback of himself whipping someone in the basement. Phil watches as Kate, Kirstie and Charlie enter the pub. Charlie chats with Russell (Greg Stone) about Charlie Thompson. He tells Russell about Charlie hiding money. He has a flashback and learns that he earned his money from gambling.

charlie thompson glitch series 2Phil joins them in the pub moments later. John Doe (Rodger Corser) and Nicola (Pernilla August) contemplate ways to make the undead recall their memories. Nicola eventually comes up with a salt method. She turns on a machine and the salt begins to form the same design that was sketched in Elishia’s notebook. James pays a visit to Beau (Aaron L. McGrath). He learns about Phil and immediately becomes suspicious that Phil might be the murderer. Phil arrives at the hospital and agrees to take Sarah home. She goes with him reluctantly. Phil encourages Sarah to finish her mission. Meanwhile, Kate speaks with Kirstie. She admits that she believes she asked Sarah to help her die. Chris gets a call and ignores it. Pete decides to leave the house. Meanwhile, Charlie has another flashback.

glitch series 2 episode 5 recapCharlie is attacked by his friend, who runs off with the money. His friend tells him that he will not need it anyway. Charlie coughs up blood. Charlie returns to Kirstie and tells her that he had TB. He decides to go on the hunt for his memories. Sarah arranges to meet Kate. Phil makes sure she is ready to take care of her. Sarah admits she has the gun. Adeline (Melissa Jaffer) and one of the boys untie Paddy. Chris speaks with James about his brother. He insists he was just a kid when it all happened. James promises to talk about it later. He orders Chris to go to the lake house to protect the others. John Doe has a flashback. He remembers waking up on the beach after a boat crash. He tells Nicola that he was someone else, before he was William. Charlie is unable to get anything from the statue. Kirstie sees Pete and decides to follow him. Then, Charlie has a flashback and enters the former Kalinda Khaki Club.

rodger corser glitch series 2Kirstie disables Pete’s scooter. He pushes him down by the water and threatens to throw him into the water. Pete insists he is unable to remember anything. However, he admits he was an arsehole before his vehicle accident. She leaves him by the water. Paddy changes clothes and sits down with Adeline. Adeline wants to know what Paddy knows. Paddy takes her to a tree, which contains a carving about Paddy and Kalinda’s relationship. Paddy tells Adeline the truth and pleads with her to redeem herself. James tries to call Sarah, but she doesn’t answer. Kate meets with Sarah and asks about her death. Sarah admits Kate wanted help killing herself. Sarah stole painkillers, but never game them to Kate. She admits the death was painful and slow. Sarah contemplates shooting Sarah, before the dog begins to bark. Then, James enters.

sarah glitch series 2 episode 5Sarah sends a text to Phil warning him that James knows. Paddy tells Adeline that he has no intention of going to the police. Beau arrives moments later. Beau pleads with Paddy to leave, because it is not safe there. It is clear that Paddy doesn’t want to go. Kirstie arrives home and meets with Chris. Moments later, they’re attacked by Phil. Chris is knocked to the ground and Kirstie tries to find. James arrives outside. The trio manages to overcome Phil and handcuff him. Phil is taken to the jail and placed in a cell. Charlie meets with Russell and tells him about Charlie’s contribution to the building. Russell shows Charlie his medals. Charlie has another flashback. He remembers grabbing a shotgun and killing himself.

russell and charlie glitchCharlie insists that he was a coward. Russell doesn’t believe so. He tells Charlie that he cannot comprehend what Charlie went through and shouldn’t judge him. Kirstie tells Chris that they’re not finished yet. Kate tries to visit Owen, but she reaches the end of her barrier. It seems to be getting smaller very quickly. Paddy speaks with Beau. He is shot in the head by Sarah as the episode ends.


Glitch Review

The 5th episode of Glitch was a double edged sword. It was most definitely the best episode of the season. However, eliminating Paddy could very well be one of the biggest mistakes the writers ever made. The Sarah and Kate characters are the weakest links in the series. Both need to go immediately. The other characters and their backstories are great. Kirstie, Paddy and Charlie definitely stole the spotlight this episode.

This episode was great. I cannot wait to find out what happens next. However, I hope Paddy isn’t gone for good. This episode scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Glitch now!

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