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Glitch Series 2 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, James Hayes (Patrick Brammall) has a nightmare featuring Vic (Andrew McFarlane). James dreams that Vic puts his finger through the bullet hole in his head. Then, he wakes up in a fright. Moments later, James tells Sarah (Emily Barclay) about shooting and killing Vic. During this time, Phil (Rob Collins) roams through the hideout. He stands over Kate (Emma Booth) and Kristie (Hannah Monson) as well. Surprisingly, Phil doesn’t hurt anyone. He heads outside and finds a pair of handcuffs. In the morning, Chris (John Leary) demands to know the truth from James. He tells him some of the truth, but leaves out the fact that he shot and killed Vic. Kristie finds Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) gone.

james glitch series 2Kate calls and informs James. Then, James invites Chris to meet the undead. Before James arrives at the hideout, Kate leaves to search for the doctor. John Doe (Rodger Corser) and Elishia walk through the woods. John wants to know more about his life as Captain William Blackburn. He wants to know how they were connected. Elishia explains that there are no witches. Then, she agrees to bandage John’s hand. As they drive to the clinic, John experiences a problem. His eyes begin to bleed. This convinces Elishia that the barrier is getting smaller. Kristie goes for a stroll and she remembers something from her past. She begins to believe that Vicky knew something about her murder. When she returns home, she scours through her case files with Charlie (Sean Keenan). Charlie finds a statement from Vicky.

william glitch series 2 episode 3Kristie looks up the girl in the phone book with the intention of visiting her. Charlie admits that is probably a bad idea. Chris and James arrive moments later. Kristie ridicules the cops for their terrible investigation into her death. Chris seems stunned by the undead. During her travels, Kate runs into her own barrier. She is forced to turn around. Paddy (Ned Dennehy) gets a visit from the lawyer. The man gets stuck in a trap. Then, he tells Paddy that his new evidence isn’t enough. Once the man leaves, Paddy has a flashback to the moment he learned he was going to be a father. Sarah runs into Kate. She pleads with her old friend to not steal away James. Kate promises she has no intention of doing that. When Beau (Aaron McGrath) gets out of school, he is greeted by Phil.

kate glitch series 2 episode 3When asked, Beau promises he didn’t see anything. Phil accepts the answer. Then, Beau runs into Paddy. Beau gets him away from the school quickly. Paddy pleads with Beau for help collecting new evidence. Kristie goes on the hunt for Vicky. Charlie tags along. Kristie finds that Vicky is now working as a real estate agent. She plans to visit during an open inspection. Phil runs into Sarah. She seems hesitant to fulfill her mission. Phil takes information from Sarah and tells her to do what she needs to do. Elishia and John wade in the water. Then, Elishia tells John that they loved each other, but weren’t supposed to. John escaped and eventually became William Blackburn. Moments later, they sleep together. Back at the station, Chris looks through Elishia’s research. Seconds later, Sarah enters. Elishia and John talk about the barrier. The doctor admits she believes she knows how to fix it.

john leary glitch series 2 episode 3She explains that she is going to see Heysen (Pernilla August). Then, Elishia leaves John alone. Kate stops at a pub and sees Owen (Luke Arnold). They chat and manage to put their past troubles behind them. Phil visits his family member at Noregard. He sees Heysen leaving and follows her. This leads him to Elishia at the cemetery. Heysen meets with Elishia and agrees to cooperate with her. Heysen returns to the lab to get Elishia’s equipment. When she does, Phil approaches Elishia. She runs away scared. She calls James and tells him, before running more. When James and Chris leave, Sarah steals a gun from the safe. Phil traps Elishia. They fight back and forth and Elishia runs away again.

actor rob collins glitch series 2James and Chris arrive at the cemetery. Phil traps Elishia in the water. She is nearly drowned to death, but escapes again. Then, her luck runs out. Phil stabs her in the neck. Heysen returns and notices that the cops are there. She drives away in a hurry. James finds Elishia’s body. John arrives seconds later. They grieve for Elishia as the episode comes to an end.


Glitch Review

I hate to say it, but Glitch is getting very stale very quickly. At this point, it feels like nothing of importance has happened this season. The romantic storylines are irrelevant and pointless. These people are dead and should be fighting for their lives. They shouldn’t care about sleeping with the locals. Plus, this episode was overloaded with coincidences. Kate turns around and Sarah just happens to be there. Phil arrives at Noregard and there goes Heysen. That is just piss poor writing.

Kristie and Charlie speaking with Vicky could be interesting. I also love Paddy and Beau’s adventures. Instead, we have Vic reincarnated as Phil. It almost feels like the first season has been recycled with a new villain and little else. Lets get moving already, so the show doesn’t become stagnant. This episode scores a 6 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Glitch now!

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