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Glitch Series 2 Episode 4 Recap

As the episode begins, John (Rodger Corser) and James (Patrick Brammall) bury Elisha (Genevieve O’Reilly). After she has been buried, James contemplates praying. He quits halfway through and walks away. James and John discuss their next move. John seems convinced that Nicola Heysen (Pernilla August) would know something. They agree to work together to find the doctor’s killer. Seconds later, Phil (Rob Collins) arrives at Sarah’s (Emily Barclay) house. She helps him tend to his wounds. He changes his clothes and leaves his bloody clothing in the bin. James and John scour the woods and find some of Elishia’s items. They also find the weapon she used to defend herself. James gets a call from Sarah. They share a brief conversation, before Sarah turns her attention to Phil’s cut.

elishia glitch s02e04James and John return to the others. Kristie (Hannah Monson) seems skeptical of William. Kate (Emma Booth) and the others learn about Elishia’s fate. They quickly put together a plan to protect themselves from the new killer. Heysen meets with James and John at the police station. She admits that Elishia had agreed to meet her to exchange information. Heysen asks James why the other policeman tried to kill the others. She claims that she might be able to help, but she is going to need Elishia’s research. James isn’t willing to cooperate. Heysen claims that William has the key to Elishia’s decision to bring him back to life. Meanwhile, Kate gets a visit from Owen (Luke Arnold). He agrees to let her use one of his drills, so they return to his place to retrieve it. Paddy (Ned Dennehy) meets up with Beau (Aaron McGrath). They visit the museum together.

james glitch series 2 episode 4They find evidence that suggests the aboriginals killed Paddy. He insists it is a lie and that he was killed by his own family. He also finds items belonging to Kalinda. Charlie (Sean Keenan) prepares to meet with Vicky (Belinda McClory). John and James contemplate who could be responsible. They eventually discover that Owen was recently released on parole. He was in prison for manslaughter. Kate discovers that Owen likes to stuff dead animals. Charlie feeds Vicky several lies, before questioning her about Kristie’s murder. Sarah visits the hideout. She finds paperwork about Vicky. Charlie’s questions go too far. Vicky runs him out of the building. Kristie has a flashback, in which she sees Vicky being raped. A young man tells her that she is next. Kristie also tells Charlie about meeting Vicky’s son.

sean keenan glitchSeconds later, Sarah runs into Chris Rennox (John Leary). Both insists that they’re there to help the others. Chris also discovers that Sarah stole their gun. James and John visit Owen. John attacks him. Then, he removes his bandage and discovers that his fingers are growing back. He grabs Elishia’s paperwork and flees. James argues with Owen, before Kate gets involved. She refuses to leave Owen’s side. After James leaves, Owen promises that he would never harm Kate. Owen tells her about his crime when he was 18. She insists he is a good person. Chris tells Sarah that he’ll look for Charlie and Kristie. Sarah promises to run forensics on the scalpel. Paddy meets up with Adeline Fitzgerald (Melissa Jaffer). He tells her that her book is wrong and needs to be rewritten.

kate glitch series 2Adeline has no interest in rewriting history. When Paddy leaves, Adeline tells her grandson that Paddy terrorized Rory. They agree to get Matthew after him. John meets up with Heysen. He gives her Elishia’s files. Kristie once again forces Charlie to speak with Vicky. Charlie has better luck this time. He manages to get Vicky to open up. She admits that her rape led to her son’s birth. Charlie asks Vicky who killed Kristie. She doesn’t give a clear answer. Kristie has a flashback. She recalls being harassed by a few boys. In the flashback, Kristie gives Pete Rennox (Robert Menzies) a piece of her mind. In the present, she rushes off. Phil goes fishing with Beau. At the station, James admits he doesn’t remember the last time he slept. Sarah pleads with him to take the baby home and get some sleep.

actress hannah monson glitchPhil throws his phone in the water. He explains that he no longer needs it. He also promises that he would never hurt Beau. He admits he wants Beau to look at him like a father figure. James searches Heysen’s hotel room. Charlie finishes his conversation with Vicky. He becomes distraught when he cannot find Kristie. Sarah arrives and points her gun at Charlie as he walks away. She begins to bleed and this stops her from firing the weapon. At home, James calls Charlie. He learns about Kristie. Then, he finds Phil’s bloody clothing. Two of the Fitzgeralds visit Paddy and prepare to attack him. He runs away. Sarah is asked about the bloody clothes when she returns home. Kristie visits the Rennox house.


Glitch Review

This episode of Glitch was far better than the previous. I am a little uninterested in the sci-fi like storyline, but I find Kristie, Charlie and Paddy fascinating. Watching these characters attempt to understand and change their past is intriguing and gripping. However, I am becoming annoyed with Kate. In fact, I enjoy most of the characters. Sarah is tolerable, but Kate is really obnoxious this season.

It appears that things are going to pick up from here on out. I am interested to see how things play out and I sincerely hope the writers do not kill Paddy. That would be a devastating blow to the show. This episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Glitch now.

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