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Glitch Series 2 Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode gets started, James (Patrick Brammall) transports Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) to the new hideout. He also finds Kate (Emma Booth) sleeping with Owen (Luke Arnold). Phil (Rob Collins) continues acting incredibly awkward at home. His girlfriend, who works at Noregard, notices wounds on his back. He plays it off and pretends that they’re nothing. Outside, Phil tells Beau (Aaron McGrath) that he will be driving him to school. Beau seems suspicious. Owen says his goodbye, before returning home. Elishia is interrogated. Meanwhile, Nicola (Pernilla August) transports John (Rodger Corser) into the laboratory. McKellar admits she was paid well to test the cutting edge drugs on herself.

glitch james and elishiaShe explains that she died of a stroke and the drugs must have brought her back to live. She confesses that she doesn’t understand it entirely. She agreed to share her findings, as long as Noregard would continue giving her complete access to the lab. She pleads with James to save John form Noregard. In the lab, John is introduced to David Goldman (Max Brown). He learns that McKellar spent four years working at the lab. Nicola explains that John is the result of McKellar’s experiments. McKellar tells James and the others about Nicola Heysen. The group finds out that McKellar is able to stray farther than the others, but she doesn’t know why. She is handcuffed to a stove, before James leaves. James leaves with Kate. He refuses to talk about their earlier encounter.

rodger corser glitch series 2Meanwhile, John is told to strip naked and shower. During the shower, he has a flashback. He remembers fumbling around with his razor blade. Kate gets dressed up like a detective for the visit to Noregard. During this time, Sarah (Emily Barclay) speaks with Ellen (Katrina Milosevic) about her appetite. Ellen comforts Sarah by explaining that a lot of women struggle after having a baby. She explains that she is not depressed, but isn’t sure whether she can give her daughter everything she needs. Beau has breakfast with Phil. Phil explains that the rig accident changed him. Phil talks about his friend’s death. Then, Phil changes the conversation to Vic. Charlie (Sean Keenan) works to set up traps outside of Paddy’s place.

actress emily barclay glitchPaddy (Ned Dennehy) arrives with drinks. However, he becomes upset when Charlie drinks too much. Charlie gets angry and heads for the  bathroom. He has a flashback of himself being in the hospital a long time ago. Meanwhile, Nicola works on John. John is given drugs, which cause him to have flashbacks. He remembers being chased by two men with guns. Then, he is captured by another man with a knife. Nicola explains that they want to see if John’s body can regenerate. James and Kate arrive outside. They’re allowed in seconds later. Elishia asks Kristie (Hannah Monson) about her murder. Elishia suggests she might be able to help. Charlie returns home seconds later.

phil and beau glitchKristie tells Charlie that she’ll explain everything over a beer. Nicola meets with Kate and James. Nicola pretends not to know McKellar. In another flashback, John sees himself tied up. His captors seem to have killed several people. His fingers have been cut off. He manages to convince David to let him free. When he does, he bashes David and makes his escape. Nicola continues to play stupid. They eventually ask her about John. Again, she plays stupid. A guard tells her about his escape seconds later. Before she leaves, she explains that Elishia was under contract with Noregard. She tries to take the research files, but James holds onto them. John is shown leaving the facility. Charlie tells Kristie about his flashback near Corona Hill. Charlie tries to kiss Kristie.

rodger corser glitchShe tells him that his problem is that he doesn’t know who he is. Paddy has a flashback. He gets bit by a snake, while attempting to punish Kalinda (Leila Gurruwiwi) for stealing. She saves his life. Sarah takes the baby to the park. She sits it down and turns her back. A dog approaches. She is ridiculed by Beau’s mother for leaving the baby alone. Beau shows Phil where Vic was. He is told to wait, but he follows Phil anyway. We see Phil kneeling near Vic’s body and breathing into his mother. It seems that he is stealing Vic’s memories or something. Beau makes a run for it. Vic’s body turns into ashes. Phil finds Beau, but the boy decides to walk the rest of the way to school. James and Kate get into a fight over Owen. Kate gets out and walks, as John Doe watches from a nearby hillside.

charlie and kristie glitch series 2Sarah heads to the station and speaks with Chris (John Leary). She learns about Vic’s disappearance. She also tells Chris about the others. Kate returns home and briefly speaks with Elishia. Then, she visits Owen. He sends her away and shuts the door. We see that he is messing around with some chemicals in his kitchen. James returns home and spends a little time with Sarah. James tells Sarah the truth about his day. He tells her where the group is being held. Later that night, Sarah sends Vic’s phone the whereabouts of the others. Of course, Phil now has that phone. John returns home and finds Elishia tied up. He tells her that he never killed anyone and was in the Navy before he was a convict. He blames her for everything. She admits she knew him.


Glitch Review

Despite being very, very slow, Glitch is well worth a watch. This is a show that needs to be watched very carefully. If you mess around or look off too much, you might miss something important. The episode explained a little more about the history of John Doe and confirmed that he wasn’t a murderer after all. It also seems that Elishia knows much more than she is telling. Phil and Sarah are possibly working together to get Elishia.

It seems that some of the dead return as themselves, while others become killers. The episode was good, but a little slow. The argument between James and Kate was also ridiculous. It is unfathomable to believe that Kate could be dating anyone considering she is dead. Nevertheless, the episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Glitch now!

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